Alert issued for counterfeit tickets in Pittsburgh

With wins over the Packers, Steelers, and Ravens (twice), it’s safe to say the 2009 Bengals are for real.

The tickets to Sunday’s Bengals-Steelers game may not be.

The Steelers and Heinz Field management released an alert Saturday to watch out for counterfeit tickets because of the increased interest in Sunday’s AFC North tilt.  They say to be especially wary of scalpers selling paper tickets printed through the TicketExchange service.

While this is Cincinnati’s most important game since 2006, it’s arguably bigger this season for the Steelers.  A loss would put essentially put the Steelers two games behind Cincinnati with seven to play because the Bengals would have the head-to-head tiebreak. The next three opponents for Marvin Lewis’ sons of Hard Knocks have combined for four wins this year.

Our PFT picks predict the Steelers will barely find a way to win.

15 responses to “Alert issued for counterfeit tickets in Pittsburgh

  1. You can’t overstate how important this game is to the Steelers. It’s basically a division title game.

  2. hey Florio, your whole website is counterfeit…….the last time I saw this much bullcrap was when I worked on my granpa’s farm

  3. Not news that someone would try to capitalize on the overwhelming demand for Steeler tickets.
    Every Steeler game has been sold out since 1970 and there is a 10 year waiting list for season tickets. I know this must seem strange to Bengals fans. Plenty of seats available each week for their home games.

  4. Stiller43,
    Little overconfident are we?
    That plays into us, you do realize that dont you?
    I say the Bengals win because the Steelers and their fans have been drinking too much Kool Aid!

  5. @Dryheave … This isn’t a Florio article, this is a Rosenthal article. Here’s one way to tell the difference: When Gregg writes an article, the comments are more often posted within a reasonable time. On Florio and MDS articles, there is often a two- to three-hour lag in posting comments–which makes it a little pointless to bother. I hate to jump on the complain-about-the-site bandwagon, but it’s irritating to craft a reply to some dingaling and have it not come up until the dingaling has left work and won’t see it. Kinda takes the fun out of coming here to engage in a little good-natured keyboard swordplay.
    Sure wish they’d fix that lag time.

  6. @Deb
    if you think the lag on here is bad you should try CFT, you’re lucky to see it up there the same week.

  7. This is the first time you have ever worried about this in Pittsburgh? Its a guarantee a ticket on the street from the scumbags here in Philly is counterfeit.
    In theory the cops are supposed to be stopping this but unfortunately, the scalpers make bigger donations to the policeman’s ball than the Eagles.

  8. A weekly event in Philly. Just a few weks back we nailed a guy seeling fakes at 50 bucks a pop. He had a roll that Jerry Jones would have salivated over.

  9. @vet735 when jeff garcia was with the eagles he offered his full-throated support to the policemens balls…
    interesting that the weekend that notre dame and its wandering deadhead like fanbase shows up, that there are an abundance of counterfit tickets, i’m not saying, i’m just saying…

  10. stiller43 says:
    November 14, 2009 2:24 PM
    Steelers win big. Count it.
    I gues thats why we play the games and don’t let over confident d-bags like yourself predict the games outcome

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