Joey Porter won't play Sunday due to "coach's decision"

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano has come up with a way to keep linebacker Joey Porter quiet.

The Miami Herald revealed Saturday that Porter will not play against the Buccaneers, and a team spokesman confirmed that Porter’s absence is not injury-related.  Porter missed two practices this week, but returned on Friday and was listed as probable on the injury report.

It’s unclear what Porter did to upset the Dolphins in the meantime, but something must have happened.  We’ll let you know once we hear more.

Charlie Anderson or Matt Roth will likely replace Porter in the starting lineup.  (If Roth starts, Jason Taylor will switch sides.) 

It’s worth wondering if Porter will automatically get his starting job back. He has 12 tackles and 2.5 sacks on the season.

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  1. This is no big deal. If you miss two practices, most likely you are not playing on Sunday. It’s just that simple. Obviously, if you’re Joe Montana or Jerry Rice, this rule might not apply to you. It might not even apply to some players. But usually, if you don’t practice, you’re probably not going to play.

  2. Joey Porter has been a great player and locker room leader for years …. but naturally, the J-Peezy haters will hide behind their keyboards as they “attack” him safely behind the confines of the craphole their mom calls home.
    Steeler Nation still loves J-Peezy – and so do the current players and coaches on the Steelers.

  3. Wasn’t about football. Porter caught Coach Sparano in his locker downing 2 -5$ foot longs Porter was saving for after practice. Porter called Sparano a ” Jabba the Hut fat ass pig.” Sparano benched him.

  4. He is injured though, and although he practiced Friday, he was listed as “extremely doubtful” for Sunday’s game per CBS Sports.

  5. Maybe it’s because Joey Porter isn’t very good, is a dirty player, and never stops running his mouth.
    They can’t run this guy out of the league soon enough.

  6. Joey can’t play because Sebastian Vollmer anally violated him last week with his massive German helmet and held him to a big old doughnut on the stat sheet. SeaBass made sure that Joey’s would be walking with a little bit of a right-gait which is not conducive to his one-dimensional rushing from the edge game. This is what $5M a year buys you in Miami.

  7. also has him listed as injured and “extremely doubtful for Sundays game.” Are you trying to create something out of nothing Gregg? We’ll see…

  8. It’s Cameron Wake’s time to play Joey Porter’s former role. He rocked the house against Buffalo and can certainly do it again against Tampa Bay.

  9. @BenRapistberger says:
    November 14, 2009 5:25 PM
    “That’s 2 weeks in a row he isn’t playing now.”
    5 stars on that post for you sir.

  10. Zero tackles, zero sacks, zero passes defensed, zero fumbles forced, etc. against their most important opponent probably had something to do with it, Rosenthal. You’re not much of a thinker, huh?

  11. @ Wick,
    Wow man, you have the inside scoop on the feelings of the current players and coaches of the Steelers!
    You are cool.
    As far as “attacking” Dumb-ass Porter from behind our keyboards, is that any worse than Little Joey having his buddies do his fighting for him?
    Let’s ask Levi, or do you have the inside scoop on his feelings too?

  12. VoiceofReason says:
    November 14, 2009 5:29 PM
    Maybe it’s because Joey Porter isn’t very good, is a dirty player, and never stops running his mouth.
    They can’t run this guy out of the league soon enough.
    Change your name to Voice of Stupidity

  13. The team says its not injury related. And a big difference between benching a player and saying he won’t play at all on a Saturday. He practiced Friday – was listed as “virtually certain” to play based on the injury.

  14. It serves this punk right. At least now he’ll have an excuse for getting no stats this weekend.
    I’m just glad that the Patriots’ offensive line had a small role in bringing this guy’s demise to pass.

  15. Voice of Reason, Wick was talking to you. Obviously leatherneck was talking waaay over your head.
    leatherneck and Tim are correct. Nonstory.
    Wick said it, Joey P. Steeler fans love you as do your former Steeler teammates, enough of your Dolphin teammates for you to be a team captain, and Dolphin fans who understand the game and whose memories extend further back than last week. And keep talkin’, baby. Until time and injury set in, you spent a colorful career backing up everything you said. Most of your PFT critics can’t figure out why shifting to “R” backs up their trucks.

  16. Porter was leading a dominoes playing revolt by the players. He’s a major reason they don’t talk much about football in the locker room. Sparano is a badass. He’s not going to tolerate dominoes. Period.

  17. I have said it before, and I will say it again, isnt it amazing, how Steelers fans make every story on PFT, somehow about the Steelers……

  18. @Kevin-Faulk-an-a … Joey’s ongoing positive relationship with the Steelers is well-known among Steeler fans. Football is a business. His departure was a business decision. Players decline over time. That’s life. It doesn’t change what he accomplished while he was there. That’s why Steelers fans appreciate him. It’s called loyalty.
    @Gregg Rosenthal … Until you can confirm a reason other than injury and/or lack of practice for Joey’s benching, isn’t it premature to speculate?

  19. It’s not premature when a team spokesman confirms it’s not injury related.
    And they didn’t say “benched.” They said he won’t play at all, which is a pretty big difference.

  20. Porter is dirty player and a loudmouth. he should consider playing for the Steelers, he might fit right in there.

  21. @ Bill Cowhers Chin
    The fact that Joey Porter played 8 years for the Steelers made this related to the Steelers, not the fans. It’s not a huge jump or anything.

  22. It’s hilarious that the only people sticking up for this dumb a$$ are Steelers fans. Hmm, who do you think they root for when Pittsburgh plays the Dolphins??!! LMAO

  23. @Chin … I’ve said it before yada yada, you’re the one who’s so Steelers obsessed that he’s wrapped his online identity in our team and comes to every article on the Steelers to make a snarky comment. You’re not a Fins fan and the Fins aren’t playing your team tomorrow. Joey never played for your team so you don’t have any interest in or loyalty to him … so why are you here? You’re here because Porter played for the Steelers, you knew Steeler fans would be here, and you’d have an opportunity to make a snarky comment to Steeler fans.
    Obsessed. Sadly obsessed.

  24. @Gregg … Sorry, I didn’t word that well. Basically I just wanted to know why PFT didn’t wait until getting the full details before going w/the story. But I didn’t want to sound critical and wound up sounding critical anyway. My stupid mistake was not following the link and reading the Herald story before commenting.
    Yes, the Herald does say there’s a backstory that has nothing to do with injury or practice. At Friday’s press conference, Sparano seemed happy with Joey’s health and professionalism. Then he suddenly benched him. (Sorry–don’t get the distinction between “benched” and “will not play.” The Herald used them interchangeably.)
    Why would Dolphins’ spokesman Greene tell Salguero something like that on the record yet offer no further explanation? He must know the sports reporters will be all over it (if there are any reporters left at the Herald; Salguero the blogger seems pretty nonchalant about it). Something’s not adding up.

  25. “The guys a dick head anyways. Runs his mouth and needs to be bitch slapped”
    Our boy Vollmer took care of that last week.

  26. If you want to defend Porter, do it with logic and facts. Just because someone doesn’t like the guy doesn’t mean they live at their Mom’s… doesn’t mean they don’t know anything about the NFL, blah blah blah. If that’s the only way you can defend Porter, it only highlights the fact you don’t have facts to support your love for the loudmouth.

  27. eph521 …
    If you researched, you’d find Joey was elected a captain this year because he’s a great teammate. Among the many things he did for fellow Pittsburgh teammates was insist Jerome Bettis run onto the field alone for SBXL–though it was Joey’s job to lead the defense onto the field first. He wanted Jerome to have the spotlight instead of him. There are a lot of other examples.
    Joey’s injured and getting extra attention from offensive lines because of his Pro Bowl season last year. If he’s picking up double-teams, that’s freeing other players to make tackles and sacks. So that is a contribution, isn’t it?
    The guy is moving toward the end of his career but it’s been a great Pro Bowl, Super Bowl-winning career. His stats prior to this year speak for themselves. For you to say there are no facts to support our affection for him just underscores that you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not saying that because you don’t like Joey. I’m saying it because your post makes it evident.
    I’m not clear why you think it’s okay for you to attack “the loudmouth” but those who defend him are supposed to behave like angels. I’m not clear why–but I believe it’s spelled “hypocrite.”

  28. @Gregg … okay, got a little carried away 🙂 But it’s been a miserable 12-hour work day and better to take breaks to come here and beat on this dead nag than to take a baseball bat to my laptop.

  29. Gregg, wait a minute, wait a minute… PFT is running a story based on the conjecture of BELIEVING what a coach says about a player’s health?
    Really? Really? You can’t write this comedy gold.

  30. And Deb, you actually did what I asked for… you answered with facts and logic, rather than accusing those who aren’t fans of Porter of being losers… don’t take it out on me.

  31. @eph521 … I know, you were talking to other people and why I decided to get offended at something that had nothing to do with me, I’ll never know. Like I told Gregg, I was on a hair-trigger yesterday and Joey became my crusade of the day. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you–you actually made a valid point. I apologize.

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