Bud Adams tells Bills, "We're No. 1"

Back in the ’70s, when the Houston Oilers were terrible more often than not, a Monday Night Football camera focused on a slumbering fan who looked up long enough to give the national audience a middle finger.

So it’s fitting, we suppose, that Titans owner Bud Adams decided, on a day that his team wore the uniform of the Oilers, to shoot not one but two middle fingers to the day’s opponents, the Buffalo Bills.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, the 86-year-old Adams visited the Titans/Oilers sideline late in his team’s 41-17 win.  Adams did a little dance, and then he fired off a double-barreled salute in the direction of the Buffalo sideline.

Commissioner Roger Goodell attended the game, and spent much of it with Adams.

“I don’t know if [Adams] did it, but I condone fun things,” cornerback
Cortland Finnegan said after the game.  “If he was having fun doing it, then by all
means, do what you do.”

We agree, but players who flash that specific gesture routinely get fined.  It remains to be seen whether Adams experiences similar treatment.

UPDATE:  Our pal Brooks has photographic evidence.