Casserly says "the Bears" are "100 percent committed" to Smith

In the brief sliver of time between the conclusion of the afternoon games and the launch of the weekly PFT live chat on Sunday Night Football Extra, here’s a quick follow up to the PFT story that Bob Costas mentioned in the last half hour on Football Night in America.

In Chicago, the fans and the media want coach Lovie Smith to be fired.

Charley Casserly of CBS said during The NFL Today that it’s not going to happen.

But Casserly didn’t say who told him that.  He said that he spoke with “the Bears,” and that “the Bears” are “solidly behind our coach” and “100 percent committed” to him.  Host James Brown then treated Casserly’s account as Mayan-calendar truth.

We disagree.  Strongly.  Unless Casserly got that information after plying Virginia McCaskey with peppermint schnapps and/or sodium pentothal, there’s no way that anyone should believe that Casserly got a straight answer by making a single phone call.

The reality is that, with seven games left in the season and, in theory, an opportunity for the team to turn it around, there’s no reason to undermine Smith.  Instead, “the Bears” will see what happens the rest of the way, and then “the Bears” will make a decision.
And “the Bears” very well could decide that it’s time to hire a new coach.

9 responses to “Casserly says "the Bears" are "100 percent committed" to Smith

  1. And you are “100 percent committed” to mention NBC and their band of yawn inducing football night in america crew…We get the sell out……..

  2. Lovie is not the worst coach in the league, but he is mediocrity personified, and so are the lackeys with whom he surrounds himself.
    What was Lovie’s claim to fame before he got this job, anyway? He was the D-Coordinator of some Rams defenses that weren’t even that good.
    What about Ron Turner? He took the Illinois football program and decimated it.
    This coaching staff is the epitome of “on-the-job training”. Not only does Lovie leave much to be desired as a tactician/scheme guy (he constantly loses the “chess” part of the game to the opposing coach), but he also constantly butchers in-game decisions. He’s horrible at managing the clock and using his challenges.
    In the 2007 NFC Divisional Playoff game that they miraculously won against a depleted Seattle team (by the way, Lovie should’ve given at least 10% of his fat new contract to Robbie Gould for making that 50yd field goal in OT that saved Lovie’s arse), he inexplicably called a timeout with a couple of seconds left in regulation that gave Seattle one last chance for a miracle win. Yeah, nothing came of it, but that was an inexcusable strategic blunder.
    What about the game they blew at Atlanta last year in the final 11 seconds after Kyle Orton had busted his arse to put them up with a great TD drive? Or how about when Steve Smith and the Panthers completely embarassed them in the 2006 playoffs and showed that Lovie had no gameplan whatsoever EVEN THOUGH they had already played them in the regular season and Smith torched them then too?
    And on and on and on. Lovie is simply not a guy who has what it takes to hang with the Big Boys. If you hand him a roster that’s just physically superior and very talented, then yeah, maybe he could. But that’s the only way. Get Cowher or Shanahan or Gruden or even Holmgren in here. I’m not saying those guys would guarantee Chicago a championship, but at least I would feel as if they would give them a chance.

  3. Lovie and Angelo will survive. Ron Turner takes a bullet after the season is over. He will be the scapegoat.

  4. Lovie is far too expensive to eat the contract and look for another coach after this season. However, if after next season the Bears are still in the bottom half of the league and fail to make the playoffs, then the Bears will definitely eat the contract and find someone fresh. And hopefully that person has an offensive mind.

  5. Notorious,
    The Vikings have the same problem.
    Their coordinarors are more qualified than their head coaches.
    Tony Dungy and Brian Billick both served under Denny Green.
    Then we hired Mike Tice, an offensive line coach and Chilly and offensive coordinator who didn’t call the plays in Philly. Mike Tomlin served under Chilly and Leslie Frazier is the next to bolt elsewhere to be a great head coach. We keep the bad apples and allow coaching legends serving as assistanmts to win Super Bowls elsewhere.
    Regardless of the sport we hand away charity.
    David Ortiz on the Red Sox who was the MVP of their first World Series win in years. Randy Moss who is an unstoppable force with Tom Brady. KG who helped the Celtics return amongst the elite, etc.

  6. “Host James Brown then treated Casserly’s account as Mayan-calendar truth.”
    By this, do you mean we’ll all look back in 2013 and realize it was complete BS?

  7. Mike, you disagree that the Bears, AT THIS TIME, are 100% behind Lovie Smith? AT THIS TIME?? Without knowing what is going to happen the rest of the season? Of course, depending on what happens the rest of the season they may change their view of the guy. But RIGHT NOW, they are 100% behind Lovie Smith. And if the Bears were to win out, they would remain 100% behind the guy. However, if they lose out, they would change and NOT be 100% behind the guy. But why is it so hard to believe, AT THIS TIME, that the Bears ownership is 100% behind Lovie Smith?
    Geeze, man, you always try to make a mountain out of a freaking mole hill.

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