Maurice Jones-Drew apologizes to fantasy owners

Mr. Florio already told you about Maurice Jones-Drew’s heads up play Sunday that resulted in a Jaguars win and a lot of annoyed fantasy football owners.

Mo-Jo feels your pain.

“To my fantasy owners, I apologize,” Jones-Drew said with a smile.  “I have myself today, so it was a tough call.  But whatever it takes for a victory, that’s all that counts.”

Mark Sanchez also lauded Jones-Drew’s play. He didn’t even require a prepared speech for it.

22 responses to “Maurice Jones-Drew apologizes to fantasy owners

  1. No worries MOJO… just keep puttin’ up around 20 pts. a week & it’s all good!!!!
    & STAY HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Prime example of why fantasy football has ruined the game :(…because idiots actually feel like MJD owed them an apology

  3. Cue Floria saying that the No Fun League needs to crack down on players taking part in fantasy football leagues because it might create a conflict of interest for them.

  4. Screw the fantasy owners, I play but that play was an instant classic. He’s a smart player who made a very intelligent play. Certainly was one of the best moves by anyone all year.

  5. I understand the logic, but it seems to me that when you’re behind, you’d take the sure points and let your defense hold onto the lead. There have been several missed PAT’s (one in the Cincy game today) this year, so a chip shot FG is not guaranteed.

  6. Agreed. Not sure i trust Josh Scobee to finish it off w/ confidence. Shoulda ran it in. …and yes, I have MJD

  7. footballisking says: November 15, 2009 10:18 PM
    Prime example of why fantasy football has ruined the game :(…because idiots actually feel like MJD owed them an apology
    And the award for “Most Ignorant Post This Sunday” goes to…..Drumroll….”Footballisking”!!! Yeah everybody give him a hand. It takes real gumption to express yourself this ridiculously.
    My retort:
    Fantasy football and gambling in general is a huge reason why the NFL is the #1 sport in the United States. In addition, Mojo’s actions reflected a player doing the best thing for his team to win, DESPITE FANTASY FOOTBALL!!!! YOU IDIOT…That’s why he says “I had myself today”, meaning “I feel your pain (fantasy owners), but I did what was best for my team”. Fantasy football has done nothing to ruin the sport. It has actually forced “paper-readers” such as yourself to focus on the individual players, their statistics and how big of a role they play on their team. This has also been done by Brian Westbrook a couple years ago. It’s a good thing the NFL doesn’t have brainiacs like “footballisking” calling the shots…by the way, creative moniker (nickname, you foolish moron)

  8. Fantasy football is kind of lame but I understand the appeal. But anyone who plays that silly fantasy game and actually gets mad at stuff like this is unbelievably lame and pathetic. I like to see real-world plays like this which put reality and fantasy in stark contrast. It’s a good reminder that reality should always take precedence.

  9. Yeah man. “Fantasy” football rules, it is life, it is real. Real football needs Fantasy to make it more interesting. Many times I sit on my porch after games content with myself that as a Fantasy Owner I have done a job well done. It has made me love the game more. I love Fantasy.
    Fantasy, Fantasy, Fantasy.
    Wish they had it earlier so I could see historic clips of guys like Unitas apologizing to Fantasy Owners for not winning the big one. LMAFAO!!!
    Fantasy Football is just that. Fantasy.

  10. SmackMyVickUp:
    How big of an as* would he look like if they blocked the field goal?—————
    Well they didn’t block it and everything went according to plan. What a huge turd fell from the sky and hit you in the head.
    Apology not accepted! I’m down 1/4 point right now you bastard!——————
    Well if the consistent 20-40 points he’s getting you every week isn’t enough for you to win then maybe you should call the rest of you’re sorry roster bastards. As a fan of the Jags winning a game is more important than satisfying you fantasy geeks. LOOOO-SEEEERS!

  11. Yeah well I don’t need fantasy football to get pumped about a game. I can watch 2 random teams play and get excited just fine without having anything on the line by being a degenerate gambler or having someone on my fa-g fantasy team. I know MJD half joking but he owes you guys dick, and I can’t even believe he felt compelled to bring it up. Furthermore, a lot of you fantasy masterbaters have your priorities skewed when it comes to the game. I’ve seen a lot of you types have fantasy players going against your home team and had the mind set of that it is actually ok if the opposing quarterback throws 4 touchdowns or has a good “stat” day as long as the home team wins. So laughable. Thats not how a real fan is supposed to think. Call me crazy but I want my hometeam to break the opposing quarterbacks face in 2 but hey whatever..Whatever it takes to bring more “Casual” fans in to the game

  12. “Agreed. Not sure i trust Josh Scobee to finish it off w/ confidence. Shoulda ran it in. …and yes, I have MJD”
    Why would you not have confidence in him? He has hit every game winning or game tying FG in his career with the exception of a 60+ yarder vs. Pittsburgh his rookie year.

  13. The NFL doesn’t mind fantasy football. First off, they have such contests on their own site and allows their TV partners to promote contests as well. Second, anything that kept people glued to their TV through that Bears-49ers drivel last Thursday is good for the league.
    There’s no integrity issue with FF like there would be when we talk about other forms of gambling such as point-spead wagering.

  14. MJD is exactly what’s wrong with the NFL. The fact that he even mentioned fantasy football is disturbing. “I have myself today, so it was a tough call” it was a tough call? Your coach told you what to do and it was a tough call because your thinking about fantasy football points? what a joke. I’m sure hes not the only player that has fantasy football on his mind during the game. Don’t tell me theres not an integrity issue with FF. FF is just as bad as gambling on point-spreads. If FF is in the mind of players during the game like MJD admitted, its a problem.

  15. If you guys remember, Brian Westbrook did the same thing a few years ago. And as much as I love the gesture to ensure the victory, it always surprises me when they do this. Think about it. Professional athletes are paid on performance. A key part of performance is stats. And thats how these guys can get paid. A TD is a huge stat booster. And this makes the kneel down at the one more impressive. I always thought when MJD took his number to embarass the teams that passed on him and started racking up stats and opening his mouth, thought he was just a showboat, but this changes my perception of him, somewhat…

  16. I have MJD, in fact, I WAS undefeated in Fantasy until yesterday. I lost 108 to 103 so the Jones Drew play obviously would have won it for me. That being said, I understand his logic even though I would have taken the for sure points. Bad snap, blocked kick, although unlikely would have had everyone second guessing him. I’m sure the only thing going through his mind was the “W” and he has to be applauded for that. He actually thought of the team first and not personal glory.

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