NFLPA heading to Cleveland

Amid a season-long flurry of fines and public complaints from running back Jamal Lewis regarding the extent to which coach Eric Mangini allegedly is overworking the team, the NFL Players Association has decided to find out precisely what is happening in Cleveland.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the NFLPA will be heading to town this week to meet with players away from the team facility.

As to Mangini’s recent contention that practices last only two hours, Glazer says that players reacted by asking, “What practices is he talking about?”  (He’s talkin’ about practice.)

Glazer also reports that the torn patellar tendon recently suffered by defensive end Keith Grennan during a post-practice “opportunity drill” could be career ending.

So stay tuned.  The union is definitely talking a close look at the situation in Cleveland, and it could end up causing even more problems for a franchise under siege.

10 responses to “NFLPA heading to Cleveland

  1. its not an oppprtunity when your a young player like this…to keep your job its a mandatory drill.

  2. How sweet would it be if this led to Mangini being fired “for cause” – the same way he screwed his old friend George Kokinis!
    Talk about bad karma, dude….

  3. Make sure the NFLPA gets plenty of $1700 bottles of water, when they get thirsty. Wouldn’t want them to dehydrate.
    This visit ought to worry Mangini, the lid is about to blow off of this fantasy world he lives in.

  4. Players on the worse team in the NFL are bitching about a long practice, are you kidding me! A practice squad player gets hurt playing tackle football, WOW never heard of anybody getting hurt playing tackle football before.
    I am not a Mangini fan but this is a waste of time.

  5. Mangini may have backed himself into a corner… again.
    At the press conference he took issues with reporters questioning the lenght of his practices
    “Our practices are 2 hours long, that’s 2 hours, 2 hours, that’s the facts our practice is 2 hrs long not 2 1/2 not 3 they’re 2 hrs long, on wednesday, thursday and less on friday.”
    Not a whole lot of room there for him to assert that he was misunderstood or misspoke. The players likely picked up on that and called in the NFLPA to help Lerner put the rabid dog out of his misery.

  6. I’m still amazed that the guy got another head coaching job so quickly. I think he’ll be done soon enough and then players and fans everywhere can rest easy.

  7. Is it me or am I the only one that has never heard of these opportunity drills. I have not heard of the Steelers, Giants, Colts, or any other successful franchise doing this.
    I for one think Mangini’s opportunity with the Browns has gone horribly and his opportunity should end soon. Bring in the new team “Czar” and dump him
    and bring in some talented coach that this team can rally around. We all know what is going to happen, Lerner hires a football czar, that guy hires a GM and that guy finally dumps Mangini and sends him out the door for “cause”…. the cause: causing this team to take what little talent it had and trade it away and play like a high school team.

  8. Good im glad they are coming.This team had talent in winslow, edwards, but they want to go with no talent and all guts, thats why they are 1-7 or should I say 1-8. Mangini is a guy who has proved nothing but acts like he has won a Super Bowl or two. Randy Lerner is being led around by the nose by him. The real solution would be for him to sell the team.

  9. He’s been around and schooled and screwed coach Belichick but he knows nothing.
    What are these owners thinking? I know it takes money to make money but not with this fat bastard…….

  10. You’re right, tobago, they DID have talent.
    I remember the glory days of 2008, when Winslow and Edwards were dominating opposing defenses and putting points on the board left and right.
    Remember that amazing stretch of touchdowns in the final 6 six games last year? Tom Brady and the 2007 Patriots had nothing on the 2008 Browns.
    You’re a jackass just like those bums.

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