Sanchez comes to press conference with a speech

After Sunday’s season-killing loss to the Jaguars, in a game that we described at as the first playoff game of quarterback Mark Sanchez’s career, Sanchez showed up for the post-game press availability as if he were running for class president.

He brought a speech.

Here’s what he said:  “I’ve got a couple of things to say real quick.  You guys will probably have some questions after.  This should hit on everything.  [There] are just some things I’m thinking here real quick.  We’ll change it up.  OK?

“First play of the game, [I had an] early mistake.  It can’t happen.  It put our offense in a tough spot.  [It was] a great read.  J-Co [Jerricho Cotchery] runs an awesome route and it’s just a physical mistake and underthrown ball.  The best part about it, the mental side of it, I battled back all game.

“[I] played smarter the rest of the game [and I am] proud of my effort.  Second thing [with] the interception, the defensive end makes a pretty good play.  The guy got up there and just spooked me off the edge there and made a great play.  In the big scheme of things, it didn’t hurt us.  We got the ball back.  Our defense played their tail off and got us the ball.

“The last drive of the game [was] just unbelievable effort.  The offensive line [did a great job].  I’ve got some guys written down here:  [David] Clowney, J-Co [Jerricho Cotchery], and Dustin [Keller], Braylon [Edwards].  Those third-down conversions were unbelievable.  [It was] a great effort.

“Clowney comes in and makes one huge catch.  It changes the course of the game and keeps our drive alive.  Then, the O-line [was] giving you tons of time on that drive. At the end of that drive, we scored.   T.J. [Thomas Jones] punches it in.  [With] the two-point conversion, I’ve got to put it on Braylon sooner.  He makes a good effort going after the ball, but that ball has got to be there sooner so nobody can knock it out of his hands.

“The bottom line to this whole thing, to this entire game, to our entire season is find a way to find a way.  Coach [Ryan] challenged us already.  We’ve got to find a way to win some games.  Right now we’re finding ways to lose, but we’re in a position right now to sink or swim.  I know we’ve got a lot of fight in us.  We’ve got some great veteran leaders and they’ve been in spots like this before, so we’re going to call on their leadership [and] call on our coaching.  Great job today too from Schotty [Brian Schottenheimer] and Cav [Matt Cavanaugh].  [They had] just unbelievable play-calling in that last drive, so [it’s] sink or swim [and] find a way to find a way.”

Of course, Sanchez still faced questions after giving his speech.  And the first question was, well, why give a speech?

“It just hit me after this game the way our season is going [and] the message that we want to send,” Sanchez said.  “That’s the bottom line to us.  That’s what Rex [Ryan] said to us.  He said, ‘It’s sink or swim.’  This is it.  It’s up or down, win or lose or whatever you want to call it.  We’re in a position right now where we need to win some games and win a lot in a row.”

Still, we’re not sure why he opted for prepared remarks.  It could be a sign that he doesn’t like being asked a bunch of questions after a crappy performance. 

And if that’s the case, he’s playing in the wrong city. 

14 responses to “Sanchez comes to press conference with a speech

  1. Rest easy Jests fans, you know you won your Lombardi Trophy in week 2. These other games are just distractions.
    It’ll be different next year (just like it was last year, and the year before, and the…). Trust me.

  2. They’re done. And if they think they’re going to face the same Patriots team next week that they saw in week 2, they’re in for a rude awakening.

  3. Sounds to me like he was just trying to pull a Tebow. It seemed like an attempt (albeit maybe a little clumsy) to take responsibility, not to dodge it.

  4. They won their Super Bowl in week 2. I wonder what The Pregnant One will use as motivation next week. Super Bowl Part Deux? J-E-T-S fans are wondering if they should bring noise makers to their local bars, you know, because the team needs their support.

  5. The only bad thing about the Jets’ struggles is that Braylon Edwards won’t hit the escalator to turn that 3rd rounder into a 2nd rounder. Aside from that, LAUGHING! Karma is a mother.

  6. Shocked, simply shocked to see the Jets run the Wildcat! What happened to playing football the right way w/o resorting to that mimickry college offense?

  7. fifh, What’s more football than putting your running back in at QB, snapping it right to him and coming straight at you?

  8. If they had Chansi Stuckey and David Bowens they’d be ruling the East. In all seriousness, the Jets are screwed. They gave the Browns all their draft choices along with all their backups.

  9. He had enough time to write a script? And he had the balls to read it? I was wrong about this guy, he IS going to be a douche prima dona.

  10. “@BrownsTown
    Laugh now; Monday night approaches”
    Yeah, really. A Browns fan laughing at ANYBODY?
    @ Julius Brown
    Whats behind your name?

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