Vince Young getting back in the coaching staff's good graces

Two weeks ago, it appeared that Nashville would no longer be big enough for Vince Young and Jeff Fisher come 2010.

Now, after two straight wins engineered by Young, the tea leaves are spitting out a much different vibe.

For starters, there’s an emerging bromance between Young and offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, who returned to the team last season but who had limited opportunities to work with the third overall pick in the 2006 draft.

Said Heimerdinger of Young, per the Tennessean:  “Right now, he’s really studying, doing everything
he’s supposed to do.  He has a feel for what we want to do.”

“I don’t want to speak too fast right now, but from two games, I really feel like we’ve been really comfortable with each other,” Young said.

Though it might not yet be enough to get Young to invite Heimerdinger to a shirtless tequila party, it’s a good start.

Fisher acknowledges that the disappearance of Young from the starting lineup after only one game in 2008 made it hard for Young and Heimerdinger to get on the same page.

“[Young] realistically had . . . less than three quarters in that opener last
year,” Fisher said.  “That’s really the only
experience he’s had with Mike in real-game situations.”

If the Titans continue to win, the real-game situations could extend into 2010 and beyond.  It’s a reality that, 14 days ago, seemed like an impossibility.

9 responses to “Vince Young getting back in the coaching staff's good graces

  1. After winning 2 games, from being winless I would hope he’d get back in the coaches good graces….(eyes roll)

  2. For Fox sake Florio, haven’t you ever gotten drunk and taken your shirt off?
    Give it a rest…

  3. They must have gone back to the 8-pack of crayolas. That 64-pack can be a little overwhelming when having to make those quick decisions between goldenrod and raw sienna.

  4. Well, after playing with their “Best Chance to Win” and not winning anything but more frustration, it was time for a change up. You can’t expect VY to be a superstar from the bench…gotta let him play and develop – how do the evaluate their future from PRACTICE???
    Even baseball puts in a relief pitcher and SITS THE STARTER. This might have gone better if Fisher hadn’t waited until we were in impossible to win situations to put Vince in a game. He sat and watched us lose 4 games before he gave the guy a blink!
    And for the VY haters…are you really that shallow to think we should keep doing bad things hoping for a win or are you really that shallow that you just don’t want VY in because you don’t want HIM in??? You said putting him in wouldn’t make a difference…we’re undefeated since Vince’s debut!!! How does your crow taste?

  5. i think what florio meant to say was his earlier fabricated story of a drift was wrong and now to save face would like to paint the picture as if theres a new change in attitude. when realistically the coaches and vy’s tone hasnt changed since he was benched only thing thats changed is how the media perceives the words that is being said..look at the coverage from the tennessean over the past 14 months youll see the difference. it starts there then other media outlets pick it up and continue the wild fire of misguided “journalism”

  6. vince young needs to have a sit down with jamarcus russell to try and figure it out. all of the raw athletic abilty in the world and no work ethic.

  7. I thought aj had the Post of the Day ….. until I read SmackMyVickUp’s. Both made me laugh!
    My two cents worth? Sure, put the guy in, what the hell. It’s not like they’re risking the palyoffs on him. He’s either learned how to be humble while sitting on the bench, and dedicates himself to getting better, or he goes right back to thinking he’s the next John Elway and tanks.
    Yeah, my money’s on the latter, too.

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