Bengals moving closer to deal with L.J.

The cat got out of the bag earlier today, when Michael Smith of ESPN reported that running back Larry Johnson was on his way to Cincinnati.

Now, Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Bengals have decided to sign Johnson, and that the Bengals are attempting to work out a deal with the seven-year veteran.

For now, the potential move is being sold by coach Marvin Lewis as an insurance policy only, presumably to give the team a graceful (or, as the case may be, less ungraceful) way to introduce Johnson into the locker room without disrupting the existing chemistry.

Frankly, we doubt that Johnson would be interested in joining the team under an arrangement that would keep him on ice until injuries render his services necessary.  Since he’s already being paid by the Chiefs for the rest of the season, why not wait until an injury in Cincinnati or elsewhere actually happens? 

Then again, it’s possible that Johnson has gotten no sniffs today despite a sudden rash of tailback injuries, with Michael Turner of the Falcons, Ronnie Brown of the Dolphins, and Brian Westbrook of the Eagles all possibly out for several weeks each, maybe longer.

Bottom line?  Bringing in Johnson absent some precise, present need for him risks screwing up a team that currently is heading in the right direction.  So Lewis’ words regarding Johnson’s role might have been intended not for Johnson, but for the 52 guys who’ll be wondering why one of their teammates was cut in order to make room for Johnson.

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  1. More then likely Fui will get cut & Placed on the practice Squad….No need to keep 4 RB’s & 2 FBs…
    I’m not a fan of what the guy has done but at the same time Cedric has been getting aload of Carrys so it’s good to have a plan B and who knows maybe we let him play vs the chiefs 😉

  2. There’s no way signing LJ messes up the chemistry in that locker room. It’s a veritable rehab for NFL’ers. They’ll welcome the guy with open arms. It’s possibly THE BEST landing spot for a guy in his pickle. He may not get very many reps but he might get a ring out of the deal.
    I’m still picking up B Scott in fantasy this week to replace that goddamn glass boned Westbrook.

  3. He better get his act together and be a true teammates or I’m gonna drive my butt over there and drag his butt out of that locker room myself!
    I don’t get this move!

  4. @ HarrisonHits
    That must be a hard turd to munch on so we’ll let you slide with the way you must be feeling today. I assume your name references a certain cheap shot artist on a certain team that starts with Pitts and ends with turd.

  5. So Dungy, I meam Lewis is OK with bringing in gay bashers or homophobes as long as it benifits his goals? Win at all costs Cincy?

  6. —Once a turd collector, always a turd collector…. He must be irresistible to them.—
    Dear Squiller fan you guys have had more problems then us Since 2006 so STFU… & If you wanna live in the past shall we talk about the Jailburgh Steelers of old? or fact you’ve won 5 champions with steroids? no okay then.

  7. “I assume your name references a certain cheap shot artist on a certain team that starts with Pitts and ends with turd.”
    I may be wrong, but I believe that poster is a fan of Rodney Harrison and the Patriots

  8. They’re bringing him in to play him, and play him they shall. And he’ll probably be pretty good. If Thomas Jones can still run at 31, LJ can still run at 30.
    I couldn’t care less what he thinks about gays. As long as he doesn’t electrocute any dogs, I say tote the rock and go score…

  9. I went from pulling for the Bengals this year to hoping they hit the skids the rest of the way out after this move. I have a feeling LJ won’t disappoint me. Guy caused trouble when he was starting and getting carries. I can only imagine how long it will take for him to make waves riding the pine sulking.

  10. Actually, Jeremi Johnson could barely use his arm on Sunday from a bad pectoral injury. He may very well be headed to IR after Fui Vakapuna gets up to speed. Johnson will only be active if he’s willing to play special teams.
    I also have a feeling that he’ll be used late in the season to allow Cedric to get rest for the playoffs.

  11. As a Steelers fan im pissed that we loss against the bungles yesterday although i give them credit for the win because they deserved it I think the bungles fans are ridiculous.They havent done sh?t since 2005 now they have a good year and they act like they are the real deal.
    I’ll tell you what I would even cheer for the Patriots against the Bungles that tells you a lot

  12. @steelwarriors55
    I’m pretty sure that you’re the dumbest person on the internet.

  13. LJ always said he would rather play for a black coach. Makes me wonder if the steelers would have won if he would be in pitt right now.

  14. # kazkal says: November 16, 2009 5:59 PM
    —Once a turd collector, always a turd collector…. He must be irresistible to them.—
    Dear Squiller fan you guys have had more problems then us Since 2006 so STFU… & If you wanna live in the past shall we talk about the Jailburgh Steelers of old? or fact you’ve won 5 champions with steroids? no okay then.
    There is no debating steroids ran rampant through the Steelers of the 70’s (and just like tapegate you are a moron if you think they were the only ones doing it, Lyle Alzado anyone) but are you suggesting that they were using ‘roids in ’05? Your team is having a great year and absolutely earned that win yesterday, but don’t le your hatred for a team that has had your number over the years blind you from facts.

  15. Like the old saying goes…
    If it ain’t broke….just mix in a homophobic racist.
    Mike Brown is a classic. Guy sees a bargain out there and jumps all over it. There is a reason 31 other teams never picked up the phone.

  16. Oooohhh, Steelwarriors, did you need a tissue? Suck it up you sorry excuse for a poster. Dude, pittsburgh fans talk more shit than any other teams posters, look back at the week leading up this game. Bengals fans are allowed to be excited and talk shit after our fave team BEAT yours, deal with it pansy.

  17. Hey steelworrier55
    Sounds like sour grapes to me…
    the Bengals own your steelers this year…
    Deal with it.
    again…Consider your team OWNED…

  18. The stiller fans sound a little grumpy today! LOSERS! HAHA! You guys will be playing footsies with the Brownies to see who gets the cellar. The Bengals dominated you turds and now you have to sit there and take it for a whole year. WOW! This IS the turning of the page, the dawn of a new day. Sunny in cincy and gloomy in pittsburgh. OUCH!

  19. @stnmmc,
    What year was the whole controversy with the Steelers being affiliated with the fella who was dealing all the HGH? Shortly after the 2005 season? That whole issue sure was covered up quick!
    stnmmc “……………..blind you from facts.”

  20. Stealer fans are obnoxious, uncreative, and pompous.
    Still, I don’t understand why Bengals fans have to get into a pissing match on the Internet with them. Let them say what they want. We can enjoy the sweep against them and hope we play them again in the playoffs so we can shut them up for a third time.
    Anyway, signing LJ is a great move, as long as they don’t count on him for much and he comes cheap. Who cares if he calls someone a fag? Its just a word, usually unrelated to someone’s opinion of sodomites.

  21. LJ is the new Corey Dillon. We loved him here, until he started his bitching, then sent him to the Pats. This is Mike Brown’s chance to make up for that situation. I personally love the idea, there is no one guy that will sink this ship, they’ll toss him over the rail before that happens. And to the person who asked about the gay population, it’s not as in your face here, like say it is in Pittsburgh. Seriously.

  22. As a Chiefs fan, I’m happy he’s gone, but you have to wonder why in the last 3 years, the best 3 players are gone. It started with Jared Allen, then Tony G., and now LJ.
    Priest Holmes was the man who held himself in a classy way, and made me proud as a Chiefs fan. LJ was just a punk that I have seen personally be a d*ck and ruin my thoughts about him as an NFL player. You can see in his play that he doesn’t care (no rushing TD’s this year, and a disgusting avg.) and he is selfish.
    Too bad you’re getting him Bengals, you’re team is looking pretty good without him.

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