Eagles-Chargers one-liners

Eagles coach Andy Reid was content to settle for field goals in the red zone and it added up to a 31-23 loss.

Eagles QB Donovan McNabb threw for 450 yards and tied a career-high with 35 completions.

The Eagles, the fifth-most penalized team in the NFL entering Week 10, were flagged nine times for 70 yards.

With the Chargers shadowing DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, Eagles WR Jason Avant took advantage with eight catches for 156 yards.

Eagles CB Sheldon Brown left the game in the third quarter after injuring his hamstring.

After the Eagles closed to within five points in the fourth quarter, Chargers QB Philip Rivers led a 66-yard drive for a field goal that iced the game.

Chargers WR Vincent Jackson was held to one catch and 10 yards, but other offensive weapons stepped up in his place.

Said Chargers coach Norv Turner, “I felt to beat them we’d have to play our most complete game. There’s no question that I feel we did that.”

G Kris Dielman was happy with the fact that the Chargers ran the ball for 119 yards and two touchdowns.

WR Legedu Naanee was penalized for “proposing” to a Chargers cheerleader following his touchdown catch.

For more on the Eagles and Chargers, Mike Florio has the full Morning Aftermath right here.

4 responses to “Eagles-Chargers one-liners

  1. “Eagles coach Andy Reid was content to settle for field goals in the red zone and it added up to a 31-23 loss. ”
    LOL, if they hadn’t, it would have been a 31-14 loss, yes?

  2. “# Popeye says: November 16, 2009 12:08 PM
    When will Garrett be fired….1st and goal with 6:39 left…LETS GO SHOTGUN….Romo throws a pick…..awesome play call….but Romo blows….and I am a Dallas fan and have been for 30 years

    So you would have run with only 6 mins on the clock and down by 17? Genius.
    They went pass over run because Green Bay had been stuffing the run and, down 17 with 6 mins left needed to preserve clock – which means you pass. They went Shotgun, 2 TE to ‘try’ to give Romo time to throw (which they were singularly unsuccessful at all day).
    Play calls were not the issue yesterday. The Green Bay defense (and Woodson in particular) played a great game. They smoked almost every slant, screen, draw we called and the GB CBs took away the quick outs to the WRs. Execution was the issue. Dallas O line acted like they’d never seen a corner blitz before (which is odd seeing as how they stoned the Philly blitz package).
    Dallas didn’t lose that game, Green Bay’s defense won it.
    And I’ve been a Boys fan since the Ice Bowl.

  3. Congrats to the Packer fans, your team out played the Cowboys this week and deserve the win ,and bragging rites. To the E-Gal fans posting ,LOL ,the only pleasure you find today is to post negatives on the Cowboys loss. Once again you show the NFL fans what your made of. Did I forget to mention what else is green ……SNOT. Bye the way how was the trip to the west coast?????LOL

  4. DDS,
    You know what else is blue? Every guy your Mom ever met. It’s still along season, so enjoy your ‘boys tripping their way through December again.

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