Falcons-Panthers one-liners

Falcons players shrugged off the idea that taking a bus to Charlotte contributed in any way to their 28-19 loss.

D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution wonders where Falcons DE John Abraham has been this season.

DE Chauncey Davis blocked a field goal in the third quarter, the first time the Falcons have done that since last season against the Chargers. 

The Falcons left cornerbacks, Brent Grimes and Tye Hill, struggled to contain Panthers receivers Muhsin Muhammed and Steve Smith.

Said Falcons coach Mike Smith, “The thing that we have to do is we have to go back and watch some tape
and make the corrections and get to where we’re hitting on all
cylinders and playing for 60 minutes.  I don’t think that we’re
sustaining the level of play
that we need to be successful.”

The Panthers offense thrived when they went with a no-huddle approach.

Panthers DE Julius Peppers was limited to playing on passing downs because of a hand injury.

The tackle by Panthers P Jason Baker on a long return by Falcons WR Eric Weems helped save the game for his team.

Panthers running backs Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams combined for 174 yards rushing and Stewart had a pair of touchdowns.

Rookie Panthers S Sherrod Martin picked off a pass for the third time in as many weeks.

For more on the Falcons and Panthers, Mike Florio has the full Morning Aftermath right here.

3 responses to “Falcons-Panthers one-liners

  1. As a Falcons fan, I want somebody besides me to say something about the horrible play calling during that game.
    Mike Smith has got to take some responsibility for what is going wrong. Matt Ryan is a little banged up and is acting goofy with his throws. So the gameplan has to be adjusted to promote a better result for the guy. Anybody can hand off the ball, and if that’s all you want to do, then let’s get some Wildcat action for gosh sakes!

  2. The Wildcat only works when you have backs that can actually THROW the ball as well. Watch Miami, you never know who’s running it, or who’s going to take a handoff and then throw it. We (Carolina) arguably have one of the best RB tandems in the league, and we’ve run a wildcat formation a handful of times this season, with about a 3-4 yard avg. on it. It’s no good other than just a running play if the defense isn’t back on it’s heels just a bit anticipating a possible pass from the back.

  3. But P.S. Instinct….
    You said you wanted someone besides you to say something about the horrible play calling. Yall had horrible play calling. There, it’s been said. Thanks though, always nice to benefit from another loss by the ATL.

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