Harris: We owe it to Lovie to play better

Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris says he and his teammates need to get to the playoffs not just for themselves, but for coach Lovie Smith — who, according to Harris, has been so good to the players that they must repay him by playing well.

We owe it to him,” Harris said Monday. “That guy has been great to us from training camps to what he’s done with the facilities. Different things that you see other coaches really don’t care about, but this guy has come in and helped us out tremendously, and we owe it back to him.”

It’s a little surprising that Harris, of all players, would be the one who would step forward and speak up on Smith’s behalf. It was just three weeks ago that Harris was an unhappy camper, publicly criticizing the team for keeping him inactive for the game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

It’s also interesting that Harris thinks a coach having “been great to us” is a reason that coach should keep his job. Ultimately, a coach isn’t judged by whether his players like him; he’s judged by whether his players win. A critic of Smith’s could just as easily point to that “great to us” comment and say it’s evidence that the Bears need someone who’s less a players’ coach and more of a taskmaster.

Whatever the case, maybe it was Harris and other Bears players whom Charley Casserly of CBS was referring to when he said the Bears are 100 percent committed to Smith. But just because the players like Smith, that doesn’t mean his job is safe, and Harris seemed to realize that the Bears, at 4-5, need to turn the season around.

“Now, the back is on our walls,” Harris said. “I mean the wall is on our backs. So we really have to do something now.”

No matter where the Bears’ backs are relative to their walls, it’s time for them to start winning soon, or else Smith will be out of a job, no matter how great to his players he is.

9 responses to “Harris: We owe it to Lovie to play better

  1. You owed it to him to play better from the start of the season.
    Now you’re 4-5 you just owe the fans and need to save them from the embarrassment of losing to the Viqueers twice and the FudgePackers again.
    That should be your focus, not the playoffs. Do that and chances to make the playoffs increase.
    Or hurt Mike on Sunday night and I can call this season a successful one.

  2. Really? Honestly, I bet he never considered owing it to the owner paying him millions of dollars. The fans who collectively pay millions of dollars to allow him to do this instead of having a crappy job like the rest of us. In the words of Marvin Lewis, “be a F…ING pro.”

  3. Too little too late big boy, and the only reason you and the other slackers want to keep him is because training camp is ssoooo relaxing with him ….he’s gone, and you and your other slackers on that team will be lucky to win another game this year !!!

  4. don’t worry Bears fans, the Eagles are next on the schedule, everybody gets right against us. We will demonstrate ineptitude at it’s highest levels just to make you feel better! Hey, our inability to gain 1 stinkin yard started against you guys a year and a half ago. Andy said he needed to do a better job then, and he still isn’t. We lost 3 games in 08 because we can’t gain 1 yard, and now 2 in 09. Hey Andy, “It ain’t fixed yet”!
    former Eagle’s fanatic
    Watchin the Eagles is like taking medicine, bad medicine…

  5. Hey Tommie, it would go a long way towards helping you keep your boy Lovie around if you stopped jumping offsides twice per game every game.
    Lovie Smith is a good man, apparently, but he has to go. He’s overmatched and in over his head.
    I cringed when all the talking head idiots in the media were clamoring and beating the drum for him to get a fat new contract extension, saying what a travesty it was that one of the best coaches in the NFL didn’t have a new deal. I knew it was a mistake then, and we’re paying for it now.

  6. Well then Tommy boy, maybe you can get off your overpaid, doughboy can and consistently make it to practice and show up on game day.
    Furthermore, maybe you can quit cheap shotting your opponents and not get thrown out of the game in the 1st two minutes.
    Tommie Harris is a damn fraud and I’ll be ecstatic when they cut his fat ass from my beloved Bears.

  7. “Now, the back is on our walls,” Harris said. “I mean the wall is on our backs. So we really have to do something now.”
    Huh? Wha? You mean the wall is your back? You’re on a wall? How’d you get up there? You really, really, really, really, have to do something now because you’re on a wall?
    It’s the middle of November and now you decided to do something. That’s just great.
    ‘Tis the season for crappy reasons. Ho-ho-ho.
    “Florio is the Glenn Beck of MSNBC”

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