Middle-finger fine surely is coming for Bud Adams

As Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean pointed out on Sunday, Titans owner Bud Adams capped his team’s 41-17 win over the Bills by shooting a couple of middle fingers in the direction of the Buffalo sideline.  (Or maybe he saw Floyd Reese’s wife sitting in the stands on the other side of the stadium.)

Here’s the video of the moment.

Sure, it’s funny to see an 86-year-old man paying homage to the New York state bird.  Indeed, we like the idea that, if the Guy Upstairs lets us live that long, we might still have enough passion to fire off a periodic obscene gesture at someone other than the kid on our lawn.

But the league office needs to treat this no differently than it would treat a player who has done the same thing.  In past years, Jake Plummer was fined $5,000 for shooting a one-fingered salute at the crowd, and kicker Joe Nedney more recently was slapped with a $7,500 penalty for the same thing.

And who can forget Mike Vick’s heartwarming gesture to folks at the Georgia Dome who were jeering him after a subpar performance in 2006?  Vick was slapped with a $10,000 fine, and he donated another $10,000 to charity.

The league arguably could distinguish Adams’ situation by taking the position that he was directing the message not to the paying customers but to the opponents.  Even that would be a stretch, however.  At a time when there’s already a perception that the league treats players differently than non-players when it comes to the imposition of discipline, Adams should be asked to write a check in the amount of $10,000.

Heck, he’d probably say it was worth it.  And given the “cred” that it has given him with football fans, he might even do it again.

26 responses to “Middle-finger fine surely is coming for Bud Adams

  1. I really can’t stop laughing at this whole thing. I mean c’mon HE’S 86 FKING YEARS OLD! He looks like a middle schooler who figured once he did it once, he might as well do it a few more times. lmao
    $10,000 would be more than worth it.

  2. Adams is an owner, not just some idiot player. A $10,000 fine for him is probably like a $100 fine for a player. He should be fined at least 50K.

  3. Bud Adams just vaulted into the title of “Best Owner in Football” with that. An 86 year old billionaire flipping off the other team? That makes him a hero in my book.

  4. Ha Ha. Yeah, like Bud Adams gives a damn about ten lousy grand. He’s 86 years old for God’s sake. If I were him, I’d be giving everybody the bird I think deserves it. Goodell could fine me till hell freezes over. You go, Bud !!! Keep the birds flyin.’

  5. Bud Adams is a classless piece of crap. He did the same thing to the city of Houston only a decade ago, and has the audacity to run his team out there with the Oilers logo on their helmets. I hope someone took a dump in his hotel bed.

  6. hahahah that’s great. does anyone really have a stick up their ass about this other than dakotah?
    he didnt just do it, but the little dance he did with it, lmao that’s hilarious. kudos to whoever filmed it too.

  7. # dakotah says: November 16, 2009 8:57 AM
    “Adams is an owner, not just some idiot player. A $10,000 fine for him is probably like a $100 fine for a player. He should be fined at least 50K.”
    Wouldn’t that be like a $500 fine to a player?

  8. Bud Adams made $10K while wiping his a$$ this morning. He’s an 86 year old eccentric billionaire who just proved to his long-tenured coach that he knows more about football than the coach does. His team just whipped up on one of the storied, old-guard teams. He’s had a couple of shots. He’s happy. He doesn’t give a damn.
    If I was him, I’d hire someone to just walk beside me holding up the double bird to everyone.

  9. Mike, there are two more differences between Adams and the players who got fined. One, the players were on the field in uniform while Adams was in his box–just another spectator. Two, Adams was entertaining.

  10. i wish jeff lurie had this kind of passion for his team. but the only thing he has passion for is the money that keeps rolling in year after year. and as long his wallet continues to fatten, he’ll show the same indifference toward putting a super bowl-caliber team on the field.

  11. Team owners should not be forced to pay monetary fines when they do things like this, because even a fine of $1 million means little. If Goodell had any guts, he would impose punishment similar to what he did previously to the Patriots and take away the next first round draft choice of the Titans.

  12. after the first flip — Goodell told Adams he was fining him $10,000 for conduct… Adams wrote a check for $20,000 on the spot… when Goodell asked what the extra $10,000 was for .. Adams said this and displayed the double bird…LOL

  13. Thats great. Gotta love the Titans right now. The owner says “put my boy in the game…NOW” and they win three straight. Now he’s flippin people off. Gotta love the freakin Titans. Pretty exciting team to watch, too, with Young and Johnson.

  14. its nice to see the class that permeates the titan organization emanates from the top down…no its not offensive, however life is not an adam sandler movie.
    yeah a fine, some sort of reprimand, perhaps wade and bum phillips will accept adams donation on behalf of a houston charity…
    owners either need to show some class or sit behind tinted glass…like with most old men showing their ass, no one needs to see that.

  15. From iamthepush
    “# dakotah says: November 16, 2009 8:57 AM
    “Adams is an owner, not just some idiot player. A $10,000 fine for him is probably like a $100 fine for a player. He should be fined at least 50K.”
    Wouldn’t that be like a $500 fine to a player? ”
    You’re right, fine him $500K. If you fine a player for this kind of behavior (Michael Vick, and no I’m no fan of his) you should fine an owner.

  16. Adams just showed how little class he has. He should have much more respect for the team of Ralph Wilson. Without Wilson, the AFL would have never survived and that means that the current NFL wouldn’t be here. Sell the team Bud, and take that idiot Vince Young with you back to Houston.

  17. Hilarious.. he was pumping the bird to a beat too.. maybe he was telling coach fisher VY is the #1 QB on the depth chart..

  18. Here’s what really happened. He had his private nurse attend the game and was sitting at midfield opposite the booth. She called his cellphone and asked how many enemas he needed to help digest his hot dog. He was simply gesturing his answer. One please, just one. What ? You didn’t hear me, just one please.
    That’s my story Roger and I’m sticking to it!!

  19. I wish he would have mooned the crowd like Randy Moss. If you know you’re gonna get fined, might as well do something good. Flipping the bird was good though. Props to the old man.

  20. Why stop at the owners? Let’s fine the fans, too. I see people giving the finger at every single football game I go to. The NFL has an opportunity to make some real dough by legislating morality!

  21. That was freaking hilarious. I saw it the first time yesterday, have watched it probably 5-10 times since then, and have belly-laughed to the point of tears almost every time. Bud Adams, you are my new hero. I hope I have the health and the sense of humor to be flipping the double-bird when I’m 86. And frankly, he should get style points for the dance that went with it, and the elaborate synchronized right-left-right-left-to-double-roll-flip. I’m going to give him a 9.8 for the routine.
    As to the moralists whining about how he should be fined or whatever it is you are whining about… get off the cross, we need the wood.

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