Vikings-Lions one-liners

Vikings WR Sidney Rice racked up 201 more yards in Sunday’s 27-10 win over the Lions, giving him the NFC lead in receiving yards through nine games.

With top CB Antoine Winfield (foot) sitting out again, the Vikings started Benny Sapp at left cornerback against Detroit.
Benefiting from the absence of Lions top S Louis Delmas (tooth), Brett Favre shredded Detroit for a season-high 344 passing yards in the victory.
The Vikings overcame 13 penalties and three red-zone turnovers to keep pressure on the Saints for the No. 1 seed in the NFC.
The Lions benched RB Aaron Brown, DE Cliff Avril, and DT Landon Cohen for Sunday’s game.
Some silver lining for Detroit: WR Calvin Johnson looked completely over his knee injury en route to eight catches for 84 yards on Sunday.
Lions CB Phillip Buchanon ran down Vikings RB Adrian Peterson and forced him to fumble at the Detroit 18-yard line, allowing Lions LB Jordon Dizon to recover in the end zone for a touchback.
CB Jack Williams, making his Lions debut after being claimed off waivers last week, suffered a season-ending knee injury in the loss.
Mike Florio has more on the Lions-Vikings game in his Monday Morning Aftermath article.

9 responses to “Vikings-Lions one-liners

  1. That sucks to hear about Jack Williams being lost for the year. Hopefully that was the only serious injury that the Lions had yesterday.

  2. The Vikings are still a top 10 fumbling team.
    Adrian Peterson has slipped from 1st to 2nd in fumbling though.

  3. Hey Bob,
    Since you’re pulling statistics out of your ass to prove some lame point, chew on these:
    Receiving Fumbles: Packers #7
    Punts Blocked: Packers tied for #1
    Penalties and Penalty Yardage: Packers #1 and #1
    Sacked and Sacked Yardage: Packers #1 and #1
    Net Punting Average: Packers dead last
    4th Down Percentage: Packers dead last
    In fairness (look up the word Bob), the Packers are #1 in the Takeaway/Giveaway ratio.
    But here’s what matters: Packers 5-4, Vikings 8-1 with a four game lead (including tie-breakers)

  4. I couldnt agree more. That was a joke which in print form is sometimes hard to distinguish. i agree. I see enough insults and name calling on this site its disgusting. But these people wouldnt say it to their face which makes them weak minded.

  5. It’s a foregone conclusion that the Vikings will wrap up the North Division, unless of course they have a colossal collapse (which would be delightful.) But just because they will win the division does not mean the Packers can’t earn another shot at them. Beating any NFL team twice in one season is hard enough, but three times? The Packers have their shortcomings but they are still in the wildcard hunt, and they are getting better, bit by bit. The Dallas victory was hard as nails and they earned it, even with the aforementioned shortcomings. Division winner and wildcard are basically the same thing….postseason appearances. See you there.

  6. “Division winner and wildcard are basically the same thing”… plese sir put down your crack pipe. The Vikings are playing for first round bye and or homefield advantage for the playoffs. Let me simplify it for you since you obviously don’t understand. The Vikings would have to win two playoff games, one or two of which would be home games, to get to the playoffs. The fudge Packer’s would have to play and win three playoff game’s none of them being guaranteed home games. Lesson over. P.S. Thanks for Brett Favre we relly love that guy!

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