Week Ten Morning Aftermath: Chargers 31, Eagles 23

Several weeks ago, Eagles president Joe Banner said that talks on a contract extension for coach Andy Reid would be coming soon.

If the phone has yet to ring, Reid might end up waiting at least a few more weeks.

The Eagles are in the middle of another November swoon.  Last year, they limped home from Baltimore with a 36-7 loss that dropped Philly to 5-5-1, and the presumption in Philly was that, absent a stunning turnaround, Reid and quarterback Donovan McNabb would be gone. 

This year, a loss at Chicago on Sunday night would drop the Eagles to 5-5.  And the calls for Reid and McNabb to go would return.

It’s a great example of how quickly things can change.  Eight days ago, the Eagles were 5-2 and thinking big.  Now, they’re 5-4 and poised to face a desperate 4-5 team in their own backyard.

The most recent loss will have Reid critics carping again about his failure to commit to the run.  Though deficits like 14-0 and 21-6 and 28-9 left the Eagles with little choice, there was a lack of balance early in the game, long before the hole was sufficiently deep to require Philly to try to pass its way out of it.

It nearly worked.  McNabb generated more than 400 yards passing for the second time in his career, and he matched a career high with 35 completions.  But in the one statistical area that matters most, the Eagles didn’t get it done — and now they’re forced to yet again to fumble for the gas pedal with a numb foot as the season is very close to being in the balance.

The Chargers, on the other hand, are one of the hottest teams in the league.  Four straight wins after a 2-3 start have put them in a tie with the Broncos, who supposedly had left San Diego for dead after their Monday night game from four weeks ago.  They meet again this weekend in Denver, and the stakes are even higher.

Apart from the denizens of Denver, no one is watching these developments more closely than the folks in Indianapolis.  The Chargers have beaten the Colts in the postseason during each of Norv Turner’s first two years in San Diego, and if there’s only one team that the Colts hope not to see in January, it’s the Chargers.

To get past the Colts again in January, San Diego will need another vintage performance from running back LaDainian Tomlinson, who churned out 96 yards and two touchdowns on the same day he learned his wife will eventually churn out a little L.T. 

The key will be to manage Tomlinson’s touches over the next seven weeks so that he’ll have enough left in the tank to try to put together a postseason run that ends with a certain silver trophy that has long eluded a team that annually is regarded as one of the few with a shot at capturing it.

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  1. Though deficits like 14-0 and 21-6 and 28-9 left the Eagles with little choice
    Mike Vick’s stellar play also helped with the comeback from these deficits. Oh wait…
    NFC Least shows its true colors again with the Eagurls and Cowgirls coming up short after being smacked around for most of their respective games.

  2. There is a little thing called the prevent defense that the Chargers have to stop running. Did Rivera learn that defense from “Cover Who” Cottrell last season? The Eagles never should have been allowed to get back into yesterdays game.
    I understand that no defense can blitz on ever play without becoming exhausted, but there is no excuse for Rivera to run the prevent defense as often as he does. Rivera ought to be able to apply enough pressure to the opposing offense on a more regular basis.
    The Charger running game did look better yesterday, but it was only one game. They will have to improve in that area before any team takes their running game seriously.

  3. 1. the score was no excuse to pass 86% of the time. had they scored TDs in their first 2 red zone possessions (where they had 1st and goal at the one), the game is tied at 14.
    2. enough of the ‘ifs’ about reids contract extension. because it’s a matter of when. as long as jeff lurie is the owner, barring a catastrophic cleveland-esque season or two, andy reid will have this team by the short and curlies. because lurie knows nothing about football (other than the fact that you can make millions). so it’s a perfect situation for him. he’ll have reid, a guy who has some semblance of the ability to run the day to day operations of the team and all lurie has to do is sit back and count his money. as long as reid makes the team just competitive enough to fill the seats, he’ll be the nfl’s answer to joe paterno. except, you know, without the championships.

  4. Flo’s Eags blow mule peens. The same Eags almost everyone said would contend with The G’s for the NFC East. Reid needs to get rid of those sunglasses. They makes him look like he’s been supplying his children.

  5. The commentators for the game were puzzling over PHI’s offense as well. It is Mohrnigweg the OC as well. Pass 60+% on the road with the biggest OL and Westbrook and McCoy in the backfield. McNab is far better at home as well.
    SD is playing better but I wouldn’t anoint them one of the hottest teams in the league just yet. The NYG were missing a few players on D and just had a few mental lapses to allow SD to steal one. SD still has problems at DT and some players recovering from inj hurting the run D.

  6. “Who knew Chicago was in the backyard of Philadelphia…fascinating”
    Errbody in Philly got a great big backyard.

  7. Andy Reid is a good coach, not a great coach. He is very good at preparing a team, getting his team organized and ready to play more often then he doesn’t. The problem lies in two areas as I see it. First, he doesn’t run the ball and every defensive cordinator knows it. The Eagles said earlier in the season that Dog killer scumbag, would make teams prepare extra for the Eagles. An effective running game would do a much better job of that. The way I see it, teams who prepare for the Eagles probably don’t even cover playing the run during the week or DKS.Second problem with Andy Reid, is that he doesn’t preform well in game situations. He is horrible at time managment, and almost never seems to make adjustments during the game. If the Eagles jump out and dictate how the game flows there in good shape, but if they fall behind there in trouble. I like Andy Reid, like I stated earlier I feel he is a good coach. I just wonder if he will ever be able to win the big one. I think if they got a new OC, one that runs a balanced attack. And someone to help Andy with time managment he could get it done. But its been a long time with big red, and I don’t see any changes comming. Go Birds!

  8. Time for Vick to get under saddle and trade Mcnabb away to San Fran for a 2nd round pick this offseason. Maybe even draft one of these young studs coming out. Heck with Kolb, just cut him

  9. someone mentioned in these posts that lurie knows nothing about football. Are you kidding? he’s the one who said on paper this eagles team is the greatest roster in NFL history, and he doesnt know??
    Please dont talk about rivera’s prevent defense, at least you won, explain the giants prevent scheme in their loss to SD last week.

  10. scrapdawg12 says:
    November 16, 2009 12:01 PM
    Time for Vick to get under saddle and trade Mcnabb away to San Fran for a 2nd round pick this offseason. Maybe even draft one of these young studs coming out. Heck with Kolb, just cut him
    Although he had a subpar first half, McNabb threw for 450 passing yards. Trade McNabb and start Vick? Please take your medication.

  11. Only a dumbass would say, “Though deficits like 14-0 and 21-6 and 28-9 left the Eagles with little choice”…
    Hello, 14-0 existed with more than half of the game left to play! Furthermore, nobody is saying run the ball >50% when down 28-9… the fact of the matter is Reid threw ~75% of the plays. And when Reid throws ~75% of the plays he loses 100% of the time. There’s a TON of cold hard facts behind Andy Reid’s stubborness and erratic coaching… now this year we’ve also got on-field discipline issues??? It’s an extremely tough debate, no doubt, but since the Eagles’ Super Bowl appearance we have been building up and up personnel-wise…
    …and what has Andy Reid done with that?
    …hopefully he makes me eat my words again this year but please the rational critiques of that man are most definitely warranted.

  12. Trade McNabb and cut Kolb? Thank god you aren’t a GM. Vick is nowhere near what he was and he was never that great. Kolb has at least showed signs of potential. As for stud qb’s coming out, I really don’t see any qb’s with franchise potential except maybe Jake Locker. Clausen is overrated and Tebow and McCoy are great college qb’s but I don’t see them translating well to the NFL.
    While Reid’s failure to learn from the past, drives me batshit crazy. I’m not ready to jump ship yet. They turned it around and made a nice run last year. All you got to do is get in, and right now with the exception of Minnesota and New Orleans, everyone else in the NFC is struggling so they have a chance.

  13. “but since the Eagles’ Super Bowl appearance we have been building up and up personnel-wise…
    …and what has Andy Reid done with that?”
    given us a 33-31 record?

  14. okay this one really has no excuse for losing. andy reid doesnt get that when you are down by more than 2 possessions, maybe a field goal on the 1 yard line on 4th down
    forget not committing to the run, hes done that for a decade now and weve been a constantly good team. (please no arguing that point, its true regardless) we cant run with an old elusive back made of glass, a rookie, and a fullback playing runningback, especially behind that slice of swiss cheese. if andy reid is gonna commit to the pass, he should just f–king do it already and get himself an allstar wr core. no wait, thats last years complaint…tight end? no, thats not it. what else could be the problem in a pass heavy offense if you have good wrs and good tes???
    oh wait.

  15. @sasquash: no they need to keep the oline healthy. with all pieces in place that oline is top 5 in the nfl. and the wrs are fine, theyve proven they can do it. maclins 2 td game, avants many clutch catches and his game against the chargers, and jacksons all around great plays….yeah all them. and if theyre covered then mccoy and westbrook (crossed fingers) and celek can stand in. our receivers arent the problem, not by a longshot.
    im about ready to say call up shanahan/holmgren/cowher/billick/gruden. lets see just how long mcnabb would last under them…minus holmgren

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