Week Ten Morning Aftermath: Saints 28, Rams 23

OK, I admit it.  My advice for this one was to bet the farm on the Saints and give the 13.5 points.

Hopefully, none of you owns farms.  (Of course, if you did, now you don’t.)

But it was the smart play.  The Saints had beaten every team they’d faced by eight or more points, with a 21-point win over the Giants and a 26-point margin over the Eagles.

The Rams, on the other hand, had mustered 20 points only once all year.

That said, lightning nearly struck in St. Louis on Sunday, with the Rams coming within a late 32-yard heave to the end zone of knocking off the supposedly invincible Saints.  Heck, if the Rams had mustered a two-point conversion only a few minutes earlier, a field goal would have been enough to deliver overtime.

It’s a phenomenon that the Saints likely will be facing as the season continues to unfold.  They’ll be getting the absolute best that each team they face has to offer — and the bad teams who are merely playing out the string could be even more dangerous, throwing caution to the wind in the hopes of unexpectedly planting a stone into Goliath’s eye.

That’s why next week’s trip to Tampa becomes even more precarious.  Knocking off the Saints would provide a bright spot in an otherwise dark season.  So the Saints would be wise to think not about the following Monday, when the Patriots will come to town, but to focus on taking care of business against a team that will be willing to pull out all stops to win.

Even if it means going for it on fourth and two from their own 28.

12 responses to “Week Ten Morning Aftermath: Saints 28, Rams 23

  1. Darren Sharper was out. He’s been the main reason their defense has been great. I knew this, that’s why I played the Ravens D in my pool over the Saints D.
    Sure, the Rams are god awful, but with Sharper out the door for a blowout was closed.
    Don’t you watch the Saints games? If you had been you could have avoided the “bet the farm” suggestion.

  2. If the Saints lose one game, it is best if that game is to the Patriots. They need to win NFC games because of the tie breaker implications with the Vikings for home field advantage. The Vikings have only lost once, to an AFC team, and the Saints losing to the Patriots would not be all that bad, assuming they win the rest of their games.
    Tampa, and all Saints opponents will bring their “A Game” until they are knocked from the unbeaten.

  3. Unfortunately, I bet a little bit of the farm before I heard the injury updates. If it’s true that the public mostly bets the favorites, Vegas made a killing this week.

  4. I have said it before: Saints and Broncos will be in for a nosedive the rest of the season …
    Broncos will miss the playoffs, Saints will lose their first game. Bet your farm on it.

  5. Some days you’re just a hoot, Mike. You ream the Vikings a new one, because the didn’t put the Lions away earlier but it’s just a ho hum that the Saints came within a play of losing…
    Tampa is a hot team right now. Knocked off the Packers, impressively and came very close to beating the phins too.
    Once again, this is an NFC South teams and inter-division games are always tough. I think this one is prime for an upset win for the Bucs

  6. How do you give the Saints more love than the vikings….
    Lets see
    Brett Farve 344 yards passing 1 td o int rating -120.5
    Adrian Peterson – 18 for 133yds 2 tds
    Sidney Rice – 7 for 201 yds
    Drew Brees – 18 of 26 223 2 td 2 INT rating 89.1
    Reg Bush 6 for 83 1TD
    Devery Henderson 4 for 72
    Lions 1-8
    Rams 1-8( beat Lions)
    So take all this info in to account, then take into account the vikings are only 2nd in the league in POints per game///Then take into account what you wrote about the game….Be accurate, you talked about the Vikings as though they were 1-8 not 8-1……its really sad to see all the Biased writing these days……Write the facts, not opinion…….Dear Abby…………

  7. The difference between the Vikings and Saints is that the Saints are undefeated…… That is why teams they are playing are giving it everything they have and are playing out of their minds. They want to be the team that knocks off the last unbeaten team in the NFC. If the Vikings had not lost a game yet maybe the Lions would have pulled off the upset yesterday? The issue here is the Saints are undefeated and the Vikings are not. That is why you get the best possible play out of your opponents.
    The Saints will probably lose a game, could be to the Patriots, if so, the issue of home field advantage still would have to be determined.

  8. SF Saints Fan says:
    November 16, 2009 4:50 PM They want to be the team that knocks off the last unbeaten team in the NFC. If the Vikings had not lost a game yet maybe the Lions would have pulled off the upset yesterday?
    LMAO Not a chance in hell. We made a years woth of dumb mistakes and penalties and still polished them off easily.

  9. PervyHarvin:
    “LMAO Not a chance in hell. We made a years woth of dumb mistakes and penalties and still polished them off easily.”
    Is that why the Vikings lost to the Steelers, a team that lost to the Bengals twice this year?
    Teams play better and put out more effort when they are playing the “hot” team that is undefeated. (9-0 is not 8-1) Don’t you think that the Vikings would be playing just a little bit harder if they were playing a 17-0 Saints team for the NFC Championship rather than if both teams were 16-1?
    I think the Vikings are a very good football team. I think the Saints are a very good football team. They have both had some really good games and they have both played two or three games they could have easily lost. The Vikings lost one of those, the Saints have not lost one of those yet.
    The Super Bowl contender from the NFC will be either the Vikings or the Saints and I think the winner will be determined by who has home field advantage for that game. I think both teams are that close……

  10. @ SF Saints Fan- I agree it will be one of us in Miami. Very similar teams. I just think pros should play hard all the time,no matter what the opponents record. I’m still sick that a routine pass was tipped by Chester Taylor to stop the winning drive to beat Pittsburgh. We handled them all day,they just got a couple big breaks. We were 19 yards from 9-0. But hey,shit happens I guess. The Saints need to clean up those turn overs.Hard to beat good teams when they happen

  11. PervyHarvin:
    The Saints have been able to win the last few weeks in spite of the turnovers. They have been good enough to do that and have not been playing the class of the NFL. If we had been playing the Colts, Patriots, Bengals, Steelers and yes the Vikings the last few weeks we would have lost a couple of games.
    I assume we will lose to the Patriots. I just think the four best teams in the AFC are better than either the Saints or the Vikings. I also think that we will not lose another regular season game, and I don’t think the Vikings will either.
    If that happens home field advantage could get down to the fourth tie breaker (quality victories – basically winning percentage of teams defeated) and could even get to the fifth tie breaker which is point differential. As of right now the fourth tie breaker looks to be within one one hundredths of a point or so. (slightly in favor of the Saints right now) It is that close. I think whoever has home field advantage wins the game and goes to the Super Bowl. I don’t see the Saints winning in Minnesota and I don’t see the Vikings winning in New Orleans.
    Unfortunately, I don’t see either one of us beating the Colts…….

  12. sharper, greer, ellis all out
    porter out half the game
    that’s 3/4 of the starting secondary out…..
    i think the saints are smart for doing this….having those guys healthy for the stretch is a lot more important than blowout wins…..
    it will be the same approach against tampa, then by the patriot game most of those guys return including lance moore…watch out….

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