Fewell's football philosophy: "Play like hell and win"

The Buffalo Bills introduced interim coach Perry Fewell on Tuesday night via a brief press conference at team headquarters.

Asked to explain his football philosophy, Fewell was concise:  “Play like hell and win.”

We already like this guy.

Fewell called the job an “opportunity of a lifetime,” but he declined to talk about whether owner Ralph Wilson has indicated that the opportunity could extend beyond 2009.

As to the offense, Fewell plans no major changes.  “We are who we are,” he said.

Fewell also said that he’ll name a starting quarterback for Sunday’s game at Jacksonville on Wednesday.

So will the Bills be any different under Perry Fewell than they were under Dick Jauron?

“We’ll be the Buffalo Bills,” Fewell said.  “We’ll represent you well, and we’ll be the Buffalo Bills.”

Fewell joined the Bills in 2006.  Before that, he spent 2005 with the Bears, 2003 and 2004 with the Rams, and 1998 through 2002 with the Jaguars.  The 47-year-old coached at the college level from 1985 through 1997.

27 responses to “Fewell's football philosophy: "Play like hell and win"

  1. Sounds like Mike Tyson’s cornermen near the end of his career when their expert boxing advice consisted of yelling “Go get ’em Mike!”

  2. As to the offense, Fewell plans no major changes. “We are who we are,” he said.
    Then you need to find a way to click……. and FAST!?
    Good luck with that.

  3. As a Bills season ticket holder I understand that this season is over for us but it is exciting to see someone take control of that team that will breathe some life into them. We have always been flat and unprepared to play under Dick Jauron. Good luck Coach Fewell- we all are pulling for you!!!

  4. Man, I loved him in Jane’s Addiction.

  5. I was going to make a Jane’s Addiction reference…..but I don’t really hate them….but I don’t especially like them, so I can’t be all “Jane’s Addiction sucks!” or “Jane’s Addiction rules!”
    Jane’s Addiction is ok!

  6. Our high school coach (Mosi Tatupu in case anyone is wondering(Go King Philip High school)) said that same thing to us at a practice.
    we went 1-9 that year.

  7. Man this guys screwed. Ralph asked him to make prime rib, and all he has for ingredients is roadkill. Opportunity of a lifetime my ass.

  8. “Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: Registration is required. says:
    November 17, 2009 9:35 PM
    Man, I loved him in Jane’s Addiction.”
    Awww man.
    Install a damn filter already so I stop looking stupid when you finally finish reviewing posts for pinko propaganda.

  9. I can see it all playing out now: bills win 3 or 4 of these last games. Ralph likes Fewell’s “promise” pays the guy bottom 5 head coaching salary and all the foolish bills fans jump back on board and settle for this horsesh**t excuse for a team all over again. NomNoms is born and raised in the B-lo but i jumped ship on the bills 2 years ago. I now try to observe them from the outside and invest as little time and money as possible in a team that obviously could care less about the hardworking people in Buffalo.

  10. ======Asked to explain his football philosophy, Fewell was concise: “Play like hell and win.”=========
    In other words, this guy hasn’t the slightest clue what he’s supposed to do.
    Reminds me of when the Bears were interviewing Lovie Smith and Russ Grimm for the head coaching job, and asked to explain what his offensive philosophy would be, Grimm answered “We’re gonna run it a little and we’re gonna pass it a little.”
    The job went to Lovie.

  11. Love the guy’s spirit but results talk and bs walks. His defense is strictly Jauron, way too many DBs not enough of the front 7.
    That is why they are the worst defense against the rush.
    That is why they are starting a DB (Byron Scott) as a LB.
    Good luck to him, hopefully he gets a spot somewhere other than Buffalo.

  12. Fewell plans no major changes. “We are who we are,” he said
    So even with a new coach, the Bills are who we thought they were.

  13. I hope that the Bills will “play like hell and win” but I’m more interested to see whether or not Fewell can teach this team how to close out a game.
    Believe it or not, the Bills have entered the fourth quarter tied or ahead in seven of their nine games. In one of the other two, they trailed by only three entering the fourth quarter, to the Saints of all teams.
    I haven’t and won’t crunch the numbers, but I would be willing to bet that there are five or fewer other teams in the league that can boast a similar statistic regarding the first three quarters. The problem is that the Bills have been outscored 101-40 in the fourth quarter, including being shut out in the fourth quarter five times, with the bottom dropping out in the last two games where they have been outscored 46-0 in the fourth quarter after entering with a one point lead and a tie, respectively.
    If Fewell can teach this team to close, he just might come away with enough wins to at least get Ralph to think about keeping him around for the future.

  14. This guy reminds me of Denny Green.
    I figure that he’s a temporary replacement.
    “We knew who they were!”

  15. So just to be clear, we’re handing over the reigns to the team to the defensive coordinator? The same coordinator who oversees a defense that is giving up nearly 180 yards per game on the ground?
    Yes. I’m sure he can right the ship.

  16. Refer to NomNoms comment (halfway down as of now)
    Owners like Ralph Wilson are a threat to the perception that the NFL is parity-driven. The Bills team will never climb out of the gutter while he owns the team, or stands by his ownership philosophy of profitability over competitiveness. He will always pay his head coach in the bottom 5 of the entire league. He will always go for low-level free agents he believes can be developed into top tier players, only to let them leave via free agency when they do develop.
    If you pay attention to pro football, you are aware that the fan base in Buffalo is as committed or moreso than any other in the league. No postseason appearance in a decade; they’re still consistently selling out during the regular season. It’s just too bad that Ralph Wilson insists on SELLING OUT his fans and supporters.
    Its advisable that fans of franchises like the Bills, Browns and Lions stop investing themselves so much first, financially, and secondly, so much emotionally. Individually we won’t be able to send a message, but collectively we can. I have been a Bills fan since I was able to follow the game. If Wilson doesn’t improve this team at BOTH the Head Coach position and starting quarterback going forward, then futility will continue to be the hallmark of this franchise, and I will not stand by and bear witness to this foolishness any longer.

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