Gruden: "I probably will coach again"

ESPN announced on Monday that Jon Gruden has made a long-term commitment to serving as a commentator on Monday Night Football, and that he won’t be entertaining any coaching offers.

But Gruden acknowledges that he’ll likely be back on the sidelines again at some point.

“I’m 46 years old. I probably will coach again,” Gruden told Peter King of “I miss the opportunity to coach players, to help them get better. I really miss the competition. But I don’t miss the agony.”

Gruden still sounds like a coach at heart, even talking during Monday night’s game about wanting to hire Ed Reed as an assistant. But Gruden told King that for now, he’s happy enough sharing the booth with Mike Tirico and Ron Jaworski that he’s willing to say he won’t coach in 2010.

“I love this game very much,” Gruden said. “This job gives me the opportunity to see the game at a different angle, and I’ll be honest — I just fell in love with it. I want to get good at it. I really like the team I’m on at ESPN. They’re really trying to help me be good.”

So for now, Gruden says he can be satisfied staying in the booth. Even if he knows the time will come when he wants to be on the sideline.

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  1. Jaws and that other guy in the booth are soo up Grudens butt its hideous. They are swinging from his jock like no other. I guess the Neilson ratings came out and they want more Gruden! Its like they are scared of him like he might start making fun of them any minute

  2. He’s got a great gig, and he’s pretty good at it. Why should he want to return to the pain and suffering?

  3. This guy is great because he’s geniune. He’s real. Mike Tirico is a sellout and Jaws is…Jaws.
    They need to just keep Gruden and get rid of the rest or put him in there with Mike & Mike.
    He’s revolutionizing what it means to be a sports announcer. He’s REAL! He makes mistakes but he gets the job done. Everybody else is too vanila.

  4. I like Gruden. Aside from not bashing enough players/teams/executives I think Gruden adds more insight and humor to the game than any other commentator covering the NFL. I would like to see Chucky coaching again soon though. I think its laughable Gruden lost his job for Raheem “Radio” Morris

  5. Im surprised Gruden knows his own age.
    I thought he was like Chuck Norris that you would have to cut him in half and count the rings.

  6. I don’t like Gruden as a broadcaster in general, but when he said that Jaws’ explanation of his support for Belichick’s decision was way too drawn out, I admit, I enjoyed that.

  7. Gruden is the best announcer to listen to out there. He teaches the game and he is real and he’s not afraid to say what on his mind. I tuned into that hapless game last night just so I could hear him and laugh.

  8. Maybe it was just me but I got the vibe that Gruden would love to coach the Browns. He seemed to see a lot of untapped potential in Quinn.
    I think Gruden will be on the sidelines next year.

  9. Gruden with Mike & MIke? Give me a break.
    They have been terrible in the couple of MNF opportunities they’ve been given.
    Not only do they not understand the finer points of league rules, they are not funny or engaging.
    I’m not a big Jaws fan, but it is nice having two “football” guys able to bounce comments off eachother.
    My dream team:
    Al Michaels, Jon Gruden, and Daryl Johnston in the booth. (and never have guests in the booth.)
    Kolber and Kramer on the sidelines.

  10. #1: “…and Jaws is…Jaws.”
    What does that mean? Jaws is the man.
    #2: How can anybody take you seriously when you call yourself “WorldChampionBears2009?”

  11. Gruden sucks.
    Jaws is unbelievably bad.
    Tirico generally keeps his mouth shut.
    Collinsworth and Michaels are the only good team in this field. With them, you actually get analysis of almost every play; Collinsworth sees everything so fast, it’s remarkable.
    Gruden was good for the first week, but then he started talking like Jaws, saying stuff like, “that Joe Flacco, he is a football player.”
    Maybe the networks think it’s better to just have three guys jawing (pun intended) and sort of shooting their mouths around, rather than providing insightful play analysis and other useful information about the rules, personnel, etc. I honestly think that the networks have adopted the “Sports Announcing for Dummies” approach, in an effort to avoid alienating viewers that watch the sport more casually.
    (Side note: They also seem to have an “Officiating for Dummies” approach to hiring and retaining referees. I don’t see why this is.)

  12. lol Mike and Mike. Ok WorldChampionBears. You may be the only person in America that actually enjoyed them in the booth

  13. Jaw’s is a goof ball that was an average quarterback at best, Turico is a mouth piece and Gruden is the real deal. Jaw’s should thank ESPN and carry Gruden’s bags since he arrived and they fired that idiot Kornheiser or whatever that moron’s name was I’m sure the ratings went up. Gruden is fun to listen too. Jaw’s shut up and let Gruden make a point, no one cares what you say anyway.

  14. Yea amazing how a really good coach gets it, where as someone like Mangini tried to shove it down the Jets throat and failed horribly. Mangini should have taken some time away and learned more before grabbing the first ring that passed by. Gruden knows he is good and does not have to prove it. He will step back, learn more and then come back with a vengence.
    Mangini will likely never be head coach in the NFL again. Tough sledding for guy in his 30’s. Maybe Portland state will hire him

  15. Gruden is the man. I hope my Bills can pry him away from ESPN……but I know in my heart that Ralph will never pay enough for a coach of that caliber.

  16. Loved his comment “If Baltimore wore their throwback unifroms, they would be wearing orange and brown” Classic!

  17. Gruden makes monday nighters soo much more itnersting, especially when they are blowouts or boring like last night.
    Good if he keeps his job, and if he doesn leave, pretty please come to Buffalo, we need you, you can have to key to the city, and Niagara Falls.

  18. Look, the coaching pool next year includes Shanahan and Cowher. Gruden is smart to wait one more year.

  19. I may be the minority, but I think Gruden is a damn fine commentator. He reminds me of Madden with his passion for the fundamentals and details of the game. I hope he stays in the booth a while, because Jaws sucks and Gruden is the only one that makes it bearable.

  20. Yeah, Gruden had such a fun time coaching Ricky Watters – I’m sure he’d LOVE a crack at T.O.
    Which is going down in quality quicker, NFL officiating or NFL broadcasting?

  21. I never thought much of CHUCKie when he was wasting time on the sideline. Now I have to put up with him on MNF.
    I played before plastic and now I find something else to watch on Monday nights and only go back during commercials for the scores. Jaws wasn’t ever a commentator but Gruden sure makes him look good.
    What team in their right mind would even allow CHUCKie in the locker room?

  22. Is that quote accurate?
    You sure he didn’t say, “I’m 46 years old. I probably will f**king coach again,” ?

  23. Gruden says he will coach again, big deal. It’s no surprise and until he finds a team, he’s just another talking head.

  24. Gruden will leave ESPN to take the head coaching job at Notre Dame – he has connections there from his father. He would have a shorter season, make as much money and have the cahnce to win a national championship every year. He ahs already won a Super Bowl and now the chance to win a BCS Championship every year with players he can recruit nad new ones every couple of years to keep the energy flowing, unlike the pros and the prima donnas those players become.

  25. Funny.
    When Gruden was a coach, I respected him but I didn’t like him (at all).
    Now that he’s a broadcaster, I don’t respect him (as much), but I absolutely LOVE him!

  26. Jaws is a fruitcake, still mad the raiders took his own chance at a ring away years ago so he always bashes them, I don’t care what the loser has to say but Gruden is great

  27. Coach T.O.? That is hilarious. Gruden couldn’t handle MeShaun Johnson, what makes you think he could coach T.O.? Stay in the booth John, then you can collect two paychecks.

  28. Great article Michael! Florio could learn a lot from you. You are a superior writer to him who doesn’t torpedos to make something intersting. Florio take some notes!
    Anyways, I like TK and I did sometimes like DM. Who else would you guy put in there? I would rather hear some suggestions with your rejections…

  29. I like Gruden on Monday Night Football… least better than what they HAVE had for a long time.
    And as a lifelong Cowboy hater, it hurts me to admit it but I think Darryl Johnson is probably the best announcer/commentator of NFL games and to a lesser degree (and this one REALLY kills me) Troy Aikman. I must admit I was surprised when I heard Aikman do as well as he does because when he was a player he appeared to have trouble making a complete sentence. He doesn’t have much personality on air but I am one of those people who doesn’t WANT someone’s mouth running all the time during the game. Just let me watch it without all the frivolous and inane side comments. It is not at all unusual for me to cut the sound down and just WATCH the game.

  30. This is all about money guys. The reason that Jon Gruden agreed to not coach in 2010 is because the Bucs are still on the hook for his salary in 2010. If he takes another coaching job he loses the rights to that money. I’d like to collect two paychecks rather than one as well.

  31. Chuckie is very, very good in the box. He could make it a career that would surpass Madden. Plus, I’d buy a copy of Jon Gruden Football 2011. Sounds like a good video game to me.

  32. Hello Chuckie!
    Yeah, this is Al…you know A.D…..from Oakland. I’ve decided to step down and not run this joke of a team I’ve created. I’m cutting Jafatty and Decoy Heyward Bey. Yep, and we’re actually going to let you do all the drafting from now on. Yep, linebackers and lineman. Our track team is trying out for the olympics. Yep Chuck, they won’t be suiting up anymore.
    So, anyway, you call all the shots and I have no say at all. I’m retiring to my crypt.
    Great John. I knew you’d come back.
    You want WHAT?!! You want this in WRITING??!!
    Forget it (click)
    Sigh…and our nightmare continues.

  33. Hi ,Gruden is football and sure enjoys his time on the air ,at the first offering to hear him this season I admit being pritty skeptical but he’s a great add to the group and he’s real……Mike & Mike in my opinion have no business on the air waves in any manner , if anyone took a real look at some real popularity true ratings to who’s listening thay’d be stunned …thay’d even bore themselves into some other profession if they listened to themselves. Thay’d probably not even make it to there destination in the cash cab trying to answer questions on sports only.What a waste of valuable air time!!

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