Ravens release Steve Hauschka

The Baltimore Ravens have waived kicker Steve Hauschka, officially making a move that’s only surprising because it didn’t happen sooner.

Hauschka missed his fourth field goal of the season on Monday night, a 36-yard attempt that went wide left. Ravens coach John Harbaugh said after the game that he talked to Hauschka, and that the kicker knew he was on thin ice.

“We’ve been evaluating the kicking position,” Harbaugh said. “Steve and I had a great talk on Tuesday night, and he’ll be the first to tell you that he needs to kick better than that. He kicks better than that in practice and he’s kicked better in games up until this point. He just didn’t do the job tonight and I think he knows that.”

Said Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome, “Every one of our players has to step up to a Ravens’ level of play and that was not happening for Steve right now.”

It’s unclear who the Ravens’ next kicker will be, but former Jets kicker Mike Nugent and former Cowboys kicker Billy Cundiff worked out for the team last week, and Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times tweets that they’re the top candidates.

Hauschka leaves the Ravens having made 10 of 15 field goal attempts in 17 games. In October he missed a potentially game-winning kick against the Vikings, and this month he missed a kick that would have kept the Ravens alive in a close game against the Bengals.

21 responses to “Ravens release Steve Hauschka

  1. I assumed as much watching the game last night.
    I was surprised he wasn’t after the Vikings’ game.

  2. just in time to watch stover come to baltimore and kick about 8 extra points and 4 field goals for the colts

  3. He cost the ravens the game vs sota and missed two thirty something yarders in the last two games. Unacceptable!

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOO, First Jerry Glanville, then Dick in Buffalo, now Hauschka! Can this day get any worse for me? My hero’s are gone, gone, gone……..

  5. who didn’t know that this was going to blow up in the RAVENS faces? ozzie and harbaugh will get to see the best kicker in RAVENS history this sunday! I am a fan of ozzie’s and harbaugh’s but letting STOVER go was the dumbest f*@king decision they have made!

  6. Anyone have Hauschka’s forwarding address? I want to collect the $160 he owes me for missing the game-winning field goal against Minnesota and costing me a two-team money line parlay!

  7. Guess I’ll have to find another kicker for my antifantasy team. His miss and the block, though, did move me to 6-4 on the season.

  8. Jesus, the AFC North is just full or turmoil these days. First my Bungals sign LJ, which is a big risk, maybe a good move…we’ll see, the Squealers choke twice to the Bengals, the Ratbirds can’t find a consistant kicking game, and the Clowns, well there isn’t much to say about them, their actions speak for themselves…lol.

  9. I say they do without the kicker the rest of the season and go for it on fourth down!
    -Bill Belichick

  10. “We’ve been evaluating the kicking position,” Harbaugh said. “Steve and I had a great talk on Tuesday night”
    Coach: “Kid, you suck”
    Kicker: “Yeah, I know”
    Coach” “You’re done”
    Kicker: “Okay”
    Nice talking with you.

  11. I see Ray Lewis’ future. The pre game pop and lock is about to change the face of placekicking.

  12. You all thought I was crazy for taking my kicker so high on the board! Now who’s laughing?
    Al Davis

  13. Baltimore shut out the team from the city where they stole the team from, Cleveland , and I hope everyone will remember how Baltimore stole Cleveland’s team, but anyway, here in INDIANAPOLIS we are waiting to watch our great leader Jim Irsay hoist another Lombardi Trophy up in the air.

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