Bills fire Dick Jauron

Bills head coach Dick Jauron won’t be allowed to finish 7-9 for a fourth straight season.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports the Bills have fired Jauron. Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell is expected to replace Jauron on an interim basis, although no coach has been named.

There was a report earlier Tuesday that Ryan Fitzpatrick was expected to take over the starting job from Trent Edwards despite Edwards being healthy.  Jauron was often a staunch public supporter of Edwards, but it’s unclear if the quarterback situation had anything to do with the coaching change.

Jauron finishes 24-33 in three and a half snake bitten seasons as Bills coach. 

We feel sympathy for him because his Bills teams always seemed to maximize their effort, especially on defense.  But the lightweight squad was constantly injured, especially this season.

The team’s rotating offensive coordinators during Jauron’s tenure never led to a consistent attack and they often found new and creative ways to win heartbreaking close games to quality opponents.  (As MDS points out, the AFC East would look a lot different if Leodis McKelvin didn’t fumble that kick return in the season opener.) 

The timing of the move is odd, but it gives owner Ralph Wilson a head start on planning for 2010.  It will be yet another new direction for a franchise that has been spinning its wheels for more than a decade.

62 responses to “Bills fire Dick Jauron

  1. Sad to see it… a pretty good coach who just didn’t get given much of a group to work with.
    And only the first of many… Zorn, Mangini, you’re on notice.

  2. Good for Buffalo, time to start fresh. DJ is a good respectable person, but is better served as DC, I’m sure he will be sucsessful as DC somwhere else in the leauge.

  3. The Bills need a Dick Vermeil type figure to take over.
    As for the quarterback, the Bills need someone exactly like Trent Edwards, except with a strong arm and a lot of zip on his passes.

  4. Jauron should have been gone 11 months ago.
    Normaly firing your HC mid season doesnt help anything, but at this point, anything is better than continuing down the same path.
    I would say the Browns are the worst team in the NFL, but since the Browns beat the Bills a few weeks ago (their only win) the Bills have to be in that same conversation. And as a Bills fan, all I can do is hope that the DC, who is respected, can do something, anything, to win games.

  5. GurpBadesha, the Bills have started new a few times over the last few years, just not everyone all at once. Not sure that approach is working.

  6. They should have fired him on the bye week, that way they would have had some time to adjust to the interim coach

  7. GovtMinion, a pretty good coach? Are you high? He has been AWFUL. Aside from 2001 when he won 13 games, he hasn’t won more than 7 games in a season in his career. He should have been given his walking papers at the end of last season. I still don’t have much hope for this team but if we get a new GM, a new coach, and decent QB, maybe this team will stop being a laughing stock. Dick Jauron has been TERRIBLE!!!

  8. Damn, maybe they’ll get somebody competent now…. oh wait, Ralph Wilson is still running the team, you’re screwed Bills fans.

  9. GovtMinion
    You obviously havent caught a Bills Game in a while. Talent is one thing, the execution would have been cleaner had Mike Tyson been calling the plays.

  10. The Bills play way better than the Browns!? But Mangini still has a job!? Someone please do the math for Randy Lerner!!!!!!!

  11. Agreed. Why even let Jauron come back to coach an extra game? I would have fired him during the bye week also.

  12. But what the Bills really need to do, above anything else, is appoint a new football operations director/president/bill parcells role. And a football guy this time, not their marketing director.
    Russ Brandon is very good at running the business side of things. He’s in way over his head when it comes to the football end. We need a GM. Badly.
    Until that happens, the mediocrity isn’t going to stop. Ralph needs to get over Donahoe already and bring somebody in to run things.

  13. so much at the skilled positons with Lynch , TO , Evans… they need a O-line Coach and Offensive Coordinator with better than HS strategies

  14. Now they just need to cut TO and they’ll be well on their way to rebuilding a decent franchise.

  15. Jauron was the wrong hire for this team to begin with. Mike Sherman, a more offensive-minded coach, was the other candidate when Jauron was hired. I would much rather the Bills just blow the whole operation up. New owner, new GM, new coach, new QB, and dump Terrell Owens. He has been garbage.

  16. The Bills aren’t going anywhere anyway, they should have just let him coach the rest of the season.

  17. I always though that Jauron was a decent guy when he was here with the Bears but he is not a very good head coach.

  18. On behalf of fans of the rest of the AFC East teams, I say thank you to Dick Jauron for taking a bad team and keeping it that way. You will be missed.
    Now come on Ralph, let’s do worse. Coincidence that Jerry Glanville hit the market earlier today? I THINK NOT!

  19. “Sad to see it… a pretty good coach who just didn’t get given much of a group to work with.”
    Do you even watch football or have any knowledge of the game? He was a terrible coach who has had one winning season in all his years. You should be banned from posting.
    Good move for the Bills but it should have been done last February.

  20. Dick Jauron is a good coach and will land on his feet with another team willing to give him good players.
    Marv Levy had things turning around and geting rid of the bad personalities. The new GM reversed all that and brought in troublemakers like that Owens failure.
    If you think the Bills were bad under Jauron the new guy will be worse.
    The GM is the problem.

  21. DJ is a better fit as a DC.
    The Bills problem stems from the “GM by committee” system, Russ Brandon and the like need to go.
    Ralph needs to dust off the wallet and bring in A general manager that will install a SYSTEM, and be THE guy. GM’s create the team culture in the NFL, there are no two ways about it. Maybe I’m a little bitter that we let Polian go but such is.
    BTW – Lifelong Bills supporter (read: homer), but recent (2003 – current) Colts fan.

  22. @ doric44:
    I’d love to see Ralph (or a real GM) bring in a Shannahan type coach, problem is that Ralph isn’t willing to pay out top tier rebuilder money. Judging by the past 12 years I don’t see it happening, considering that he has to payout the remainder of Dick’s 3 year contract.
    … speaking of which I/we have ZERO idea as to why the hell they resigned him in the off season anyways, other then the fact that DJ was relatively cheap. Ugh.

  23. This is now 2 teams Jauron has smooth talked into big extensions. He parlayed a 13-3 season into Chicago into a 4 year deal that he only coached 1 year of. He parlayed his 5-0 start last year into a mid year 3yr contract extension that he only coached 9 games of.
    The NFL has passed him by. If Jauron could play with 12 DBs on defense he would. He hasn’t figured out that in todays NFL there are 280LB DEs faster and stronger than his 250LB DEs. His bend don’t break cover 2 is only good at one thing keeping you close in games you will lose. This is the same guy that punted on 4-7 later in the 4th quarter because, I quote our guys had fought too hard to lose by more than 10. He is a loser and was 2 games away from tying Rich Kotite as the losingest coach in NFL History.

  24. Tough luck. As long as Brady and Belichick are in that division, it’ll be tough to win.
    I’d like to see a stat on how many coaches have been fired in the AFC East since they got started.
    Or for the NFC East while Aikman was in Dallas or the NFC West while Montana was with the Niners.
    Kind of makes you think…

  25. BobNelson, Marv didn’t turn anything around as GM. He brought in Edwards, who he was sold on as the savior, and pretty much kept the franchise on its path of mediocrity.
    I still chuckle when people say Dick Jauron is a good head coach. He’s not even a great coordinator. Being a nice guy means nothing in this business.

  26. Fire Mangini now Lerner, while someone else has the media’s attention, take the embarassing glare from the ESPN Monday night game and place it squarely on Mangini’s rounded shoulders.

  27. Too think!
    If Dick Jauron was still the Lions coach, and we would be ecstatic with his performance, and… Matt Million would still have a job! Ugh!

  28. This is EXACTLY what the Bills need right now to put the wheels of change in motion! First a new head coach, next a new QB! I’ve always been a Bills fan and always will be! But thank you Ralph for FINALLY taking this MUCH needed step in improving the team!

  29. Sorry to hear that. Jauron is one hell of a great guy. One of the best in the league. Just not a very good head coach.
    The Bills have had a lot of talent the last few years, just not able to do anything with it. They have had some spectacular special teams too. It seems that (actually before) ever since Kevin Everett got hurt, that the Bills have been plagued by bad luck.
    Ralph Wilson and Dick Jauron both certainly deserve more respect than Bud Adams gave them last week here in Nashville.

  30. Jeez, when the hell is Al Davis gonna figure it out and fire his coach and his QB. Actually, will someone please fire Al Davis.

  31. Bills fans have hope, Ralph Wilson is very old. When he passes, the team can head in a new direction from scratch. But head my warning guys. Be careful what you wish for. Ralph Wilson wants to win and is a beloved owner who took the Bills to 4 straight Super Bowls, and they should have won 1. The Redskins had a similar situation with owner Jack Kent Cooke, he dies, team sells to Snyder, and we are all in hell, year in and year out.
    So i say again, be careful what you wish for…

  32. As a Bears fan, I KNEW this was going to happen the second the Bills hired Jauron. I told a couple of friends who are Bills fans “This team isn’t going to win anything, and he will eventually get fired.”
    How did this guy even get hired? Why do teams waste time on coaches who have proven to be mediocre at best? That’s pretty much 4 years down the drain right there. 4 years wasted. 4 years that could’ve been spent building the team in a different direction.

  33. Hire Glanville, Mr. Wilson.
    He is available, plus I remember he had a full-length cowboy drover coat that he would look great in when the snow is up to his ass in December.

  34. Good guy, situation never took off. Would think he’d get another shot somewhere. Feel bad for Bills fans. Chin up, folks we’re next (Redskins fan).

  35. Luck is the residue of design. The injuries that plague B-lo aren’t bad luck, they’re the product of their system. Something’s obviously missing from this recipe, and while Jauron’s a good guy this is the right move to make.

  36. The Bills actually were overachievers given the MASH units they have had the past few years. Ly it was DBs and DEs, this year it is OTs. They need to improve their strength and conditioning.
    Too many GM changes and constantly blowing up the OL over the years. They need to get a decent GM and his first move is to get a solid LT in free agency in the offseason. They should have spent $6M on keeping Jason Peters and adding Nate Washington instead of TO. You just knew with all the new starters and a scrub LT would be a problem getting TO his touches. Jauron is just getting thrown under the bus in a puzzling move.
    Jauron was an avg selection given all the coordinators from NE, SD, PIT ,PHI etc that became new HCs. Pay the bucks and get the best this time.

  37. Thank the Lord and Blue Bird! Or have they folded too?! Once proud Die Hard Bills Fans should now lobby to bring Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher or someone who can take the reins and get blood from a stone.
    All fans can relate to the emotion felt in Buffalo and WNY every day knowing that the Bills, Sabres, Braves (remember them?) Bisons (both Baseball and Hockey), Caps (as in bottle) have taken us through more snake bit, terrible and wonderful moments that affect every day life, knowing that someday, the sun will shine on us. GO BILLS! Squish the Fish!!

  38. As to him being a good coach with poor talent …
    usually the HC has at least some input in choosing player talent. And usually the buck stops at head coach when it comes to choosing staff talent. Firing your offensive coordinator five minutes before the season starts doesn’t inspire confidence that he knows what direction he’s taking the team. (And certainly there was some failure by his special teams coach to instruct players when NOT to run back a ball.)
    Some people just aren’t cut out to be the head guy. From the looks of this once-great franchise, Jauron is one of them. Hope Mr. Wilson can find a man who’s up to the job for next season. This season is lost.

  39. Maybe the Bills will hire Rich Rodriguez, with Charlie W as his Defensive Coordinator. That would make a lot of college fans happy!

  40. Is anyone surprised by this? Did anyone honestly believe they signed TO to start 3-6?
    Just like the signing of Favre in Minnesota, TO’s arrival meant “no excuses” for the head coach.

  41. well jauron can bring out his final quote as lions hc all over again: (to reporters at press conference) i dont have to talk to you guys anymore.
    does anyone think they would be 6-3 with 9 games of edwards and/or schoenhert?
    and i think they LOSE heartbreaking games. if they won them, jauron wouldnt have been canned.

  42. Bad news is that he lost his job, good news is that he wakes up a multi-millionaire who is owed another 7 million dollars. Wish I could get work like that.

  43. Chitown, great points. He certainly has been able to parlay some illusory success into (relatively) long-term employment. Especially in 2001, with several miracle wins against a cupcake schedule. That has to be one of the flukiest teams/years of all time.
    He may be a great guy and all but the thing I could never stand about him was that he would never call a spade a spade, never criticize, never take a stand. 100% wet spinach.

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