Ronnie Brown ruled out for Thursday night

Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown will miss his first game since 2007 on Thursday night against the Carolina Panthers.

Coach Tony Sparano confirmed Brown’s expected absence Tuesday after the team’s starter missed another practice.  Tight end Anthony Fasano also missed the session.

It’s unclear how long Brown will be out for because of his foot injury.  There is a possibility he will soon be sent to a specialist.  Brown was on pace to set a career high in carries — his high is 241 in 2006 — before the injury.

Ricky Williams will get the start for Miami against Carolina’s rush defense, which ranks among the ten worst in the league.  The NFL Network already inserted Ricky into their promo for the game, saying he could “spark” the Miami offense.

Those jokes never get old.  Seriously.

10 responses to “Ronnie Brown ruled out for Thursday night

  1. I wonder who will be the trigger man in the Wildcat? Pat White? Or will they lay off of it?
    Florio must be drooling with Pat White possibly getting to take center stage on national television.

  2. Ricky is “only” 32 years old and he has 105 carries for 558 yards for a 5.3 average and 18 receptions for 193 yards for a total of 751 yards from scrimmage. He also has 7 TD’s. That projects out to 1335 yards from scrimmage and 12-13 TD’s for the season.
    Ricky has shown some amazing speed this year and has really played well all year.
    Not to shabby for an “old man”.
    Go Ricky!!

  3. the panthers are used to this wildcat since they did it in 2006 when dan henning was coordinator then.. but ohh miami, the inventor of the wildcat!!

  4. piloto8, no degree of familiarity is magically going to turn Carolina into a good run stopping D, however. That’s not to say that it shouldn’t be a good game between two teams who are both looking to make a push. Good luck to all!

  5. Refreshing to see that while some outlets stick to the news and analysis, PFT is always willing to drop down and roll in the gutter. Florio has undoubtedly given Rosenthal an outlet for his creative side.
    Next thing you know Greg will be calling players “Lord” and posting endless repeats of items dug up by other sources- no wait….

  6. Other than not having the diversity of two great backs at our disposal, this changes nothing about the running game for this match up. Ricky is an amazingly healthy and athletic 32 year old and he will carry the load just fine. Anyone on a fantasy league with him available would be wise to pick up and start him.
    It’s a long shot to make the playoffs, but this game and the game against Buffalo start our playoffs this season. If we can get some hands out of our receivers for once, we can be a legitimate threat. Perhaps Brown has to take a couple weeks off and leave it in the hands of Williams, Hilliard (who had a kick ass preseason), and Polite. He’ll come back fresh for a late season push, maybe in time for NE’s visit to south beach.
    This season is far from over, but it could be over quick if the Fins don’t remove their craniums from their rectums ASAP.

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