Saints sign Chris McAlister

With their secondary rocked by injuries, the New Orleans Saints have agreed to terms with veteran free-agent cornerback Chris McAlister, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

McAlister was the tenth overall pick in the 1999 draft, and he spent ten years with the Ravens.  He fell out of favor last year, during coach John Harbaugh’s first season with the team.

In September, McAlister was telling friends that he planned to sign with the Raiders.

It remains to be seen whether McAlister has anything left.  But the Saints have a need, and now McAlister could end up getting a ring to go with the one he won in his second NFL season.

To create a spot for McAlister, the Saints cut rookie quarterback Chase Daniel.

19 responses to “Saints sign Chris McAlister

  1. I think the Vikings should have been in talks with him while Winfield was out, although I don’t know whether he has a lot left, he’s a smart football player and we could have used him…

  2. we can afford now to rest greer another week so he can be ready for the pats…
    in 4-5 weeks we’ll have
    with (s)harper at safety….
    that’s depth……

  3. welcome back Chris! AZ Ravens fan & now a Saints fan. I was hoping he’d get picked up by someone. Glad to see he wasn’t forgotten. Go McAlister!

  4. It’s hard to say how much he has left in the tank but I thought it was worth a shot for the Saints to try him out. I think if he is anything close to what was before he could fit well in GregWilliams defense.

  5. Players tend to fall out of favor with their coach when they show up for a game against a Peyton Manning led offense and they’re hung over. Plus CMac has a bum knee to boot.
    What’s the strip club scene in NO? CMac will know by week’s end.
    I thank CMac for his contributions in Bmore, but the Saints are going to find out real fast that there’s nothing left in his tank. Corners and bad knees don’t mesh.

  6. If a player like him lasts this long into the season before getting a job, you can bet there must be something very strange in the background

  7. The Saints had few options with having 3 of their four db’s out (including their two starting cb’s and Sharper). For the past several years, old db’s haven’t been worth much. This year, however, Dawkins and Sharper were both written off as too old and having empty tanks. A couple years ago, Lynch was written off as was Charles Woodson. Perhaps, McAllister has enough for 4-6 more games, which should be plenty enough for the Saints to avoid rushing back Greer/Porter.

  8. McAlister could end up getting a ring to go with the one he won in his second NFL season.
    Florio, stop acting like the saints are a lock to win the Superbowl!
    They are slowing down and by week 17 you will be writing articles about the unraveling of the saints.
    Actually knowing you, you will be writing articles about the debacle of the Saints after their first loss.

  9. He was my favorite CB for years. If healthy he can at least help any defense. Not sure what took him so long to get back into the NFL. He may have had some scrip club issues or whatever but he was no Pacman.

  10. Come on Florio, you should be fired for this. You failed to cash in. Dont you realize how many hits you could have had, if you put the headline “Saints sign McAlister”. All of the Saints/Deuce fans would have been all over this……..

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