Shawne Merriman gets sued

As expected, the woman whom Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman allegedly battered and falsely imprisoned has filed suit as a result of an incident occurring in early September.

Per, Tila Tequila Nguyen claims that Merriman has a bad temper and a drug problem, that he grabbed her, “shook her like a rag doll,” choked her, and threw her down.  She also claims that Merriman “humiliated” her because of the fact that she’s bisexual.

Attached to the court papers are photos of apparent bruises on Nguyen’s arms.

Merriman claimed at the time that Nguyen was intoxicated, and that he was trying to keep her from leaving his home in that condition.

Authorities in San Diego decided not to file criminal charges against Merriman.  On her Twitter page, which currently is protected against public viewing, Nguyen previously has posted messages that surely will be used against her by Merriman’s legal team.

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  1. “She also claims that Merriman “humiliated” her because of the fact that she’s bisexual.”
    That’s a GOOD thing, Shawne, you dumb mofo.

  2. looks like tela is in need of some money. i mean what did she think? she was going to make millions of dollars off of a show with a whole bunch of people promoting sin? i should sue her for my 14 year old goddaughter watching that show and thinking its alright to have sex with men and women

  3. Dahawkster813:
    And I should call Child Protective Services on you for allowing your goddaughter to watch such innapropriate show.

  4. Can’t speak for others, but I’m devestated. This was a love affair for the ages….ONE FOR THE AGES, PEOPLE!! And I, for one, was looking forward to the day when we would see a bunch of mini Tela-Merriman mutant tikes roaming this great land.

  5. She should have tapped. There was no way she was getting out of that hold. Instead she tried to be a hard-a$$ and got put to sleep. Well… that’s how it goes in the UFC.

  6. Shawne Merriman is a class act.
    I’ll bet he still burns ants in his driveway with a magnifying glass.

  7. I think her statement was mis-written.
    it should be
    She also claims that Merriman was “humiliated” because of the fact that he’s bisexual.
    She caught him doing some stuff.
    She tried to run out.
    He caught her and roughed her up.

  8. Well Shawne, I hope you learned a lesson and make better choices of women. Going forward avoid women named Tequila, Tanqueray, Marie Brizard, Alice White, Chardonnay, Brandy, Margarita, Sangria, Sherry, Rose and Alizé.

  9. She needed to file this lawsuit while dude was stil collecting a fat NFL contract. Means nothing next year when he’s out of the league and collecting food stamps.

  10. Sad and horrible thing Tila is doing. She’s drunk, flips out on Shawne, tries to leave and the entire party is yelling at her to stay because she’s in no condition to drive. Someone steals her keys and now it’s kidnapping. Shawne gets dressed and talks to her, in the melay she goes to slap him, he grabs her arm and now she’s suing that he “assaulted” him because he was defending her slap.
    Even HER friends defended Shawne.
    This is the true story. 3 people I knew were at that party.

  11. I am only interested in this story if the winner does that stupid ass lights out convulsion, I mean dance, in court…..
    ….and if Tila wins, LT has to proclaim that doing the dance on Merriman’s home turf (the court room, lol) is disrepectful, classless, and probably something that they teach over there in her legal camp…..

  12. Oh look…ESPN posted an article on a CIVIL suit! Good to see they went to great lengths to make an exception to the one-time-only Roethlisberger Protection Act of 2009.
    Even more surprising is the fact that Florio hasn’t pointed it out yet.

  13. dahawkster813 says…
    Not only is it alright that she has sex with both men and women… It’s pretty awesome

  14. It sounds like this is going to be a classical “he said/she said” case.
    Good thing Tila has her dignified past behavior and obvious outstanding character to bolster her side of events.
    In other news, the OJ search for Nicole’s killer is making great progress.

  15. Florio-
    Check out the pictures included in the TMZ report. Photos #12 and #17 clearly show Merriman dumping a bottle of champagne on a girl’s head.
    You stay classy, San Diego.

  16. Why do Judges allow this crap to go forward, if there are no criminal charges, what is the point of this crap. It is hearsay from a has been who had 15 minutes of fame & no ability to continue her career because she sucked at it. Trying to get rich off of other poeple. TV won’t pay her so instead of getting a real life & career she is hanging on to be heard. I hope she has to pay his court costs & ends up broke from all of this. SPilling rumors doe not make it true. If he was doing drugs & hanging with here, was she doing them too? Most people who don’t use drugs don’t hang out with people who are high. SO what is the deal?

  17. NO BRUISES ,NO CONVICTIONS,THIS IS A CASE GOING KNOW WHERE,this will keep her in the limelight for another week or so,but I dont see her winning the case or any money

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