Suggs' agent sounds off on Quinn, too

Shortly after Browns quarterback Brady Quinn dove at the knees of Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs after throwing a second-half interception on Monday night, we recognized that, despite Quinn’s Notre Dame pedigree and clean-cut image, it was a cheap shot.

After the game, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis went off on Quinn.

Now, Suggs’ agent has joined the chorus.

“That cat should be fined as much as anybody is fined that hits the
,” Gary Wichard told Aaron Wilson of NFP.  “That’s ridiculous.  I don’t understand what
he was trying to do.  It was blatant.  It’s absolutely criminal.  It’s
about as nasty as it gets.

“The guy had total control and went right for his knee.  You can’t
call that an accident.  It was premeditated.  The quarterback zeroed in
on Terrell’s knee.  That’s absurd.  The ball carrier was right in front
of him. . . .

“Brady launched himself into a defenseless player.  Terrell wasn’t even thinking about being hit.  He tackled Terrell when
the guy that he threw the interception to was running up the field.  That should have been the target, not Terrell.”

The extent of Suggs’ knee injury currently isn’t known.  He left Monday night’s game, and he did not return.

“Going at someone’s knee can really have a huge effect on what
happens as far as a guy maybe being gone for the year.  It’s ridiculous. 
There was no reason to do that. . . .

“You’re a quarterback, dude.  You can’t tackle, so don’t
take a shot at his knee. This isn’t going to sit well with a lot of
other defensive players.  [Colts defensive end] Dwight Freeney is absolutely pissed off.”

Wichard also represents Freeney.  Wichard, however, represents no Browns players.

“This guy, Brady, is on the cover of Muscle & Fitness, so take [Suggs] on like you’re supposed to take him on.  It was an illegal play. 
Nobody is going to give Brady the benefit of the doubt.”

Earlier this year, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was fined $5,000 for unnecessarily diving at the knees of Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma.  In that case, it probably should have been higher. 

In this case, it definitely should be higher.

What say you, PFT Planet?  How much should Quinn be fined?

115 responses to “Suggs' agent sounds off on Quinn, too

  1. Suggs near missed Brady’s knee early in the season… and Ray Ray calls Tom a pussy.
    Now they’re upset cause the knee’s blown the other way.
    It’s either ok or it ain’t.

  2. According to Harbaugh, Suggs out “indefinately” due to knee problem.
    Quinn out “indefinately” after this season due to total lack of talent.

  3. Florio, maybe you should represent Suggs in his upcoming lawsuit against Brady Quinn….what’s the going percentage for ambulance chasers these days, like 20 percent?

  4. Depends on what you are talking about. The hit on Suggs? $50,000 His play last night (including the ridiculous throws out of bounds at the end)? At least one game check.

  5. Gary Wichard = douche bag….Big bad Ray Ray and Terrell complete pussies for complaining who cares. Quinn sucks…why is this news? This is getting as bad as US Weekly!

  6. Florio – How does this hit compare to the one Favre laid on Wilson (Texans) in the pre-season? Not as bad, as bad, or worse?

  7. There are any combination of things that can happen: planned or unplanned. True, tackling is not Quinn’s specialty, but he did what he could on the play. Favre, Sanchez, and now Quinn. At least they attempted to do something and not sit idle as the play happened around them like a panzy. You’re going to see much more of this now with the Wildcat variants anyway.
    Quinn did apologize as soon as he could, and publicly. Quinn did say he worked out with him in the off season so, I can’t believe it was malicious.
    This agent wants his name in the lights for a few and it will all be over. I think that the bigger injury was the guy carted off the field in a play that should have never happened due to a 4th timeout, right Florio?

  8. Ravens players complaining about people playing dirty??? Really??? Whats next, Belichick saying the Colts cheated.
    Give me a break. Its not our fault that Suggs got b1tch slapped by Quinn. Get over it. Quinn should have teabagged him too.

  9. Floridouche and his henchmen at full force yet again.
    And why are agents all of a sudden starting to comment on things they have no business talking about

  10. What say I? I’m tired of the Rosenhausization of the player agent community. I’m not interested in what Gary Wichard had to say on the subject.

  11. The first time my agent used the term “That cat” would be the first time I started looking for a new agent.
    And yeah, I’d feel worse for Suggs if he hadn’t lunged at Brady’s knees.

  12. >>>>>
    “Less than the ass who leveled Cribbs.”
    QBs don’t know how to block or tackle. Favre did the same thing earlier this season. What was his fine? $10k. Same should go for Brady Quinn.
    The guy who took out Cribbs needs to be fined even more because he should know better and while a knee injury can end a guy’s season or career, a head and/or throat injury can kill a guy.

  13. Going at Ravens’ opponents knees? No problem, QB needs to take the skirt off, says Ray.
    Somebody going at a Raven’s knees? Give him the death penalty.
    OK, got it.

  14. this is going to have a big impacted on the browns play off run,by the way when was the last time thats happen.

  15. I’m on board with Suggs’ agent. And to all the people saying he should be forced to start, while extremely humorous, would punish the Browns and not Quinn.

  16. Suspend him a game. That was the dirtiest play I’ve seen since Jim McMahon got body slammed 4 seconds afer he threw the ball.

  17. Ravens are such Hypocrits. I remember their first game against the Bengals, Ray Lewis laid one of the dirtiest cheap shots I’ve ever seen on Chad Ochocino and then whined after the game about the officiating. All the Ravens ever do is cry, then they cry some more. Quinn’s play was definitely dirty and he should be punished…but I think it’s helarious that defensive players who routinely take cheap shots are crying about it. Everyone knows after a turnover the rule for the defense is to smash the QB if you can. Happens all the time. Quinn just turned the tables.

  18. He should be suspended at least one game and fined the equivalent of a game check for the first offense. Then a 4-game suspension and a 4-game fine for a second offense and a season suspension (the 16 games following the game in which the incident occurred) for a third and banishment for life for a fourth offense.
    By diving at the knees with the intention of harming a player, the offender is damaging that player’s ability to earn a living. Thus, the offending player should also suffer a damage to his ability to earn a living.
    Certain behavior should never be tolerated.

  19. The should give him the worst possible fine a player can get: Make him renew his contract with the Browns for 5 years!!!!!!

  20. Cry me a river. It’s football, you should always be expecting to take a hit, no matter who you are. Suggs is just whining cause his ego is hurt.

  21. Why is it the Ravens players are ALWAYS complaining about something or someone doing them wrong???
    This is like a weekly thing with this team….I’ve never heard so much whining as I’ve heard from the Raven players….the D is old & slow, time has caught up with them….go out with some class not another 7 weeks of fingerpointing on how you were cheated or wronged….usually we only get this when they lose, now it’s even when they win….

  22. I didn’t see the play and by no means am I condoning malice. But I do have a question. Aren’t defenders licking their chops on a turnover because it gives them a free and legal shot at the QB? Even if the QB is nowhere near the play. Evidently Suggs was in the vicinity of Quinn. Was Suggs looking to lay a lick on Quinn? Could it be that Quinn hit Suggs before Suggs could hit Quinn?

  23. I hate Baltimore just as much as I hate Cleveland but that hit was even low. Fine him $25k…playing for Cleveland could be considered cruel and unusual punishment. As for Suggs…what size skirt do you wear?

  24. “”That cat should be fined as much as anybody is fined that hits the quarterback,” Gary Wichard told Aaron Wilson of NFP. “That’s ridiculous. I don’t understand what he was trying to do. It was blatant. It’s absolutely criminal. It’s about as nasty as it gets.
    “The guy had total control and went right for his knee. You can’t call that an accident. It was premeditated. The quarterback zeroed in on Terrell’s knee. That’s absurd. The ball carrier was right in front of him. . . .
    “Brady launched himself into a defenseless player. Terrell wasn’t even thinking about being hit. He tackled Terrell when the guy that he threw the interception to was running up the field. That should have been the target, not Terrell.”
    What a hypocritical bunch of BULL$HIT this clown is spouting!!!!!!! Let this a$$hole watch this clip of his client trying to end the career of Tom Brady:
    Without a doubt, Suggs went directly at Tom Brady’s knees after being blocked. He wasn’t blocked INTO Brady, he intentionally DOVE at Brady’s knees.
    Quinn clearly was in the wrong, but of all the people in football to make these comments for, Suggs is the LAST SOB that he should be defending.
    PISSED, F’ING PISSED at this douchebag agent. Karma, a$$clown, f-ing karma!!!!!!!

  25. Quinn should be fined significantly for intentionally trying to injure and perhaps end a defensive player’s career. It’s not like flipping someone the bird, oh wait thats worth $250K large. So possibly ending someone’s career is worth how much Commish?
    He should also be fined or at least punished for the two funniest plays of the game. Those last two passes downfield where he threw the ball at least five yards out of bounds while (ostensibly) trying to hit receivers.
    Wasn’t this guy a first round draft pick? Does he have any clue what the white lines on the field mean?
    If this incident had happened against any team but Baltimore he might not have a bounty on his head in the future. He made a huge mistake.

  26. $50,000. Would say suspend him for a game, but he plays for the Browns. NFL made it clear QB’s are off limits, time to take a stand for everyone else in regards to cheap shots at the knees.
    Honestly, when a QB throws a pick he is a defensive player and I’ve seen many pushed down shortly thereafter. Players usually go out of their way to run them down, wonder my Suggs didn’t go after Quinn.
    The fact remains Quinn just put a big target on his back the next time he throws an int.

  27. It was a dirty shot, just like Favre’s ealier this year.
    But sports agents should be niether seen nor heard. Nobody benefits from hearing from these sleezeball leeches.

  28. My friends would be making fun of me if I got taken out by Brady Quinn. If defensive players want a “roughing by the quarterback” penalty to be instituted they should just give up there day jobs and move on to being on “Prancing With The Stars”

  29. Has anyone actually watched the play closely? Suggs was between Quinn and the ballcarrier, or at least where it looked like the ballcarrier was going to be. It looks like he was legitimately trying, if not to tackle the runner, then at least to slow him down and break up the return. What’s so dirty about that?

  30. Same as your boy Farve on Wilson earlier this year…
    I don’t think it was as intentionally cheap as it looks…I mean he went low and tackled the guy…Suggs was part of the smashup…I really don’t think he could have seen Suggs coming around the line and in a fraction of a second thought oh I’ll hit him in the knee for the hell of it…it happened very fast.

  31. “Suggs near missed Brady’s knee early in the season… and Ray Ray calls Tom a pussy.
    Now they’re upset cause the knee’s blown the other way.
    It’s either ok or it ain’t.”
    THIS. Maybe Suggs and Ray should wear dresses when they play so everyone will know to take it easy on them.
    #### Stabby McStab.

  32. It was “criminal?” Are you serious Ray?
    Come on Ray Ray, you got away with MURDER. You’re going to call Brady Quinn a “criminal” because he took out Suggs’ knee? At least Suggs will live to see the light of day again.
    Give me a break.

  33. i can believe this guy was drafted as high as we was. hes not even good enough to be holding the clipboard as the 3rd stringer.
    his block was a cheap shot by an overrated overhyped prom queen……..

  34. He was in front of him & went low. It’s no more cheap than the defensive player that wipes out the QB that’s 20yds away from the play after an INT.
    As for Ray Lewis, I’m pretty sure the guy you stabbed thought it was a cheap shot.

  35. I don’t get peoples attack on Quinn. If that were you and you had a chance to take someone out would you try and tackle him head-on or become a poster boy and get TRUCKED!?! Plus, its a kill or be killed world. If Quinn had went after Suggs another way HE would have been hurt worse. Suggs just needs to look up instead of crying like a little baby.
    I don’t get this rule. What r u supposed to just let him go by? In some cases I’ll take the fine as long as I prevented a TD.

  36. Well, on one hand trying to take out someone’s knees is at least as bad as giving the bird to the Bills, it should be at least $250K.
    But on the other hand, it certainly a whole lot less egregious than years of videotaping defensive signals when it’s clearly against the rules, it should be no more than $250K.

  37. 5k
    precedent has already been sent.
    screw suggs, he talks too much anyway.
    just too bad it wasn’t Henne wrecking Bart Scott

  38. thank god the dolphins didnt sign brady im a clown quinn. im honestly not sure brady or ted ginn?which would have been a better movefor the dolphins that draft

  39. I am enjoying all these insults towards him. Next time the teams meet up I guarantee Lewis is going to injure Quinn illegally and on purpose.

  40. Dear spellcheck police. I noticed I used an s instead of a c (probably among other things) but it’s only because Schnapps starts with an s. Ceriously! (joke, get it)

  41. Pretty sure this is football. The QB not toughest dude on the field. He has to do what he can to make a play work. He tried to make a block against a guy 2X his size. I give an A for effort. F for execution. Not fine worthy, but its the NFL, you get fined for sneezing.

  42. Its the only thing he hit all night. Pretty sad when all of his longballs are landing 15 yards out of bounds.

  43. waaaah!!! ray lewis was just complaining about how qbs need to man up, and now this happens and he is like wtf! give me a break! im glad quinn went at his knees at least he is doing something to earn his contract

  44. I guess you have to fine him something? I don’t know. I certainly don’t think it was malicious. Just looked like a safety going low in on a fullback to take a blocker to me. Don’t think he was tying to hurt anyone.

  45. Give him a 5k fine for a first offense.
    But call BS on statements like calling Suggs “a defenseless player”. It is an interception return, and Suggs was extending for a ball or anything. His head should have been on the proverbial swivel, as should every player on the field at that point. I’m tired of defensive players complaining about cheap shots — it is more of an issue of them not being used to having to be aware that someone might *hit* them.

  46. $20k and he should be forced to clean the snot and white stuff (that builds up at the corner of the mouth) off Charlie Weis during Notre Dame’s remaining games.

  47. If anybody knows about cheap hits it’s Ray Lewis and Terrill Suggs. They are the world champion of cheap hits and favored calls. Dirty players. Revenge is a bitch isn’t it. For what a p____y Quinn is, I like him for taking out a cheatin Ravin.

  48. This is like Favre in the preseason. The QB’s are not taught how to throw a legal block. There’s no malice. I say all QB’s have to attend an a mandatory preseason mini-camp on Maui to learn the legalities of blocking. Surely there’s a Federal grant available.

  49. # realityonetwo says: November 17, 2009 10:12 PM
    Less than the ass who leveled Cribbs.
    hey jackass, the guy that hit cribbs was probably just protecting his teammates. IF you cheapshot a member of their team, expect it back in return. Cribbs should be pissed at brady, not the guy that hit him, fair is fair so man up and quite your bitching.
    There should be no fine for brady on this play, but there should be no fine against the ravens defense the next time they play against the browns/brady either. these are big dudes that get paid well, let them work it out amongst themselves. If the NFL really wants these dirty hits to stop, they will let the players police themselves for a season, that’ll work it out.

  50. Punish him? Why? The shit just provided good reason for the league to relax its rules against the god given right for defense to beat the snot out of quarterbacks.
    : 2 cents

  51. Why is Ray Lewis crying? He said you should be able to hit a QB at the knees…so now that it’s happened to one of his guys, it’s suddenly not? He’s a hypocritical ass that needs to shut up.
    As for Quinn, yeah, that’s illegal and he should be fined whatever the going rate is these days…which still amounts to nothing…oh yeah, and all their fines count as a tax write-off.

  52. You can’t fine this guy. He has already been fined enough. Imagine what he has to go through at every family gathering looking at his brother-in-law AJ Hawk. With having to look at that mug – that is fine enough!

  53. OK sure, he should be fined. That’s only fair. But the stink they are making about all this is a little overblown, don’t you think?
    I mean, these guys take cheap shots all the time. And contrary to what they are saying about malice and intent. Sorry but no, that was not the motivation here. How about frustration and desperation? Mindless and stupid, yes. Personal or intentional, don’t think so.

  54. These defensive guys are really quite funny. Whenever one of them gets fined for diving at a QBs knee, or trying to take his head off with a hit that has *always* been illegal in the NFL, they whine about how it’s just part of the game.
    Hypocrisy, thy name is … well basically every guy who plays defense in the NFL.

  55. Force him to leave comments on PFT that he thinks are hilarious, but pretty much no one else thinks are funny. Oh, wait…

  56. If it was any other messenger, I’d be more concerned about Brady Quinn’s cheap shot. It seems like every week, no matter what the outcome, we have the Baltimore Ravens complaining about cheap shots from other teams, how they get called too much for playing physical football, and how the officials missed calls and/or shouldn’t have made calls. I’ve never seen such a group of complainers! Just play the game and let the rest sort itself out. Why do the Ravens come across as such punks and at the same time such whiners? Ray Lewis may be one of the most dominating LBs in the history of the game, and I wouldn’t want him on my team. I couldn’t cheer for them. He doesn’t open his mouth without sounding like he belongs in jail!

  57. These Ravens are something else. They are the first to pound their chests and brag about hurting opponents, yet they are the first and most vocal to cry when they get penalized or get hit themselves.
    Popcorn muscle cowards is all they are.

  58. this game of football is something else. what is with all of the crying, and apologizing, and fines? for what? hitting people? wtf.

  59. “Dear spellcheck police. I noticed I used an s instead of a c (probably among other things) but it’s only because Schnapps starts with an s. Ceriously! (joke, get it)”
    *in best Joe Friday voice*
    You making light of spell-check cops, buddy? Sure, people think we’re just out to “hassle” them, but let me set you straight, sonny boy, when those participles are left dangling out there like a piano over a sidewalk, you’re going to be as happy as an ice cube in a punch bowl to see us there to save your sorry behind.
    Sure, you think we’re “bullies”, but we’re out there every day, 24/7, walking the beat to keep punks like you safe from thugs who throw around superlatives like they were chump change.
    People like you make me sick, Mister, but I took an oath to protect John Q. Public even if he’s a slickster like you, and even though it makes me want to puke, I swore an oath to protect the world from grammatical homicide and by-gumbo I’m gonna do my job.
    Let this be the last time you call a flatfoot like me a “Grammar Nazi”, Bucko, and remember who’s the first person you’re going to call when you’re in a dark alley looking at split infinitive aiming to cave your skull in.
    That person would be me, Joe Friday, spell-check detective. And don’t you forget that, punk.

  60. If Suggs was a defenseless player, what was Chad Clifton when Warren Sapp blindsided him?Interceptions returns are dangerous plays. Stop whining.

  61. Quinn’s agent must be overjoyed after that amazing performance of impersonating a professional quaterback.
    Quinn can throw the deep ball. Just not in the field of play.
    Quinn can throw the short passes. Just too high, behind the receiver, or bounce passes.
    Quinn’s character was revealed on the cheap shot. Suggs was no where near the ball carrier.
    Quinn had his opportunity on the prime-time national stage. Now he’s done!

  62. Was it a bad hit? sure. Should Quinn get fined for it? yes he should. Does he deserve the criticism on it? No. I know QBs typically are the ones rallying for it and I do believe other players should have the same benefits but these types of hits happen and more often than not it isn’t intentional. Also consider that Quinn is not typically one to be tackling so he probably misjudged how his hit was going to land. Regardless, Lewis and Sugg’s Agent should shut up about it unless the NFL decides they wouldn’t impose any punishment for it. Bad hits happen in football and no one is guaranteed they’ll have a long career regardless of how talented a player is.

  63. Pot, meet Kettle. Kettle, this is pot….
    Is there anyone else in the world who thinks Suggs should just shut the hell up and take his medicine? Here’s a guy, who’s one of the dirtiest players in the league, playing for the one of the dirtiest franchises. What Quinn did was a dirty-ish, but nothing worse than what I’ve seen from Suggs every time he plays Big Ben. You wanna see dirty, watch a Steelers/Ravens game. Watch how often Suggs hits Ben late, goes high, or to the head. He needs to do himself a favor and limp off to lick his wounds before someone puts that magnifying glass on him…

  64. The Ravens pump their chest and talk about how big and bad they are when they cream some defenseless player and cry how it is fair, but put the shoe on the other foot and look at them cry like a bunch of little b-tches. Crime? Ray Ray, I think you of all people should know what I crime is.

  65. RayGay Lewis needs to shut his fool mouth. He got away with murder and regularly goes after knees and performs ultra aggressibe tackling weekly.
    He needs to shut his mouth.

  66. it was a cheap shot and he should be fined but its kinda nice to see a quaterback make a linebacker cry instead of the other way around

  67. Suggs, is the Highest paid player on the Ravens d. If the rules are to protect the “money players” quinn should be fined 100K.
    Browns are a joke and he just cost a team with a shot at the playoffs one of there best d players. Pretty sad.
    For all the haters out there don’t you think maybe ray and the ravens deserve the same calls everyone else in the league gets. Don’t you think the fact that the Ravens are MARKETED as a rough hitting team by the NFL makes it a possible that refs DON’T give them the benefit of doubt when it comes to tough hits. Ray is right to complain that the brady knee brush was not a 15 yard penalty and he’s right again that Quinn’s shot was as cheap as it comes!

  68. Fine him 10 large. When a qb throws a pick and becomes a defender, he becomes a defender with a target on his jersey. If I played for the Browns and couldn’t manage 100 yards passing, I sure as hell wouldn’t try out for “D”

  69. What about Favre’s cheap shot in the preseason. It looks lijke the guys that get protected from injury don’t want to follow the same rules and aren’t held to the same standards.

  70. Players agents need to just STFU…..who gives a crap what they think? Yesterday we had the douchbag agent calling out a team because his “client” was still on the field in the closing moments of a loss. WTF? Maybe when a team is down, they should allow the players to sit and the fans play…..

  71. It’s football. The NFL can’t fine everyone for every hit that a player or agent thinks is dirty. What about Josh Cribbs who spent the night in the hospital?
    If Suggs can’t take it then don’t play football. I hear the World Cup is coming up next summer. Maybe he can try his hand at that if he can’t handle the NFL. Not saying I don’t feel for the guy because he got injured but come on. He knew what he was getting into when he came in the league.

  72. yall are kidding right? lol tough guy Suggs ??Im sorry but i cant help but laugh..not at his injury but all you whiny ass mofos.Suggs has taken his fair of cheap shots before.. its bound to come back n bite him one day..didnt expect it to be a little ole qb who dont know how to tackle tho.
    And Ray Lewis prolly should STFU considering his BOUNTY out on a unproven rookie rb last yr.. all becus the kid wears black n gold. “Suggs acknowledged recently on the syndicated sports radio talk show “2 Live Stews” that the Ravens had a bounty on Mendenhall and on Ward.” I have the site too if you need it.(2008)
    Dont like to see someone get hurt but i cant feel sorry for this asshole. Im sure if this was Hines Ward who got hurt,,yall would say…he deserved pardon my giggle..i still laugh knowing a little old Wr like Hines is considered the dirtiest player cus he lays people out. heheh I LOVE IT!

  73. Expect the Drama Queen Suggs to show up in a wheelchair any day now. Kind of like he did last year before the AFC Championship, when he donned that cast for the press conference, then was seen without it afterwards.
    Suggs is that sterotypical guy in the neckbrace showing up for his whiplash case in court.

  74. The Ravens and the Steelers have the dirtiest defenses in the league, they get away with it by claming to be physical, and everybody is fine with that. I have no problem with Quinn doing what he did. Suggs and Lewis need to shut up.

  75. Ha Ha Ha……the Ratbirds finally get a taste of their own medicine. They’ve been the cheapest ba$tards in the league for years……and one of their star defensive players goes down, and it has to be a cheap shot. Pot calling the kettle black.

  76. Did anyone actually watch this play happen live???
    The ball carrier was right behind Suggs. It looked like Quinn was doing what any safety/corner does trying to defend a screen play, get through the blockers anyway possible and make a tackle.

  77. Hell yea he should be fined. And suspended too. Not only for the Suggs illegal hit, but because he sucks. He’s horrible.

  78. There are so many asstastic responses on this issue, I’m amazed many of you are allowed to use computers.
    1. The jackasses who say Suggs ‘dived’ at Tom Brady’s knees obviously didn’t see Suggs being pushed in the back. And he didn’t even CONTACT Brady’s knees!!! Tell Tom to take off his skirt and grow a pair… As for Brady Quinn, he’s thrown the INT, he’s now a defensive player. Why is he diving at the knees of a blocker for the intercepting team?! How is that attacking the ball carrier? GTFOOH with the “he-was-going-after-the-ball-carrier” nonsense. If he was doing that – legitimately – he wouldn’t have been flagged, now would he?
    2. As for Steelers-Lady, EVERY team targets rookies. Why? Because they’re rookies. They’ve likely NEVER been hit the way an NFL LB is gonna lay the lumber, and when they do get contacted, a lot of times the fight is taken right out of them. Ray didn’t mean to break Mendenhall’s shoulder – but he sure did mean to hit that young man violently.
    And yeah even your beloved Steelers look to drill a rookie or any QB. The only thing is, the Ravens actually got caught talking about it.
    Hell, ask a veteran what it feels like to get stuck by a good MLB. Call up Eddie George and ask about getting the fight ripped from his chest after Ray-Ray dropped the hammer on his ass… that’s why certain people are “targeted.”
    3. For all you “Ravens-are-cheap-shot-artists” people: please STFU. You would LOVE to have a defense that not only intimidates their opponents but brings the wood to every game. Stop the hypocritical hate. The NFL has marketed the Ravens as the very personification of beautiful defensive violence. And EVERY team in the NFL wants a part of that mystique. Witness the number of teams that have hired ex-Ravens DC’s and coaches:
    Marvin Lewis
    Mike Nolan
    Rex Ryan
    Mike Singletary
    Jack Del Rio
    Mike Smith
    All of them crafted that nasty Ravens defense. So please, quit with the whiny hate, and tell your owners to hire more ex-Ravens coaches and your defenses might one day be seen, vilified, and feared like the Ravens.

  79. Tony Armstrong:
    No whiny hate here. Ravens defense was sweet…3 years ago. Now they’re just a bunch of whiny p*ssies. Jump off the bandwagon before it’s too late. They DO put bounties on players, they HAVE played dirty football in the past and it IS catching up with them. No one is intimidated by these jokers anymore.

  80. Ray Lewis is a cheat-shot murderer and probably teaches that sh*t to all of the Ravens.
    I love seeing Ravens get shots taken back at them, because they are thugs and deserve everything that happenss to then.
    Fine Ray “murderer” Lewis for even speaking abou cheap shops!

  81. I find it interesting how many asshats need saltpeter to contain their joy at Suggs’ injury because he’s a Ravens player while simultaneously bitching about the “whining” of Ray Lewis and Wichard over the hit.
    We want no pissing and moaning when its your player shelved by a cheap shot.
    That is all…back to your collective circle jerk.

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