Bills front office could get housecleaning too

So, Dick Jauron is gone.  And Perry Fewell looks like a fine pick to replace him in the interim.

How the Bills organization moves on beyond 2009 is now the pressing concern of the local press, and they believe a full housecleaning is required, including in the front office.

The last “fresh start” by owner Ralph Wilson was undertaken by Marv Levy after G.M. Tom Donahoe was fired, and coach Mike
Mularkey left the team.  Levy chose Jauron and took over as G.M. for two years, then passed the baton to Russ Brandon.

Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News calls Brandon a “marketing guru,” but not a true football man.  He wants a new leader. Tom Modrak and John Guy are believed to make most personnel decisions and have failed to help the Bills reach the playoff seasons in eight years of service with the team.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle also calls for a full replacement of the front office, and it’s hard to argue with the logic.

Like Browns owner Randy Lerner, Ralph Wilson may be on the look out for a “football czar” to run things.  Assuming he’s willing to pay for one.

UPDATE: (For more on Jauron’s firing, check out Florio’s PFTV segment here.  Or look up.)

14 responses to “Bills front office could get housecleaning too

  1. “Like Browns owner Randy Lerner, Ralph Wilson may be on the look out for a “football czar” to run things. Assuming he’s willing to pay for one.”
    Based on recent spending by Wilson I think his “football guru” might be Dennis Green or Wayne Fontes.

  2. On behalf of Bills fans, I say “One could hope that the front office gets a much needed overhaul”….
    But regardless, I enjoy seeing them suck…..

  3. Here’s my resume to be the Bill’s football Czar:
    How to build a team in order of importance.
    1) Quarterback – Most important position on the field. Also invest in a quality backup.
    2) Offensive line including tight end and defensive front seven.
    3) Shake a tree and hope that some good DBs, RBs and WRs fall out.

  4. jj jones, do you not think Rich Kotite is available? LMFAO, well played, I havent heard a Wayne Fontes reference in years…..

  5. I’ll do it for HALF of what they’re paying Brandon.
    I guarantee I can get the team to at least the same number of playoff games as he can.

  6. Jerry Sullivan is absolutely correct. Russ Brandon should be a VP of marketing, but he should have no responsibility over football operations. The Bills had their greatest success when Bill Polian built the teams that went to four consecutive Super Bowls. When Polian clashed with Ralph Wilson, he left for Indianapolis and you can clearly see the success that he brought the Colts. After Polian, the Bills still had the late John Butler and A.J. Smith, which allowed them to continue to have success immediately following Polian’s departure. Unfortunately, Butler and Smith left for the San Diego Chargers and built them into the team that has had much success during the last ten years. Following Butler and Smith, the Bills have not been run by football people with good talent evaluation skills and the results have been a decade of missing the playoffs.

  7. Could not agree more. The Bills need a GM who is a football guy. Russ Brandon is not a football guy. Let him go back to marketing, where he excelled. Hire a real GM and let him call the shots and hire a head coach.
    I also have doubts about the Bills strength and conditioning. How does a team get so many guys injured year after year?

  8. Does this mean that the coach they fired right before the season started was really part of the solution and not part of the problem???

  9. Wayne Fontes references FTW.
    If Wilson wanted to be really cheap, maybe he could hire Scott Mitchell dressed up as Fontes?

  10. Modrak has been stealing from Wilson for years. He has not stepped up and he will take as much money as he can while the job is easy. He has been talking retirement for a couple years. Mo Step up or out, man.
    Owners: let this be another example as to who to hire for GM, it the football operation guys not coaches doing it all and not bean counters or marketing people. If you keep going that direction you will have to start hiring ‘girls’ for they are a minority in the NFL.

  11. Either the Browns or Bills are bound to hire Marty Schottenheimer as “football czar” He would come cheaper than Mike Holmgren or Mike Shanahan and that’s important to these 2 teams

  12. Bob
    Polian went to Carolina before Indy….. You may not know that cause the Panthers hate to recall those days. There also was no salary cap when Polian was the ‘boss’ in Buffalo, different times.

  13. Whoever gave their resume to be the Bills football czar needs to cross out #3. They have DB’s, RB’s, and WR’s out the wa-zoo, even after Owens leaves after this season.
    #2 couldn’t be more correct though. A veteran left tackle (the left tackle traded in the offseason would NOT have fixed this problem, so nobody should point that out, Peter’s fat @$$ wanted nothing to do with wearing 71 in Buffalo).
    A solid DE to play opposite Schobel and a veteran LB to help Maybin along, I think they could have some pretty big holes patched with that.
    I am anxious to see how they address the QB situation after the season. I’m not missing Losman AT ALL, but I am missing a QB who at least took some chances. Hopefully once the new front office comes in (if they are smart enough to bring one in) they will have good ideas.

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