Bryant expected back for Bucs this week

The Buccaneers passing attack has shown signs of life under rookie quarterback Josh Freeman the last two weeks, giving hope for an improved stretch run.

Freeman should get a boost this week with the expected return of Antonio Bryant, according to NFL’s Steve Wyche.  Freeman has put up decent numbers (417 yards, four touchdowns, two picks, and 6.6 yards per attempt) despite being without Tampa’s top receiver. 

Bryant is playing this year under a one-year, $9.884 million contract as the team’s franchise player. 

With only 229 yards and persistent knee problems, Bryant needs a strong finish to repair his market value before a possible visit to the free agent market this offseason.

5 responses to “Bryant expected back for Bucs this week

  1. He has sounded like Joey Galloway all year. Refuses to play unless in perfect health. As noted/implied, now that his value for next year needs some inflation, he can play. He is not the future in Tampa, the season is lost, let him sit or move him to another team in contention. Playing him in Tampa simply takes away playing time from players who will be around.

  2. Bet Tampa wishes they took one of the several offers thay had for him before the season started. But instead they taught him a sharp lesson. Which I’m sure all the Bucs fans will agree was worth passing up a high draft pick.

  3. Stroughter and Stovall should be starting. Hands of Stone Clayton needs to ride the pine… What a joke signing him to a long term contract. Dominick & Radio = 1 and done

  4. ..ppppfffttt, whatever.
    Overrated, slow and just a flat out lame team mate.
    Ummm we kind of don’t need your 9 million dollar a year self important a55 with our 1-7 record these days Bryant.

  5. It isn’t going to make 1 bit of difference in the win column. Morris is still the HC!…..1 – 9 coming soon!

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