NFL fines Quinn $10,000 for hit on Suggs

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn said this morning that he was fined a “significant” amount of money for taking out Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs at the knees, but he declined to be more specific.

Now ESPN’s Adam Schefter has the exact amount: Schefter reports that the league has fined Quinn $10,000.

That’s less than some people thought Quinn deserved to get fined: Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis suggested after the game that Quinn deserved to be fined at least as much as the $25,000 the league docked Lewis for a pair of hits against the Cincinnati Bengals this season, and Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips said he thought Quinn should be fined $50,000.

On the other hand, Quinn’s fine is double the standard $5,000 that players are usually fined for illegal hits. Considering that Quinn doesn’t have a reputation for taking cheap shots, a $10,000 fine is significant. Even if it’s not as much as a lot of defensive players would have liked.

46 responses to “NFL fines Quinn $10,000 for hit on Suggs

  1. Ray Lewis and Shaun Phillips should STFU. As thugs, their opinions on this just have ZERO merit. Why is it that Ray Lewis is always the first to complain about everything and the first to do the same thing he is complaining about. STFU Ray. Whatever you and your band of thugs get is pure KARMA.

  2. Quinn should be fined for alot more than that, those idiotic pictures, supporting a Sarah Palin Presidency, sucking.
    Shanny could have raped the Browns when they wanted him, instead he moved up for Jarvis Moss instead of moving down to the Browns spot, Jerry Jones made out on that deal.

  3. Found on a website:
    “Heck yeah it was a cheap shot,” Ray Lewis told the AP after Baltimore’s 16-0 win. “When you’re running down and you’re looking at the quarterback going at somebody’s knees who doesn’t even have the ball. I want to see if he gets the same fine I got or even higher. Now this man is out four or five weeks because of some baloney like that.”
    I wonder if slashing someone with a knife at a nightclub is also considered a cheap shot? Pot callin’ the kettle black here…

  4. Chad Ochocino actually asked Goodell not to fine Ray Lewis for his cheap shot.
    The Ravens love to dish it out but they wet their frilly pink panties when they have to take it.

  5. Much ado about nothing. The NFL is chock-full of shallow whining babies. These defensive guys, it’s all OK in their minds until it happens to them, then all they do is talk, talk, talk. I’d get mad about it, but most of them have the IQ of a peanut, all they know how to do is blabber and run into things.

  6. 10K for ending a guy’s season on a dirty hit. 250k for flipping the bird. Something is wrong with the way the NFL fines people.

  7. What a joke. He took out the Ravens Franchise defensive player who just received 36 million dollar signing bonus. Now he’s out for at least 3 toughest games of Ravens season and suck ass Quinn get’s fined only 10K? Ray get’s fined 25k for a CLEAN HIT?
    The NFL is starting to look a lot like NBA when it comes to officiating. Good thing Brady didn’t mention the word FAG , of which some believe him to be, or else he would have been fined much more and suspended. Not to mention the fine he should get for stealing lerners money. Again, quinn makes Kyle Boller look like a First ballot Hall of Famer!
    In the end it’s just a Ravens player so who cares, at least the NFL is consistent. With all ray’s talk this week no Raven better brush next to Peyton or flags will be flying Sunday

  8. Cheap shots, and this was a no-doubt cheap shot, should cost the player their game check for that game. There would never be another cheap shot. I hate the Ravens, but that was dirty as hell.

  9. Citizen Strange says:
    November 18, 2009 3:39 PM
    Chad Ochocino actually asked Goodell not to fine Ray Lewis for his cheap shot.
    The Ravens love to dish it out but they wet their frilly pink panties when they have to take it.
    Wrong. Chad asked them not to but they did anyway

  10. @ Citizen Strange
    Ummm, Ray’s hit wasn’t cheap or illegal… in case you hadn’t heard. Pictures show that he didn’t lead with his head and no part of his helmet made contact with Chad. It was all shoulder. And it didn’t injure Chad!!!!
    …So yeah, feel free to insert foot in mouth.

  11. Citizen Strange:
    1. It wasn’t helmet-to-helmet. Did you watch a slow motion replay of the hit? Ray had left his feet as did Ocho before the play on the ball was over. Ray hit him with his shoulder pad not helmet to helmet. Ocho’s helmet came off and the ref flew the flag. Watch the replay!
    (Ocho doesn’t strap up both buttons on his chin strap and it seems his helmet might be a size too big for his head – hard to believe).
    In fact the fine, according to Adam Schefter ( was for hitting a “defenseless” Chad Ochocinco – ostensibly because Ocho didn’t make the catch, not for helmet-to-helmet, and for “kicking” a player in another play. Please get your facts right. Oh and why didn’t Ocho make the catch? Because he knew he was gonna get tattooed.
    What does that say to me? The league is afraid to admit that the call was bad and had to now justify fining Ray Lewis $25,000 for basically doing his job.
    BTW, here’s a clear shot of the non-penalty:
    2. Brady Quinn’s play was injurious. He dived at Suggs legs when neither player were directly involved in the subsequent play. Suggs wasn’t a ball carrier an at the time wasn’t blocking. It was a cheap shot.

  12. I’m sorry that Suggs got hurt, but for cryin out loud these defensive players do a lot of complaining when the tables are turned and somebody takes a shot at them. Isn’t this the same defense that decided to “put a little hot sauce” on Reggie Bush’s ankle and was issuing bounties not too long ago?

  13. Quinn’s fine was too steep! Suggs needs to have his head on a swivel and watch out for those shots. These guys should quit crying about it and just play football. C’MON MAN!

  14. If you recall the first time they met in Baltimore this year. Quinn threw an interception and made the tackle on Ray Lewis by throwing the backside of his body into the legs of Lewis. not necessarily cheap but it’s his style of tackling.

  15. Quinn s deserved the fine, it was a shot at a guys knees and thats not acceptable no matter who you are or what position you play. that being said ray has zero room to talk here

  16. @ rydendonkeys
    By your logic DeMaurice Smith should also resign for supported the Obama presidency. Moron.

  17. Gotta give Quinn credit for putting a hit on a linebacker like that. Shouldn’t have gotten fined at all. How many qbs in this league would have even attempted to block suggs at all. Go Quinn, bout time a qb stood up to punks like the ravens lb core. Whine whine whine. He’s a qb for god sakes and they expect a pass every time they plae an illegal hit on a guy by saying, “hey man, I’m just playing football, that’s all. “. Bunch of crap.

  18. Neither Suggs nor Ray Lewis complained about having to pay their fines, so stop speaking on behalf of other people and show how stupid you are.
    Watching other fan’s jealousy of Ray Lewis is the most rewarding thing in reading comments. It’s even better when it includes the attempt to blame Ray for stabbing someone, which he never did, but only smart people (or at least those who can read) would know that.

  19. Again, to all Ravens fans who are crying about Suggs being out of commission for a few games and who think Quinn wasn’t fined enough, your so-called “cheap shot” plays second fiddle to what happened to Donovan McNabb in week one against the Panthers. Damione Lewis squashed McNabb after he scored a touchdown and after the play was over. No flag was thrown. No fine was imposed. McNabb moved on, the Eagles moved on, and the fans moved on. I suggest that the hyper-sensitive Baltimore fans do the same. Click the link to refresh your memory, and then try explaining how a block from a QB could possibly compare to it.

  20. Ray’s hit was dirty as dirt. Any Ratbird fan who defends the HELMET to HELMET hit and it was, is crazy. Quinn’s hit was dirty too but I don’t mind it as much since if you live by the sword you shall die by it. Suggs tried to take out Brady earlier this season so hey ” you always get what you give.”

  21. So Raheem Morris is fined $20,000 for yelling at an official, but Brady Quinn is fined $10,000 for diving helmet first into Suggs knee and potentially ending his season or even is career?
    Someone explain to me how that is fair …
    And then Ravens DE Edwards was fined $5,000 on his hit on Cribbs? Granted you don’t want anyone to get hurt … but I’ve seen guys get their clocks cleaned far worse than that …

  22. The Ravens have transcended the Chargers as the biggest whiners in the league. They cry when they lose, they cry when they win. The entire rest of the country can here the collective sound of WAAAAAAAAAA that constantly comes from the Ravens and their fans.
    Besides, since the Browns fu*ked Quinn out of his escalators, that 10k is worth to him what about 150k is worth to Ray Lewis.
    Lewis has lost all credibility for me. He cried so loudly about a flag being thrown for a dirty low hit against Brady, but didn’t seem to mind at all when the same flag was thrown in the Raven’s favor the other night.
    What’s it gonna be Ray Ray ? You gonna grow your spine back or spend the rest of your career acting like a 5 year old girl ?

  23. Cmon WaccoForFlacco, why wasn’t Suggs’ head on a swivel?!?!
    He should been paying attention. This is football, you know.

  24. You have to love how Quinn gets fined 10gs for cheapshot, Tommie Harris gets 7500 for a cold-cock sucker-punch, and ochocinco gets 20 gs for carrying around a 1 dollar bill like he is going to bribe an official. It’s just ridiculous.

  25. Cleveland Franchise got what they deserved in Quinn.
    And Ray Lewis murder jokes 10 years later? Leave your mothers basement, please.

  26. democrats are stupid:
    why did you post a comment and simply reitterate the fact, when you were trying to compare the two, as if they were different. Whose stupid?

  27. Nick says:
    November 18, 2009 4:27 PM
    Watching other fan’s jealousy of Ray Lewis is the most rewarding thing in reading comments. It’s even better when it includes the attempt to blame Ray for stabbing someone, which he never did, but only smart people (or at least those who can read) would know that.
    I’m smart. Ray Lewis was given a deal to testify against his mates…what a convincing plea of innocence!!

  28. As a Browns fans, I’d like to see Brady Quinn get fined $10,000 every time it’s 3rd and 12 and he throws the ball behind the line of scrimmage.
    He’ll be broke in two weeks.
    PS- Dear Santa, I can has an *actual* NFL quarterback for Xmas?

  29. Retaliation will not be possible since Quinn sucks so bad he will never be seen again the NFL after this season….Good luck coaching Pee-Wee football Brady!

  30. # Hooj says: …And Ray Lewis murder jokes 10 years later? Leave your mothers basement, please.”
    So Ray Lewis and a horse walk into a bar, and the bartender says “why the long face?” so Ray Lewis stabs him to death, while the horse obstructs justice.

  31. This is funny – gangsta “BQ” coming to town.
    I can just see Quinn and his posse packing heat, roaming the streets of Baltimore, and checking out the ladies at da clubs.
    Maybe he can get a deal now with Dr. Dre.
    We should start calling Lewis & Suggs, “Lord & Lady Baltimore.”

  32. I have to agree . Get out of your mothers basement all ready. Its ten years later and you still have yet to figure out that he is not ONLY a murderer, but a snitch, a whiney arse, and has the moral fiber of a turd. Other than that he’s great. Maybe he should have attended the people who’s throats he slashed and left for dead’s funeral and spoke about how he would be around for their kids the way he did for Steve McNairs. For the sake of his kids keep them away from this hunk of crap .

  33. As the few sensible comments have pointed out, the problem is that NFL fines are at best completely random and at worst nonsensical. I don’t really care how much Quinn gets fined, but when he injures a player, it really needs to be more than the fine given to a player for walking around on the field with a one in his hand.

  34. Really? Ray Lewis wants Quinn fined more? Like how much, Ray? As much as you paid the NFL for being involved in a murder? Really? Your opinion is worth nothing.
    If it had been Favre that threw that block the endorsements would flow in because “the guy loves the game”.
    The Browns are wounded, leave them alone.

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