Stroud on Jauron: "We let him down"

Bills defensive tackle Marcus Stroud said after head coach Dick Jauron was fired that he thinks he and his teammates — not the coach — deserve the blame for the team’s 3-6 record.

“I feel like we let him down a little bit,” Stroud said on Sirius XM radio, per Sean Leahy of USA Today, “as far as us not being able to produce and do the things we should have done to help the coach keep his job.”

Of course, when a team is in the middle of a disappointing season, it’s a lot easier to replace the coach than to replace the players. And Stroud, who has started all nine games for the Bills this year, stopped short of saying replacing the coach was the wrong move on the part of Bills owner Ralph Wilson.

“Mr. Wilson is the guy who pays the bills around here,” Stroud said. “Any time he wants a change, you have to adhere to that.”

Marv Levy, the coach who led the Bills to four Super Bowls and later hired Jauron during his stint as the team’s general manager, told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle he was surprised that Wilson made the move.

“Well, I’m saddened and a little bit stunned honestly,” Levy said. “I saw the furor that was stirring around the team but I’m still a little bit surprised it took place at this juncture.”

Jauron has not commented publicly. When reached on the phone by the Associated Press, he said, “I really don’t have anything to say.”

13 responses to “Stroud on Jauron: "We let him down"

  1. People are in complete denial over this.
    The guy has a .42 winning % 3rd worst in NFL history with over 100 games coached.
    He has a record of 2-22 against teams that finished with winning records over the last 3 years.
    He has only coached one winning season in the NFL.
    Levy is quickly destroying years and years of good will trying to defend his ridiculous choice of Jauron as HC.
    Jauron should of never been hired 3 years ago.

  2. Marv, you are stunned?
    WTF is so shocking. Four losing seasons may not be acceptable, even here in Buffalo?
    The guy on his best day coached like he starred in “Weekend at Bernies”..
    The only difference between Jauron and Marv Levy was that Levy, a loser himself, benefitted from the genius of Bill Polian stocking his team with 53 top flight players to work with. Put Levy on this team, and he’s as horrible as Jauron.

  3. The Bills let themselves down when John Butler took off for San Diego with A.J. Smith in toll…they basically built the Chargers from a bottom dweller to a perennial contender while Bills played musical chairs with coaches afterwards….might as well try to lure Schottenheimer back
    at least they’d be competitive.

  4. Jauron is an good guy, straight forward, honest, always respectful. If I needed someone to take care of my dog, he would be the first person I would call. If I need someone to coach my pro football team, he would be one of the last. His players love and respect him, but he will never instill the confidence needed to play at a high level. His attitude in Chicago seemed to be “if we work real hard and all be men, we may be able to keep the game close and steal a few in the last minute.”

  5. DJ makes his players feel all warm and fuzzy inside. No wonder they don’t have the discipline to avoid getting 9 false start penalties in a single game. Sorry guys, it’s time to stop loving coach and start playing smash mouth.

  6. Jauron was fired because Buffalo has been the most undisciplined team in the NFL. They lost their first game against the Patriots because Leodis McKelvin refused to down a late game kick-off in the end zone and gave the ball to the Patriots. Similarly, they lost to the Browns as a result of Roscoe Parrish deciding to touch a bouncing punt that was surrounded by Browns and thereby make it a live ball for the Browns. Numerous games have been lost due to Bills drives being stopped and opponent drives being extended by penalties. The Bills are among the league leaders in penalties. When a team is totally out of control, the coach must go.

  7. It’s going to be rare to find a Bill right now talk bad about Jauron. But that’s not cause he was a great coach, he just treated these guys like friends not football players. His notoriously soft camps and lacidasical practices make it easy to like the guy.

  8. The team has some weapons. Got 2 good RB’s. Got 2 good WR’s. Got Paul Posluszny, Stroud in the middle. Things they are lacking…. Better Olinemen, Better Dline, corners, safeties, and most importantly a good QB. You cannot cannot cannot win if your QB stinks. Just look at Oakland. I guarantee anybody that if Peyton Manning was QB in Oakland they would win 8 to 10 games this season. They need to do something. Either Trade for Mcnabb next year or get Mike Vick in there and give him a shot. I think he still got it but is not being allowed to showcase it.

  9. The Bills are a joke. They hire coaches on the cheap (Wade, Gregg W, Mularkey and Jauron), draft mediocre and spend on average players. What do they expect?

  10. The Bills players are soft just like their former head coach. If Bill Parcells, Vince Lombardi, and Don Shula were coaching the Bills, the players were hate them too, because they would demand alot more than what they give.

  11. What everyone seems to forget is this: Ralph Wilson won’t pay for anything else. He wants the cheapest he can get. He is raping Erie County and the Western New York people. He is near senile and cheap as they get. He keeps threatening Western New Yorkers with moving the team. Go for it. You have given us nothing but crap so take it and run. Ralph Wilson is laughing all the way to the bank and screwing Western New Yorkers.

  12. Ralph Wilson, you NEED to open your checkbook and get in the Shanahan, Holmgren bidding game. Or continue to be below average for a long long time.

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