Lerner not talking about talking to Holmgren

On Tuesday, Browns Hall of Famer Jim Brown spilled the beans regarding a meeting between owner Randy Lerner and former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren.

Lerner wisely isn’t talking about the situation.

“I have no comment on any matter related to the search to strengthen
the Browns’ management,” Lerner told the News-Herald by e-mail.

Given the perception that Holmgren is the top choice to assume a position of high influence and power within the organization, Lerner needs to be careful to do nothing that may convert that perception into a presumption, since the Rooney Rule now applies when hiring the person who will be in charge of football operations.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello has confirmed that, indeed, the requirement of interviewing at least one minority candidate applies in such instances, unless a pre-existing contract promises the position to a current member of the organization or the position is filled by the owner or a member of the owner’s immediate family.

In unrelated news, Holmgren has filed a petition with the Cuyahoga County Circuit Court to change his last name to “Lerner.”

25 responses to “Lerner not talking about talking to Holmgren

  1. Do you think they’ll interview Jesus since he was black?
    Oh sorry… nevermind… I really don’t think divine intervention can even save this franchise.

  2. Aside from the potential concern over the Rooney Rule, Holmgren knowing that he is their first choice also takes away quite a bit of the leverage the Browns would have during contract negotiations.
    Jim Brown was a great player, but has been a disaster since.

  3. rodstiffington: you’re a tool!
    The Browns don’t care about $$, we’re still paying Savage, Crennel, and Kokinis to just simply leave Cleveland. Wish I would’ve gotten paid to leave that hole!

  4. I just read that Ralph Wilson said he “doesn’t know anything about him” when asked about Mike Shanahan. Hmmmm you think being an owner that you may know about one of the hottest available head coaching candidates out there. When is the NFL going to say that you have to interview a woman as well or a handicapped person? Or do they already fall under the Rooney rule? Forcing employers to stage interviews is not the way to fix the problem.

  5. The Rooney rule is the most racist thing the NFL has done to date. It treats black people like subhumans and white people like a bunch of Mississippi hicks. If a black man is the best one for the job, then he’ll get it. If an owner wants a white man, so be it. If he wants a black man so be it. If Jesse Jackson could fix the Browns, I’m sure everyone would be for it…even though he’s the blackest racist on the planet.

  6. Florio stick to reporting the FL new rather than trying to be funny because you are not funny.
    Except for your Redskins to the Super Bowl. Now, that’s funny!

  7. The Rooney rule is a joke. Forcing owners to hold sham interview sessions is BS. The best person will get the job regardless of race/sex whatever. Unless of course our boy Randy effs it up again.

  8. I’d like to see them bring in Tom Donahoe (who built Pittsburgh, built Buffalo – when they had a team, etc.) and let him hire a talented coach like Mike Mularky. Wouldn’t mind if they brought in Schottenheimer to hire a GM either – while he may not have won the ring, Marty created a winner wherever he went (CLE, KC, DC, SD… none of whom had a winner before he arrived).

  9. buckeyes3413 says:
    November 19, 2009 11:50 AM
    Aside from the potential concern over the Rooney Rule, Holmgren knowing that he is their first choice also takes away quite a bit of the leverage the Browns would have during contract negotiations.
    I see you working, buckeye, but Lerner’s leverage stopped the moment he told Mike Holmgren “Hi, this is Randy Lerner calling”

  10. @buckeyes3413
    Aside from the potential concern over the Rooney Rule, Holmgren knowing that he is their first choice also takes away quite a bit of the leverage the Browns would have during contract negotiations.
    I wouldn’t put it past Lerner to “deleverage” himself. See also: Eric Mangini hiring.

  11. Everyone has good points, but as a black individual, the Rooney Rule makes sure a minority candidate is considered.
    You didn’t have too many blacks in the beginning of the Super Bowl, getting interviews for anything. So at least now you get a chance to sell yourself.
    But back to Florio, this is fluff – C’mon man! This story doesn’t tell us anything, we don’t even know if it was Holmgren he talked to?

  12. @mpigpen16: you’re a cum swallowing douche!
    I live in Cleveland. Follow the Browns like its a religion. Have watched every single second of every single game. I stand by my statement. And I’ll even add on: Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy can’t save this team right now.

  13. If Holmgren is GM with the Browns. Look for Pat Shurmur head coach, Gil Haskell or Zorn OC and likely John Marshall as the DC.

  14. I’m just glad that Randy Lerner is going to let Eric Mangini have input into the selection of the GM who’s going to fire him.

  15. I’d love to see Holmgren and Zorn go to the Browns and do something for that team. I’ve rooted for the Browns ever since attending a game in their stadium between the Seahawks and Browns and seeing how awesome their fans are. Both teams sucked super-bad that season but their fans were still loud and passionate and I was impressed. Trust me, as a lifelong Seahawks fan, I understand what it’s like to watch sucky teams with a sold-out crowd full of diehards who could frankly give a crap less whether the team was good or bad, they’re still going to show up and get loud. The Browns had probably the best fans I’ve seen outside of Seattle and KC. So yeah, whoever y’all get as your new GM, I hope it works out. And if it is Holmgren, hopefully he brings in Zorn, so I’ll have a good reason to keep rooting for y’all!

  16. One thing I think Holmgren can bring the Browns they haven’t had since 1999 is a good QB. If there is one position I would say Holmgren knows best it’s that one. He was the QB coach for the 49’ers when they had Joe Montana, he worked with Steve Young all those years before he went to Green Bay where he worked with a young man named Brett Favre and he helped groom him into a great QB, then went on to Seattle and took a virtual no-name Matt Hasselbeck into a pro bowler. Maybe with Holmgren running things the Browns will finally get a solid franchise QB.

  17. FYI – A petition for name change, filed locally, would go to the Cuyahoga County Probate Court. Might want to file an adoption petition too, since there is a constitutional ban against same sex marriage in Ohio.
    I don’t know if Holmgren is the answer. I just know that ten (going on eleven) seasons of Lerner family ownership has brought us two winning seasons, one playoff appearance for a loss, and a whole lot of dreadful football otherwise. Only one team can win the Super Bowl each year — it’d be nice to see the Browns at least be in the mix, to play competitive games, to play good football and at least contend. It is 15 years now since the last time the Browns won a playoff game, 20 since their last appearance in the AFC Championship, 45 since their last NFL Championship. We’re hurting out here. What did we ever do to deserve this?

  18. The Rooney Rule is garbage. It forces sham interviews and, in my humble opinion, actually promotes racism rather than discourages it.
    The success of black coaches (Dungy, Singletary, Green) and black GM’s (Newsome, Reese) should speak for themselves.
    In this day and age in the NFL, if you deserve the job, you’ll get it, no matter what race you are. But if an owner already has a coach or GM that he wants (black, white, asian, latino, whatever) he shouldn’t be forced into a perfoming a BS interview. It wastes the time of the interviewer and the interviewee. It also makes the interiewee look desperate for interviewing for a job he knows he won’t get to help an owner fullfill a qouta.
    There, that’s my rant for the day.

  19. I don’t care who they hire to run the team all I know is we need to get John Gruden as head coach, he believes in the browns and has been a browns fan his whole life. We need a proven winner who knows how to build a super bowl team.

  20. Fumble and Dave. I was not making an opinion on John Marshall. I’ve watched Holmgren closely for a decade. He’s extremely loyal to his people. His o-line coach, who he made a Superbowl with, he coached high school football with in SF. He also made a Superbowl with John Marshall.

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