Lions-Browns blacked out in Detroit area

Apparently in a terrible economy, it’s difficult to find people who want to buy tickets to see a football game between two terrible teams.

And that means Sunday’s game between the 1-8 Lions and 1-8 Browns at Ford Field in Detroit has failed to sell out, so it will be blacked out on local television.

The blackout affects not only Lions fans but also a healthy number of Browns fans in Northern Ohio who won’t be able to watch. When games are blacked out in Detroit, they can’t be shown by the Toledo affiliate either.

This is the third time in five home games that the Lions have failed to sell out, and they might go for a fourth on Thanksgiving: The team says that game hasn’t sold out yet, either, although there’s no word on how many more tickets the team needs to sell to avoid a blackout in that game.

32 responses to “Lions-Browns blacked out in Detroit area

  1. This was done as a favor to the good citizens of Detroit. They have already suffered enough with this economy.

  2. I think that this is probably a blessing in disguise for the fine people of Detriot. The league should take the unprecented step of blacking out the game in the road market as well, and just bar any tv cameras from entering Ford Field this Sunday. This could be one of the most wretched displays on a gridiron in recent memory.

  3. Happy, happy, joy, joy! That means unless there is a 0-0 tie in the game that my Oakland Raiders get that much closer to the 1st overall selection in the 2010 NFL Draft to chose the fastest combine guy who can’t cover, catch, or block, or isn’t committed to learn the game or work hard at his craft or has the right combination of smarts. If it’s Detroit who wins, and then the Browns beat the Raiders, and Tampa Bay wins another one, well, it’s a happy, happy, joy, joy kinda day! With the first selection in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select… stay tuned!

  4. if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there…….
    I bet the NFL wishes they could blackout this game from their schedule.

  5. I live almost 100 miles from Ford Field, and my market is still blacked out. Guess it’s my fault for rooting for a perpetually struggling franchise, eh, NFL?
    Oh, no, wait, it’s my fault for not ponying up hundreds of dollars to drag my wife and three small children all the way down to Ford Field every weekend.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  6. Even though it’s true that virtually no one besides fans of these two teams would want to see this game anyway, the joke is on the NFL because it’s bloody easy to find an internet stream of any game these days if you’re savvy. Combine a decent stream with a VGA cable going from your computer to your TV and, uh, the game is *still* “on TV” anywhere in the world.
    I, being someone who doesn’t live in my team’s TV market, very much appreciate these pirates. Thanks guys 🙂

  7. In a related story, Toledo residents celebrate another Sunday where they are not forced to watch the Lions play.
    This is one example where blackouts are a good thing. Thanks NFL.

  8. I think I’d rather watch “Kate and Allie” reruns than this flaming turd of a matchup. Blacking it out is a mercy killing.

  9. Ty @ The Lions in Winter, I find it incredibly hard that any 12 year old could find a woman, let alone marry one and have children. Lying about interacting with females will not make you seem more credible, nor will your claims of having “hundreds of dollars” which we also know to be a lie. the NFL should move the lions because the fanbase doesnt offer the support for it that they should, right you bastard packer fans? the LA lions and the LA jags both have a good ring to it, then all the slackasses that live in detroit can watch the games without going because they will actually SELL OUT, they might have a chance of winning too, its not like they could get worse.
    P.S. There will be no peace because you are the lowest form of douchbag yet encountered on this site, even below jimmysmith and dbag nelson, get bent loser.

  10. They are doing the football fans of Detroit a favor. Now they can watch some real teams play football.
    Hey we will always have the pleasure of watching the Lions on Thanksgiving right?

  11. Oh geeze that would be bizarro if the Thanksgiving game can’t be broadcast in Detroit. The NFL should give them an exception for the holiday.

  12. Lions games should be blacked out regardless of who they’re playing. I live in Lansing, MI and had to settle for watching the Lions get their as-predicted ass-raping from the Vikings instead of the Steelers-Bengals game, a game that actually meant something for two teams playing. People up here don’t even seem to care about that team. Granted, Lansing isn’t in the greater Detroit area, but in the 2 years I’ve lived up here, I don’t think I’ve EVER heard anyone talk about Lions football or seen anyone wear something with a Lions logo on it (TONS of Tigers and Red Wings gear, though). I live 6 hours out of Pittsburgh and have seen more Steelers’ crap up here than Lions’ gear. Whatever.

  13. I’m guessing it’s blacked out because all electrical power has been turned off in the city of Detroit.

  14. Hey, maybe they could move the Bungals, Clowns, Lions, Steelers, Raiders and Rams to China, along with the rest of our jobs.
    The Jags will have to settle for LA.

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