PFTV looks at whether the Saints can run the table

The New Orleans Saints are 9-0.  With seven games to play, they face the Bucs twice, the Patriots, Redskins, Falcons, Cowboys, and Panthers.

So will the Saints finish the job, only two years after New England did it?

PFTV ponders that question.

13 responses to “PFTV looks at whether the Saints can run the table

  1. Colts have a better shot if they survive Baltimore and maybe Houston in the next two weeks. Depends in they recover well from the Pats game or not. Chargers will probably beat the Colts in the playoffs again anyways, last team Indy wants to face.
    Saints will lose to the Pats and after being humbled they’ll start their post season run to the playoffs. If Pats fail the Falcons have a goods shot to beat them. The only two that will come close until the Super Bowl.

  2. No way they run the table. On the road in Carolina, Atlanta, and Washington with Dallas and New England at home. The Saints are really good, but they will lose at least 2 games. And thats a good thing. Learning how to bounce back from a loss is huge in preparing to win in the playoffs. And the Saints do not have a lot of playoff experience on their defense exspecially. So they would benefit from a close loss to learn how to handle it and correct it. My guess, they beat the Pats at home, but lose to Washington on the road and then the following week as well to Atlanta. Yes Washington, we have the Saints number. And we always pull off a couple big upsets and lose to garbage teams year in and year out, its what we do…

  3. Nope, not gonna happen. The Rams (of all teams) exposed kinks in the armor, ones that a team like the Pats will quickly exploit if the Bucs don’t do it this week.
    Saints will go 13-3, same record as the Vikings will have.

  4. I believe they can do this, the only real challenge is NE, the colts did it, and they are really good, but N.O. has no flaws.

  5. They will lose to the Pats. I would coin-flip the Cowboys game.
    The inter-division games will be difficult as well.
    I’m with dcfan… they lose two and it benefits them going into the playoffs.

  6. LMAO! Wait till week 13 or 14 to start this nonsense.
    You sound as stupid as about this as you do when you go talking up teams after one frickin game.

  7. Neither team will run the table the but the Saints have a far better chance than the Colts to reach the Super Bowl.
    The Colts can’t beat the Chargers period, and I doubt they can beat the Steelers either. While the Colts have beaten the Pats 3 out of the last four times (one game was minus Brady) but it’s not like all those games couldn’t have been won by the Pats as well so it’s no guarantee they can beat them in the playoffs either.
    The Saints only have one team to worry about which is the Vikings if they can contain Peterson Favre will blow it as always Sharper will get him a few times for sure.
    Neither team will be undefeated but the Saints will be in the Super Bowl the Colts will be watching it.

  8. The saints have been taken to the brink by the falcons, rams, carolina, and somewhat the dolphins. No way the go undefeated, and damn sure don’t make it to the bowl

  9. Can the Saints go 16-0? Sure the “can”, but the question is will they?
    The Saints have not played well for the last few weeks and have been able to win all of those games. I read a CBS Sports article that argued that teams that peak too early don’t go very far in the playoffs. I would argue that the Saints did peak early, got in a slump, and have been able to weather that slump and continue to win…..
    They have suffered injuries in the secondary and at nose tackle that have resulted in a less effective defense. Yet, the Saints continued to win….. All of these players will be back in the next week to four weeks or so.
    The offense has not been playing well, in particular, Brees and Colston have not been very sharp. Yet, the Saints continued to win….. Brees is too good a player to continue to misfire and Colston will stop dropping balls he normally catches.
    I am much more concerned with maintaining home field advantage over the Vikings than going 16-0. So long as we have home field advantage, we are the team to beat to get to the Super Bowl.

  10. Because of the 07 Patriots and last year’s Lions (on the other end of the spectrum) this question will continue to be brought up with people thinking the teams have a realistic chance of going winless or undefeated. I’m not going to crunch the numbers, but the probability of going 0-16 or 16-0 is tiny. Move on.

  11. dcfan:
    How does losing, prepare you for the playoffs? Don’t get that. You don’t lose a battle to win the war.

  12. Saints go undefeated into the playoffs and crack under the pressure against the Viking’s. Viking’s go on to win their first Super Bowl.

  13. J.Cannon:
    “Saints go undefeated into the playoffs and crack under the pressure against the Viking’s. Viking’s go on to win their first Super Bowl.”
    And then the Vikings announce they are moving to Los Angeles after the 2011 season.
    Sorry, it will be the Saints in the Super Bowl and they are not leaving New Orleans anytime soon.

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