Raiders teammates seem just fine with Russell's benching

When a starting quarterback is benched, sometimes there is an outcry of support by his teammates.

That did not happen this week in Oakland.

Bruce Gradkowski has reportedly brought a new energy to Raiders practices, and his teammates appreciate it.  Justin Fargas was asked what Gradkowski offers.

“One, a passion for the game. A love for the game that he shows in the way he plays, the way
he calls plays,” Fargas told the local media.  “The way he works on details of plays with players, in
between. . . . It’s just, he’s a get-after-it type of guy.”

Interpret that comment as you wish, but Gradkowski brings something what Russell lacks.  Of course, Russell’s arm may be just a tiny bit stronger. 

“You want to make a play for your quarterback but when he shows that
type of passion for the game, obviously guys are going to feed off it
and try to give him that same effort,” Fargas said.

36 responses to “Raiders teammates seem just fine with Russell's benching

  1. How is this kid going to get his 60 minutes of exercise on Sundays, according to NFL’s Play 60 program, if he’s benched?

  2. Well, let’s see that energy go to work against one of the best defenses in the league on Sunday. Yea, the Bengals should be considered a top defense. I don’t see this game being close at all.

  3. Cut him. Eat the rest of his contract and minimize the damage NOW, and move on. Playing that loser even one more down can not possibly do the team one bit of good. Congratulations, Cryin Leaf, you have now been supplanted as the biggest bust in NFL history.

  4. Hey JR, this should turn on the light. You need to dedicate yourself WHOLE HEARTEDLY to being the best you can be. Stay away from the donuts and buffett’s. Stay in LA and WORK on being the best you can be!

  5. Jamarcus and me like eating pancakes and scrabble for breakfast. Axe anyone, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  6. “Bruce Gradkowski has reportedly brought a new energy to Raiders practices.”
    Let’s see him throw the ball against the Bengals.

  7. With: Big Ten Inch says:
    November 20, 2009 7:38 PM
    Jamarcus and me like eating pancakes and scrabble for breakfast. Axe anyone, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
    Yep, all three breakfasts every day!

  8. Bench Rusell…your better of cutting Russell. He should go play in the UFL. I’m not even sure he’d even win in the UFL. He is that bad. Until his work ethic gets better he will continue to stink. That means all offseason…train, train, train…3 times a day. Throw some passes, work on accuracy. Do something to earn your money man.

  9. His passes are so inaccurate. Even short passes to the flat are so high Manute Bol couldn’t catch them. His throws are so bad he looks like he’s being paid to throw games. Nobody can be this bad. I know his work ethic is non-existent, but his inability to connect on simple passes makes me think something is up.

  10. As a Chargers fan I get to see the Raiders get pole axed twice a year. Russell is a disgrace. Classic case of getting paid too soon and becoming complacent. Too bad….dude has amazing physical skills. They should start by cutting Al Davis then Jamarcus.

  11. Stick a fork in him, he’s done.
    Gradkowski may not be the second coming of Johnny Unitas, but he’s already giving some spirit to a team in desperate need of it, something Russell never did. I don’t care if Gradkowski loses the next 7 games, as long as he’s got some enthusiasm and fight in him and does what a QB is SUPPOSED to do: get better every week.
    Russell never got that, and so we’ve seen the last of him in Oakland, and possibly – if he never smartens up – the league.
    Put down the cheeseburger Jamarcus, pick up the playbook, put the time in the weightroom, and learn how to watch film. Then show the boys on the practice field that you get it…. IF you ever get another chance somewhere, that is.
    It’s tougher than you thought, we know that, but that’s whay it takes for the successful ones.

  12. Unless Gradkowski has grown a new arm there will be no O in Oakland. Gruden tried really hard to make this guy work so he could look like a genuis. It was not pretty when Grad was throwing the rock more than 10 yds then.

  13. Damnit! as a raider fan this pisses me off that they constantly get things wrong.The best qb on the roster is Charlie Frye.By the way Al Davis you idiot I put together a few players you could have had through the draft over the last few years.Starting from 2004 phillip rivers,larry fitzgerald 2005 notables we could have had aaron rodgers,roddy white,frank gore 2006 deangelo williams, jay cutler,joseph addai 2007 adrian peterson,calvin johnson,patrick willis 2008 chris johnson,jonathan stewart,rodgers-cromartie etc.. etc.. damn I hate Al Davis

  14. # Big Ten Inch says: November 20, 2009 7:38 PM
    Jamarcus and me like eating pancakes and scrabble for breakfast. Axe anyone, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
    Followed by second breakfast, lunch, second lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, and a gallon of ice cream at bedtime.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB waddle before.

  15. Oh yes, the presumptive Kings of the AFCN. It will interesting to see the Bengals defense against Michael Bush and his 4.5 yard average.
    Now that the Bengals are full of themselves. It may be time for a “trap” game. The Raiders are eager to prove to themselves that they are better than their record. On any given Sunday.

  16. Bengals better be ready for this game, it could easily turn into an upset if they let their guard down. Just ask the Eagurls.

  17. # Occam says: November 20, 2009 7:22 PM
    How is this kid going to get his 60 minutes of exercise on Sundays, according to NFL’s Play 60 program, if he’s benched?
    Sir, thank you. You have gave me the biggest laugh that a PFT comment has brought me. It is truthful and hilarious. Thanks!

  18. Sourdough says: Somewhere Jeff Garcia is laughing…
    More like crying if he would have just sit back and took his role this move of russell getting benched would have came alot sooner and he would have been starting but now he is a jobless QB..All i hope is that when Gradkowski makes a mistake and the media asks him if he feels its any of his fault he stands up and leads unlike j-suck who says he dont think it was his fault.

  19. Watching the highlights of their last game, Hey Ward bay dropped how many passes in his hands? Thats right bench the QB it’s his fault.

  20. I think the Raiders need to take a page from the Tuna School of Motivation: Post billboards on any possible route that Jamarcus Russell takes to work (when he does go to work) saying stuff like: Bust!(with a picture of Jamarcus not an actual bust), Jamarcus Go Home!, Jamarcus–you really are terrible!, Jamarcus…the new Ryan Leaf. You know what? Make him the team waterboy, at least he would be good for something. Or, make him one of the guys responsible for hauling the equipment or scrubbing laundry. He needs some humility which, I’m sure, he’s fresh out.
    Also, Skull and Bones(Al Davis) is great with not giving people what they are due…reference Mike Shanahan. So, why doesn’t he just kick him off the team and not pay him. I’m just saying, if Jamarcus Russell tries to take this to court Al Davis might actually not make it to trial(due to health issues) and delay his monetary obligations.
    Grrr, this douche makes me sick.

  21. # Sourdough says: November 20, 2009 9:53 PM
    Somewhere Jeff Garcia is laughing…
    That “somewhere” would be on his couch, moron.
    He would be starting and you know, getting paid, if he’d hung around.

  22. Maybe with Heavy J on the bench, the Graiders can run the WildFat offense.
    Proof of why physical skills don’t always make for a great quarterback.

  23. Grads’ passion was never in question. His leadership was never in question. Players, coaches and fans in Tampa loved his enthusiasm and rooted for him to succeed (and continue to do so). He just wasn’t a very good QB. I wish him luck. I’ll continue to root for the guy.

  24. I would not touch this game as a bet. Every 4 games or so, usually at home, the Raiders show up as a different team, particularly on D.
    Do not be surprised.

  25. I agree with you, Spicoli. That the Raiders have been able to hang in most of their games, and even win a couple, with pathetic QB play (2TD passes in 9 games???) means that aren’t a horrible team from top to bottom. If they can get even competent QB play, they’re a .500-ish team.

  26. Russel looks like Buster Douglas a few years after he beat Tyson. Got the big payday and went to hell in a handbasket.

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