Casserly, Browns have mutual interest

In response to the rumor and purported debunking thereof that Charley Casserly, former Texans and Redskins G.M. who now works for CBS, could be a candidate to take the reins in Cleveland, a league source tells us that Casserly is “definitely” interested in the Browns, and that the Browns are “definitely” interested in Casserly.

There’s a chance, of course, that the team’s interest in Casserly might arise from a desire to broaden the pool of potential hires so that the focus doesn’t continue to fall on former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren.

Regardless of whether Casserly or Holmgren or someone else gets the job, the first order of business will be to decide the fate of coach Eric Mangini.

So what will the new boss do with the other seven hours and fifty-five minutes of his first day on the job?

29 responses to “Casserly, Browns have mutual interest

  1. Casserly and Cleveland will live in underachieving harmony. He’s perfect for the Frowns

  2. that sounds awesome browns, you want to hire a dude that set up the ground work for the texans not to make the playoffs in nearly a decade. please look at what he did in houston (where I’m from) People singlehandedly blame this guy for our failure. If you want 10 more years of bad football hire this guy. Theres a reason hes been doing “broadcasting” for 4 years.

  3. Gee, Holmgren saying he on Seattle radio that he is interested, Casserly saying he is interested, alot of interest for a job and team where Cleveland talk show and print people are saying that no one would be interested in.

  4. Casserly is “definitely” in the Browns?
    Is this like how Marquis Cooper was in that pigeon?
    Wait, Casserly’s not dead, is he?

  5. Question: How in the name of Dwight K. Shrute is Charley Casserly constantly mentioned for GM opening? He failed in Washington, and he was an absolute disaster in Houston. He’s a nice guy, but he has no backbone when it comes to dealing with coaches, and he’s clearly proven TWICE that he is not a successful personnel guy.
    Answer: The other thing Casserly does is blow job the media, and thus they all think he’s great and must know what he’s doing…so they pump him up for all these job openings.
    I’m not a Holmgren (as GM) fan either, but at least that guy has won something. It’s obvious that Randy Lerner has no earthly clue about football if he’s thinking Casserly is the man that can right his ship. Then again, he hired Eric Mangini and had a “legitimate” meeting with fans to see what they think…hmmmm. Good luck Cleveland, you’re going to need it.

  6. “Casserly is “definitely” in the Browns”
    Proofread, Miguel. Only takes a few seconds. Have a little pride in your work.

  7. As to the subject at hand… I have faith in Lerner.
    If there’s a wrong man for the job, he’ll hire him.

  8. Why are all of the Houston fans disgruntled with this guy? Look at the roster. If he has a fault, it’s that he hired a fool for a head coach who can’t win with that talent.
    As a Browns fan, I’ll take Casserly in a second. Come on down, Charlie.

  9. You clowns saying Casserly doesn’t know what he’s doing are just proving you don’t know much about football.
    Casserly had the balls not to take VY or Reggie Bush and instead took Super Mario – a great move that’s paying dividends to this day!
    The only knock on Casserly was his decision to take Tony Bosseli when everyone knew he was hurt. Had Casserly taken a capable Left Tackle who could’ve kept David Carr on his feet – who knows what would’ve happened? Before you start yelling about how much Carr sucks, look at his numbers in NY when he’s come in for Eli behind that capable O-line — he’s quality!
    Casserly is also a classy guy; not quite Joe Gibbs, but class all the way. He would be a breath of fresh air after sleazy Mangini, and I think he’d do a fine job in Cleveland. Sure, he ain’t Holmgren or Cowhert, but he ain’t as far behind that pack as y’all are making him out to be. Don’t be surprised if it happens, Browns fans. And more importantly, don’t be disappointed if it does…

  10. The Brows should be use to sucking by now, maybe the should go after the Packers current GM instead of Holmgren or David Cassidy.

  11. I don’t know of any football GM’s who normally work 8 hour days so it’s more like…
    “So what will the new boss do with the other fifteen hours and fifty-five minutes of his first day on the job?”

  12. Heck, given the success that those candidates have had in picking players……I would like to officially cast my hat into the ring to be considered for the Browns Football Tzar position…..Peter Ramis is the name, Tzar is my game!!!

  13. It always amazes me how NFL teams seem to always try to regurgitate these older,out of work executives. Note to Browns: If Charley was any good, he wouldn’t be at CBS!

  14. Good for Casserly…this joining the media thing seems to have the long term effects of huffing paint. He might be unemployable in the NFL by next year.

  15. i am willing to give casserly a chance. everybody seems to forget that he drafted mario williams instead of reggie bush. which has been the right move. somebody needs to guide this organization. holmgren i don’t know. remember when he was a coach he had his powers taken away and forced to coach.

  16. Charlie “Clueless” Casserly was an absolute disaster here in Houston (I’ve watched every painful moment). Yes, he made ONE good decision when he drafted Mario Williams over Vince Young and Reggie Bush. He also helped ruin David Carr (a promising young quarterback) by neglecting to put together an even decent offensive line to protect Carr (anybody remember that single season sack record- 78?). He didn’t bother picking up a quality running back. He orchestrated a 2ndary that resembled a block of swiss cheese. Casserly didn’t do so hot in Washington, either. If the Browns hire him, they are doomed.

  17. Why isn’t Dan Snyder trying to hire Charley Casserly? He made his name and reputation with that organization and would probably love to bring them back to greatness. But Dan Snyder just persists in his delusion that the Redskins are a stronger team with him and Vinny running the show. Until Snyder does soomething to cure himself, the Redskins will be a doormat team. Skins fans — do not let last week’s victory placate you! Keep boycotting this team — buy nothing!!! Do not go to games!! Do not spend money on concessions or team gear!!

  18. Is Lerner afraid of working? He seems to like making quick decisions rather than deliberate ones. Casserly might be a suitable guy, even though he hasn’t won anything. But you’d have to think there are at least a few others equally capable out there.

  19. “Regardless of whether Casserly or Holmgren or someone else gets the job, the first order of business will be to decide the fate of coach Eric Mangini.”
    The real tough decision that day will be what to have for lunch after Mangini is escorted from the building.

  20. “And btw Florio, thanks for getting the “remember me” fiasco taken care of.”
    Ditto. I was thinking yesterday how long it’s been since I’ve read: “submission error” when I hit the submit button.
    What the hell took so long?!!! (sorry, can’t let myself become all “Grudeny” and all)

  21. look at Casserly’s drafts from 2002-05. Andre Johnson and a slew of disasters. There’s a big debate to this day about the extent Casserly deserves credit for the Texans great 2006 draft (Mario, DeMeco Ryans, Eric Winston, Owen Daniels, etc). Cassetly was basically a lame duck during that draft and left a few weeks later. Most think his contributions were purely ministerial.
    Only three players remain who played for the Texans under Casserly: Johnson, Dunta Robinson and Kris Brown. Plus Chester Pitts (on IR). The rest of the roster was the work of the subsequent regime.

  22. Why is Tom Donahoe’s name not coming up for the Browns or any other organization? He helped build the Steelers… he was the last person able to build a team in Buffalo… I think he’d be perfect for what the Browns need.

  23. Casserly = the guy who drafted Super Mario Williams over Reggie Bust and Vince “I want to kill myself with an unloaded gun” Young.

  24. Charlie Casserly ? I guess Lerner is that stupid and then some. At minimum, they need Holmgren as the new GM if they want to have a chance of reestablishing any credibility with the fan base in Cleveland. Lets get someone who is a proven winner for once instead of the underlings from the Ravens and Patriots.
    Lerner should be looking at Shanahan, Billick, Cowher Holmgren, Gruden or Parcells. Let’s not hire the football version of Manny Acta for the Browns. What next ? Fire Ratgini and hire Charlie Weis ? Watch THE RANDY bring Dick Jauron or Jim Zorn as the next coach or even Charlie Weis. It would not surprise me. What a joke lol

  25. WTF? Is Lerner taking advice from Dolan/Shapiro brain trust?
    I remember a time when Cleveland boasted a very good baseball team AND a great football team. Now we have the two worst teams in their respective sports fields.
    What happened? Did that goat from Wrigley Field burn in the Cuyahoga in ’69???

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