Sellers: only "snitches" report concussion symptoms

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has suggested that players should inform their teams’ medical staffs if they believe a teammate is suffering from the symptoms of a concussion.

Washington Redskins fullback Mike Sellers doesn’t like that idea.

We ain’t no snitches over here,” Sellers said of the idea, per the Associated Press. “That is not happening.”

It’s a little startling to hear a player suggest that showing concern for a teammate’s health is akin to “snitching,” but Sellers’ blunt assessment serves as a reminder, once again, that no matter how vigilant teams and the league are about trying to keep injured players off the field, some players want to play hurt.

And although Sellers’ “snitches” language is questionable, NFL Players Association spokesman George Atallah raises a legitimate issue of whether it’s really a player’s place to assess whether a teammate has a brain injury.

“If every player were a medical doctor that could recognize symptoms of concussions, then that would be a great idea,” Atallah said. “I hope that that league — instead of asking players to police each other — would consider calling on team medical staffs and independent doctors to police the situation as closely.”

Still, Packers linebacker Aaron Kampman said he has done exactly what Goodell suggests, letting the team doctors know if he thinks a teammate might have a concussion.

“Guys are going to naturally look out for each other,” Kampman told the Associated Press. “I see that now. I see a guy come off, and he’s woozy, I say, ‘This guy here.'”

Our own Mike Florio pointed out that the league’s proposal may have more to do with lawyers than with doctors.

“This idea is covered with the fingerprints of a lawyer,” Florio mentioned to me over e-mail. “I believe the league wants to be able to say that it created multiple avenues for reporting that players are suffering concussions, and that if the avenues for reporting concussions aren’t used, then either there must not be a problem with concussions or the players are largely responsible for the failure of the problem to be properly addressed.”

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  1. Please correct me if I am wrong here, but isn’t Mike Sellers the FB that was caught with cocaine, pot, and ‘criminal tools’ I believe they called it, while being pulled over for reckless driving and yet somehow didn’t see the inside of a prison?
    Snitches hmmmm?

  2. If you have heard any of these players speak (not including PR written material), it would appear that a few less brain cells would not change much…

  3. First of all Sellers is an ass…second of all the NFL needs to stress this to team officials and medical staff, or assign a medical personel that goes to each game and monitors that kind of stuff, hell they assign guys to games and monitor if the players socks are high enough, or jersey’s are tucked in(and then fine them if they aren’t)…and third of all any player who is suffering any abnormal behavior mentally but doesn’t say anything or insist on playing deserves whatever happens to them in the short or long-term…it’s just stupid, these football guys want to live up to some macho tough superhuman standards

  4. Sellers is an idiot. Maybe in 10-20 years when some of his former teammates are struggling with the long-term effects and dropping off like flies from suicide and substance abuse he’ll see the sheer lunacy of what he’s saying now. The evidence is all around him in former players. Somebody needs to tell him that concussions are brain injuries and that money is no good when your brain has shriveled up like that of an 80 year old Alzheimers patient.

  5. This is such a stupid idea, whether it came from a lawyer as Florio suspects or the commissioner’s office.
    What next, players are going to be asked to keep an eye on other players in the locker room and report who is wearing and not wearing a jock strap???
    They’re getting paid to play, not to be on-field doctors.

  6. If a player is going to reach a contract milestone that veteran may care less about his long-term health and worry more about the short-term funds he’d be losing out on if a player “snitched” him out.
    There’s a reason these players get beat up every day and for most it’s not for the “love of the game” but rather for the Benjamins.
    You have to remember these warriors are already hurting their bodies every week. For some it’s a risk they’re willing to take and for some if they want to seriously put their health at risk it’s their decision.
    Remember the movie Any Given Sunday? LT played the perfect part of the player wanting to get paid and putting his health on the side burner.

  7. The only way to have players play without symptoms is to have the league have rotating independent, non-NFL doctors instead of the players’ team doctors issuing a baseline concussion test and passing the player if they indeed pass the test. This would be much like the officiating teams they have already that are supposed to be “unbiased”. Team doctors serve the TEAM and Coach–not the player. This extends beyond the concussion issue as well. Also, this takes out any potential snitches and benefits any player with concussion like or other injury symptoms. Who knows, we might actually get a real injury report, too.

  8. I can’t imagine any situation where what Mike Sellers thinks matters in any way, shape or form. What a clown.

  9. Football is a sport to the fans, but it’s a business to players. Getting involved in another players business is huge trouble for any player who would do it. They woulds be ostracized and shunned by teammates. It’s the law of the NFL jungle-mind your own business.

  10. Kampman – Guys look out for each other.
    Sellers – Only snitches would do that.
    I know who grew up where.

  11. Concussions are and will continue to be a problem in not only the NFL but in football as a whole. The game is physical and brutal in nature, and given this fact one cannot expect head injuries to subsist. It’s an unrealistic utopia where football can be played without concussions or any other injury for that matter. By stepping on that field, players understand and accept the risk associated with with the nature of the sport. For anyone who has ever played football must have at least felt their bell being rung, or having a headache or blacking out after a hit. Football players willingly put their bodies on the line and that is why what Sellers said is NOT as unintelligent as some may think. He is merely echoing the sentiment of his peers who want to play even when they may not be 100%. It’s that willingness and desire to play the game that separates the men from the boys so to speak. I am by no means saying players should be allowed to play if injured, but throughout the history of physical competition those who overcome injuries have gone on to play and be some of the most successful and respected players. Are lives in jeopardy? Yes, but that is part of the thrill, that is what separates football from tennis.

  12. I hope he gets multiple concussions and no one shows concern. Then when the nurse is trying to change his diaper and stop him from eating play-doh she shouldn’t ask for help or tell the doctor, because she’s not a snitch…right?

  13. I have to agree with Florio that this is a lawyer/legal maneuver.
    If any player sues the NFL for concussion related injuries/compensation, then going forward, they won’t be able to bring in other players to testify that they also saw that this player was significantly impaired due to a concussion.
    If that player was to testify as such, then they would be implicate themselves as being negligent also in not reporting what they observed to the team doctor per this NFL directive.

  14. To paraphrase Chris Rock, Mike Sellers is keepin’ it real…. real dumb. The “Stop Snitchin'” culture is one more factor contributing to the demise of African American society and here is a professional athlete and role model encouraging this foolishness. He should be suspended for that. Moreover, he clearly doesn’t understand the difference between playing on a twisted ankle and playing with a brain injury. What an imbecile.

  15. Without a doubt Mike Sellers is an idiot. But I think Good(but not fun)ell should have approached this differently.
    He should have asked the players to convince the player in question to seek the medical staff’s help personally. Don’t report him. Just ask him to report himself for his own good.
    Good(for fining people)ell may be opening up a can of worms if players do take his request seriously. There will be conflicts between the player in question and the player(s) who report him. And there may also be sneaky players who want to move up the depth chart by reporting the player ahead of him.
    Bottom line is that Good(for getting his name in the news)ell thinks this league is all about him. He sticks his nose in places it doesn’t belong. This league prospered under the leadership of Pete Rozelle, a man who stood behind the scene and let the product sell itself. But the new commish is a real ego driven tool.

  16. who would you rather have for a teammate, Kapmann OR Sellers? one guy who talks about looking out for your teammate, OR the guy who talks about being a “snitch”? Sellers, your teammates must be so proud of you

  17. Sellers is definitely an idiot. Looking out for your team mates is not “snitchin,” dumbass.
    I bet the NFL is glad he said it, though. Now they can claim, “We’re doing all we can but the players won’t meet us halfway.”

  18. Yeah, a teammate may be exhibiting signs of a brain hemmorage, but good, ole’ Mike Sellers would rather let him collapse and die instead of getting him help.

  19. It’s not about caring or not caring about your teammate. It’s about the game of football and realizing that football players and especially NFL players are willing to risk not only their bodies but ultimately their lives for the sport and for a living. Does this question arise in boxing or MMA? I don’t think so. Why should football be any different?

  20. Sellers says this because he doesn’t worry about getting concussions. He doesn’t hit anyone. See goal line plays @ Detroit and @ Carolina for evidence.
    F Mike Sellers!

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