Bulger will undergo tests after taking blow to head

The Cardinals survived a head injury to Kurt Warner to hold on for a win over the Rams.  It turns out Warner wasn’t the only quarterback to take a harmful hit to the noggin in the game.

Rams quarterback Marc Bulger suffered a blow to the head on a sack by Darnell Dockett on the final possession of the game. 

Bulger got “little bit dinged in the head. He took some whacks there at the end,” coach Steve Spagnuolo said.

The Rams don’t have a lot to show for it, but the team has played much better during their last three games.  They won in Detroit, then took New Orleans and Arizona to the wire. 

That relative momentum may be difficult to maintain if Kyle Boller has to step into the lineup.

6 responses to “Bulger will undergo tests after taking blow to head

  1. Hope he’s ok.
    …now where’s the posting of the Raiders beating the Bengals. I noticed how you guys LOVE to go extra extra extra slow on writing anything positive that involves the Raiders, but please get on it.

  2. My mistake PFT. Carry on.
    All they deserve? Who made you gatekeeper of what gets posted on here?
    And I think the Bengals ARE that good. They just played a sloppy game and got beat. I’m glad my Raiders got the job done. Still plenty things to get resolved, but they beat a good team (again) so hopefully they take this momentum to Thanksgiving.

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