Colts win with help from Ed Reed

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed is one of the best players in the NFL. But his bonehead play late in today’s game helped the Colts sneak out of Baltimore with a 17-15 win.

Fielding a punt with less than 30 seconds to play and the Ravens down by two and just needing to get into field goal range, Reed attempted to lateral to a teammate, fumbled, and looked on helplessly as Freddy Keiaho of the Colts recovered. Reed’s knee looked like it might have touched the ground before he let go of the ball, and it also looked like the pitch might have actually been a forward pass, but the referee reviewed the play and upheld the ruling of the fumble.

With that, the Colts simply ran out the clock and walked off the field the winners of yet another close game.

Colts quarterback Peyton Manning got off to a less-than-stellar start, throwing two first-half interceptions. But he played turnover-free football in the second half and finished the game 22 of 31 for 299 yards.

Colts wide receiver Pierre Garcon had a big day, catching six passes for 108 yards. Tight end Dallas Clark had only one catch for three yards, but it was a one-handed grab in the end zone for a touchdown.

The Colts are 10-0 and marching toward home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.

Ravens receiver Derrick Mason had a huge game, with nine catches for 142 yards, but the rest of the Ravens’ offense didn’t show up today. The Ravens are now 5-5, and if they’re going to make the playoffs, they’re going to need more big games like they got from Mason, and fewer big mistakes like they got from Reed.

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  1. So it wasn’t the interception in the red zone that Joe Flacco threw with less than three minutes to play and prevented them from making (missing) a chipshot fieldgoalthat helped the Colts win by only two points?

  2. I would have preferred the blow out I was expecting. Figures that Stover would kick the winner.
    Ray and Ed went old school today.

  3. Yeah, because THAT play made the difference in the game.
    Harbaugh wasted not one, but TWO timeouts when the Colts clearly got the first down. (And yes, I think because they had to measure, the officials shouldn’t have taken that first timeout away.)
    Flacco is still blind, and doesn’t see the open receivers until it’s too late. Oh, and that interception was a flashback to the Titans game last year where he threw two interceptions after he had rolled outside and had plenty of time to throw it away or do anything else. He threw it right to the defenders. A third one was dropped. Today, he threw right into triple coverage when you have Todd Heap and Derrick Mason with single coverage on each of them.
    Cam Cameron gets even more amazing in his play-calling. And that’s NOT a compliment.
    Harbaugh, you have to go for it on 4th and 1. It’s the Colts. Don’t let last week’s game vs the Patriots scare you. You had to assume they were going to score at least another field goal if not another TD. GO FOR IT!
    And with that said, come on Colts… 2 point victory? This just further proved these games are all staged. Colts have no problem marching right down the field and scoring on first drive… then they can’t see to find a rhthym rest of game?
    Ravens… if you win the opening coin toss, you DON’T choose to put PEYTON MANNING on the field. YOU TAKE THE BALL!
    This loss had a lot of things to blame, but Ed Reed was definitely not one of them.

  4. The Colts won with help from Cundiff blowing a 20 yard field goal and the entire Ravens offense not scoring with a first down on the Colts 2 yard line. Reed was simply going for the last ditch effort with 20+ seconds left.
    It would have been better not to try that move, but it’s not like he blew the game, he just didn’t save it.

  5. Seriously?? Seriously? Even implying Ed cost the Ravens the game is ridiculous..actually he saved a sure touchdown for Wayne by intercepting Manning. Defense played well. The inability of the Ravens offense to score touchdowns instead of field goals cost them the game…

  6. Of course, the Colts never do anything themselves to win the game, do they? The Pats *gave* the game to the Colts. Ed Reed *gave* the game to the Colts. The refs *gave* the game to the Colts.
    When are you and the rest of the media going to man up and realize the Colts are 10-0 for a reason? And it’s not because every team magically gifts the game to them?

  7. Such bonehead plays are a sad part of the legacy of Deion Sanders.
    Over the past few years, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen high school, college, and professional defensive players force a turnover – and then give the ball right back to the offense with a dumba$$ lateral. (I know Reed’s blunder came on a punt return, but it’s the same principle.)

  8. Just another example of how the ravens managed to beat themselves today. It should have been a W, but never took advantage.

  9. They are not on their way to HF advantage. They basically have it.
    Now Polian can get a direct line to the refs and have flags thrown when there is a 3rd and long incomplete pass.

  10. PPdoc13, looks like our miscreant owner Irsay got you again. You will never beat the Indianapolis COLTS as long as #18 is our quarterback. What is it, 7 straight now? That’s gotta hurt. BTW, I was formerly known as ozzie498.

  11. So while Ed Reeds makes stupid plays like this the Steelers continue to struggle without Troy Polamalu… Is there any question who the best safety in the league is??

  12. No no no. That play didn’t lose the game at all. There would’ve been 17 seconds left with no timeouts. Besides, Reed had an interception in the redzone with a 40 yard return. He played great.
    Plays that lost us the game:
    1. the goal line stand from the 2. (Should’ve stuck with the QB sneak!!!!)
    2. Flacco’s INT. (Really Joe?? Into triple coverage?? Ray Rice inflates your stats.)
    3. Cundiff’s missed 30 yard field goal. (Can’t hate on him too much, he was our only point scorer going 4 of 5.)
    We played great today, it was really fun to watch. Indy is just the better team.

  13. Reeds play wasn’t the only bone-headed play of the day. Flacco’s int with the Ravens at the Colts 20 yard line needing only a FG to take the lead was ridiculous……..Colts get another gift.

  14. Reed didn’t lose that game, but so many others did – like Ngata with one of the worst personal foul penalties ever.

  15. Stiller….Charlie,….should you guys really be on here talking shit???? We lost to the undefeated Colts…..who did you lose to????????
    C’mon, there is a time to just shut your yap and not try and make your situation better…..

  16. It really looked like that was a forward lateral, which should have been an illegal forward pass, and Baltimore’s ball.

  17. So by your count golongboyee we have 10 gifts this year? Your an idiot. And since your here and you always talk about how Brady is the better QB because he has more rings, I found a post of yours that goes against your argument:
    7th…Troy 2 rings, Reed 0
    So do those 3 championships still make Brady better than Peyton?
    Florio can you please kick this guy off the site now? He is annoying everyone

  18. SF Saints fan, please know your rules before you open your mouth. If it was an illegal forward pass, the Colts would have declined. Colts ball. Game over.

  19. Florio–please address how the Ravens were allowed to UNCHALLENGE a call– after stopping the Colts hurry-up offense by challenging and saving a time-out + challenge that directely led to a Ravens FG.
    Also anyone here who thinks Murderland isn’t extremely lucky not to have lost by 10+ point is clearly a moron.

  20. IndyWilson…can you decline an illegal forward pass? Just wondering…
    Whosyer….how were we allowed to unchallenge? How were we lucky…cause we held your wonder boy to 14 points???

  21. @ Whosyer12
    WOW. We clearly should’ve won the game, if not for a goal line stand, a shanked 20 yard field goal, and a dumb INT inside the 10 with 3 minutes left.
    Indy had 3 turnovers, they were lucky to win, as everyone has acknowledged…. and yet, you say they should have won by 10?!?!?!
    You guys won the game, no need to make yourself sound like a delusional idiot.

  22. Ravenmaniac, you cannot decline an illegal forward pass, the ball is dead from where the toss was made. The officials determined it was a backwards pass/toss during the review but failed to mention it. The “unchallenging” was when the Ravens threw the red flag out to challenge the Reggie Wayne catch but then decided not to challenge. A couple of years ago a rule was put in place that a team could not throw a red flag to challenge and then decline when many teams were using this to save time and get the defense they wanted in. Im not sure why there was no penalty but im sure there is an explanation. You guys were not lucky at all. The ravens played a hell of a game. Colts vs Ravens is always one of my favorites to watch because of the great defense versus great offense match up. This game seemed to be almost all defense and the Ravens did a great job of containing Manning.

  23. Thanks bian8!! Very informative!!! Great observation!
    Geez..Indywilson….who needs to know their rules???

  24. I feel that the Colts are being treated poorly in this post
    They did not sneak out of MD they played to win the game and they did at the end of 60 minutes they had the most points every game has its highs and lows it what you do with them that counts and the Colts and Eli Mannings big bro did what had to be done the won
    The do not have to sneak any place they can hold there heads up high and be happy they beat a good team today

  25. The title should be “Colts win due to defense”
    No touchdowns whatsoever by the Ravens…. and semi rookie Garcon lit up your secondary, no big surprise.
    And the Raven’s didnt beat themselves btw…. they just got beat.
    My fav play was Addai’s fake out on Lewis for the TD!

  26. Colts fan here. And not a delusional one. I’ve seen this stuff before. The Colts are good. The Colts are REALLY good. But, they’re also getting a lot of lucky breaks. And regular season lucky breaks tend to dry up in the playoffs. If this team is going to win another Lombardi, they have a LOT of work to do before January. For starters, Peyton needs to get his head out of his ASS. He’s played like CRAP since the 49er game. He has the ability to carry this team on his back, which he did early on. He needs to get back to the Peyton of the first 7 games.
    I just hope Caldwell is the anti-Dungy when the playoffs roll around.

  27. C’mon…Indy..dont puss….you called out someone on this board for not knowing the rules…..looks like you should have kept your mouth shut…..
    I am not denying the Colts have our number….I am definitely not denying that you are a douchebag!

  28. Great win… again. how were the ravens favored in this game? the colts have to be the least respected 10-0 team in NFL history. oh well, i think about it on my way to the bank.

  29. Ravenmaniac, BTW, I was correct. Had the officials called a penalty for illegal forward pass and the Colts recover(which they did), the Colts can decline when there is a change of possession. You’re wrong. I’m right. Deal with it. Research NFL rulebook.

  30. IndyWilson can you show us where the rulebook says that? I can only find that the play is automatically dead and the penalty would only move the team back and not give the defense the ball. This rule does not seem to be real clear.

  31. IndyWilson:
    “SF Saints fan, please know your rules before you open your mouth. If it was an illegal forward pass, the Colts would have declined. Colts ball. Game over.”
    I think you are wrong and not me:
    NFL Rulebook Annotated (2006 version – could not locate 2009 edition)
    Rule 8 Forward Pass, Backward Pass, Fumble
    Supplemental Notes:
    “A.R. 8.4 A punt is caught on the receiving team’s 20-yard line. The player who caught the ball
    attempts to throw a backward pass, but the ball goes forward and hits the ground. The
    kicking team falls on it.
    Ruling: Illegal forward pass. The ball is dead when it hits the ground. Penalize from the
    spot of the pass. B’s ball first-and-10 on B15 (8-1-1-Pen. a).”
    I was for the Colts in this game anyway, but it looked like the Ravens got shafted in the end.

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