Giants relieved to win after defensive collapse

The New York Giants ended their four game losing streak because they won a coin flip.

Big Blue’s 34-31 overtime victory against Atlanta was a matchup of struggling teams that don’t appear to have playoff-caliber defenses. 

The Falcons had four possessions after halftime.  The result: touchdown, field goal, touchdown, and touchdown.  Jason Snelling proved to be a capable replacement for Michael Turner, and Matt Ryan broke out of his month-long slump after a miserable first half.

Atlanta’s defense, especially its secondary, was also miserable.  They forced only one stop after halftime and Eli Manning had the best day of his career in the Meadowlands, throwing for 384 yards, three touchdowns, and an interception.  His toss in overtime to Mario Manningham was a thing of beauty.

The prevailing emotion after the game was relief for the Giants.  “It’s been a long time, 42 days since our last win,” Eli Manning said. “It felt like it, too.”

“It’s nice to win,” coach Tom Coughlin said. “We were miserable around here for a month.”

After a 4-1 start, the Falcons are now 5-5 and can’t stop anyone on defense.  It’s hard to imagine them getting into the playoffs, but they do return to the Georgia Dome for three straight home games.

The Giants head to Denver for a key Thanksgiving night game, then host the Cowboys and Eagles.  The losing streak stopped Sunday, but the prolonged defensive slump continues.

14 responses to “Giants relieved to win after defensive collapse

  1. I’m a (frustrated) Giants fan. TC promoted Sheridan to DC after Spags left for the Rams. Sheridan was the LB coach.
    That unit never played well even during the Superbowl year. Year after year Jerry Reese picks 2 LBs per draft and none of them have worked out. They had to acquire free agent Boley to fill the gap at strongside.
    This year Sheridan turned one of the best defenses in football into a total joke. They aren’t playoff caliber, and they aren’t even NFL caliber.

  2. Snowman2008 you are obviously not a true giants fan. Seems like you jumped on the bandwagon in 2007 and want to jump off in 2009 when the seas are rough.
    Gmen will get it fixed. Maybe you can follow the saints or colts next.

  3. Gmen4Life, no, you’re a homer. you can be a fan and realize the defense is terrible, because frankly it is. When the giants blitz 7, drop 4 and one of them is Tuck, you’re not playing the players to their strengths and Sheridan is not doing that.

  4. I suspect that gmen4life meant that we shouldn’t forget how the D looked good and bad at times, even in our good years. Even during the 2007 season, they had some bad games (anyone remember the loss to the Vikings? The one to the Redskins?).
    I’m not at all happy with Sheridan’s scheme, but with the personnel on the field, I think it is still a playoff-caliber team. It just depends on if they show up for game days.

  5. As a life long Giants fan I am tired of seeing Eli and company put up plenty of points and almost lose due to the play calling by the DC.
    The Giants should never have let Spags go they should have made him an offer he could not refuse.
    Eli is doing his job leading the O to high scores he had almost 400 yards passing
    Come on D get your heads out of your rears and hit someone
    Look at what the young WR are doing look at Boss we have the #1 WR in the NFL in Steve Smith child please play some D

  6. It all comes down to what the coaches are calling. We all know the G-Men can run the ball with anyone, but KillDrive doesn’t want to do that for some reason. Yes we can throw it, but we WIN by running it.
    The D is another debacle. Justin Tuck dropping back in coverage? If he even practices that it’s insane, but to do it in a game? Awful. This personnel is the same (pretty much) the last 3 years so it has to be the coaching that’s causing the team to play below their potential. TC needs to take control of the D at some point or we’re going to watch Shockey light up Osi on a go route.

  7. “That unit never played well even during the Superbowl year. Year after year Jerry Reese picks 2 LBs per draft and none of them have worked out. They had to acquire free agent Boley to fill the gap at strongside.”
    Year after year? Reese has been the GM for two years. You have already discounted the potential of Clint Sintim, who will be starting soon, Bryan Kehl, and Jonathan Goff? Also Boley is the starting weakside linebacker not strongside.
    Levito, when Spagnuolo was the giants defensive coordinator he often dropped Tuck, Kiwanuka, and Umenyiora into coverage more than Sheridan does which confused the offense. Sheridan does not have the ability or insight that Spags had. He seems to struggle in making adjustments as well.

  8. I am not sure if Sheridan is the answer. If they miss the playoffs and the defense is the culprit, then they will probably drop Sheridan and look elsewhere (JOHN FOX PLEASE!!!)
    Anyway, they gave up like 85 points in the first two games of their SuperBowl year, so there is still room to improve. The world hasn’tr ended yet Giants’ Fans. Have a little faith

  9. Beezer, I know what Spags did, and I wasn’t a fan of dropping Tuck or Kiwi then either. It’s not the only problem with the defense, but it’s a problem. Sheridan doesn’t understand that you can rush something other than 4 or 7 players.

  10. No throw by Eli Manning is a thing of beauty. Guy looks like Forrest Gump and you almost feel sorry for him at times.

  11. SmackMyVickUp says:
    November 23, 2009 12:22 AM
    No throw by Eli Manning is a thing of beauty. Guy looks like Forrest Gump and you almost feel sorry for him at times.
    You might be the corniest person on here, all you do is post on every article, I dont get how you just sit there like a loser all day and night posting comments on every team. Did you even watch the game? Doubtful, Manning was nasty. I feel sorry for him too, 3 td’s almost 400 yards and a win, the defense and run game were both horrible but you continue w the played out Eli comments “forrest gump” “special olympics” I feel sorry for you, it was after midnight and youre posting about a game you prob didnt even watch. Sitting in your mothers basement all day and night in your underwear, get up from the computer once and while and take a shower, PFT isnt going anywhere, what would we do without your lame comments on EVERY post. It probably took you 4 days to come up w that catchy name, Kool Keith wants to spit in your face for it. Its like you dont even watch football but try instead to be a comedian, and a bad one at that.

  12. Actually you’re right, I feel bad for eli manning too, 20 games over .500 as a starter, a SB ring and followed that super bowl up with a pro bowl appearance..

  13. “20 games over .500 as a starter”
    15. He’s 48-33 as a starter. Romo is 19 games over .500 as a starter (34-15), if you need something for comparison’s sake.

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