Mariucci rips firing of Jauron

Steve Mariucci got animated today on NFL Network as he discussed the Buffalo Bills firing head coach Dick Jauron, saying Bills owner Ralph Wilson made the wrong move in getting rid of his coach.

“Does it bother me?” Mariucci said. “Yes, it bothers me a lot.”

Mariucci noted that he and Jauron are personal friends who have worked together and whose families have become close, so he’s not exactly an objective observer. But from where Mariucci sits, Jauron didn’t deserve to get canned while the season is still going on.

“My gripe is during the season,” Mariucci said. “What good is it during the season? Coaches getting fired at the end of the season is typical and probably more appropriate. The other thing that bothers me is, Is one man being gone going to make it better?”

Mariucci’s bottom line conclusion? “I think that organization made a bad move.”

Mariucci knows something about coaches getting fired during the season: In 2005, then-Lions President Matt Millen fired Mariucci during the regular season. Millen replaced Mariucci with his defensive coordinator, Dick Jauron.

24 responses to “Mariucci rips firing of Jauron

  1. Former coach inherited a great 49ers team and won a SB. Same coach failed everywhere else including as an analyst for NFL network.
    I take his opinion very seriously.

  2. Mariucci should be forced to ride a tricycle in the studio when making his comments…

  3. Who cares what Mooch thinks ? Hes just a studio suit thats sticking up for his friend, Dick Jauron, AKA Skeletor. Jauron shows less emotion than an android and drops a challenge flag like a Southern Belle at a ball hoping a gentleman will notice it and pick it up. Throw the freakin thing at a refs feet fer krissake ! Why does Mariucci think Bills fans should have to put up with more bad play, bad coaching, the worst losing record of any head coach in NFL history thats coached as many games as Jauron,and absolutely zero emotion from its head coach for a 4th consecutive year ? Let Mariucci sit in the rain, sleet, snow and wind at the Ralph and watch boring football thats about as dull as watching army paint dry and then stick up for Jauron.

  4. that’s the PROBLEM, Mariucci goes on to say that they are PERSONEL FRIENDS, so that’s the problem with this story, how do you expect him to be OBJECTIVE when he’s discussing Jauron or Farve for that matter? ESPN and the NFL Network don’t mind sacrificing credibilty when it comes to putting ex-jocks and coaches behind the microphone, there are ex-players and coaches who take it seriously, but there’re the exceptionto the rule, that’s why I value the opinion of Peter King, Mort, Sal Palantonio, John Clayton, guys who’ve been covering the league for awhile, with no apparent axe to grind, LIKE STICKING UP FOR THEIR FRIENDS!

  5. These guys have high profile positions and unlike players are owed the rest of their contracts when they get let go. I doubt Mariucci thought twice about cutting players loose in the middle of the season.

  6. Sorry your “bud” was cut loose for dragging loyal Bills fans thru four horrible seasons of unspeakable torture. Now, he’s right beside you, out of Football where he belongs.
    Mooch, you are now a whiny punk in my book, and no wonder why all whiny punks like you are not a success in the NFL. It takes “A” personality men with real leadership. If you are now rowing, get out of the boat, and punks like you are afraid to toss the dead weight overboard because it may hurt someones feelings. You are too busy following instead of leading, so it is you that will be tossed overboard time and time again.
    Someone toss Dick and Mooch a life raft..

  7. Mariucci is a dumbass. A problem at coach is a problem at coach, whether you fire him now or at the end of the season. Why prolong the inevitable.
    Since their such great friends, perhaps Mariucci can get ol’ dead-eye Dick a gig at the NFL Network.
    Then they can go down (further) into irrelevance together.

  8. he is an idiot, the entire badfalo front office needs to be canned and start that whole team with a fresh start

  9. SmackMyVickUp says:
    November 22, 2009 10:37 AM
    Former coach inherited a great 49ers team and won a SB. Same coach failed everywhere else including as an analyst for NFL network.
    I take his opinion very seriously.
    When did Mooch win a SB?

  10. I actually agree with him on this. While I do agree with the Bills needing a fresh start what positive comes from an in season firing. Why not give him incentives to prevent his firing and if you really want him gone make the incentives nearly impossible. To me this sends a signal to the players that the season is lost.

  11. I actually like Marriucci, but disagree with him on this one. Jauron had to go, if for anything else but to breath some life into the team and the fan base. As far as saying Steves an idiot and a dumbass and all that, I don’t agree. I think he’s great on TV. Of course, now that I’ve disagreed with some of the comments here, I guess that makes me an idiot and a dumbass, in which case, you shouldn’t be listening to a word I say.

  12. Mooch, when the NFL network finally cans you, you and your buddy can look for UFL work together.
    The season is lost, the franchise is lost. You dont put out a forest fire by letting it run its course. Jauron is not NFL head coaching material, it sucks it took over 3 seasons for the front office to realize. Next move, new scouts & an actual GM.

  13. “Former coach inherited a great 49ers team and won a SB. ”
    Are you talking about George Seifert? He’s the last 49ers coach to win a Super Bowl.

  14. Mariucci did make a good point about the assistant coaches for the Bills being uncertain about their own futures in Buffalo now… looks like they’re just going to ride out the season in a real mess.

  15. The Bills are a COMPLETE mess and this is just the start of the total house cleaning coming in the off season.

  16. Steve Mariucci ? So nice for the King of Irrelevance to weigh in. Jauron is a 7-9 coach. That’s what he’ll get you every year. He was 13-3 one year with the Bears when we got every lucky bounce. Mooch should just be quiet. His bluster is meaningless.

  17. Man, I can’t believe the Mooch piling-on. I like the guy, his passion for football, and his unashamed loyalty to his friends. Maybe he hasn’t won a SB, but remember, Garcia was his QB when he got canned in SF after Young retired unexpectedly, and Harrington was his QB (who he wanted to bench but Millen wouldn’t let him) when he got canned in Detroit. The Niners were 57-39 and made the playoffs four times in his six years as head coach. They haven’t been to the playoffs since Mooch got fired and haven’t even had a winning season (36-69 record) since. Mooch was 15-28 with the goddawful Lions with Joey as his QB and Millen as his GM. The Lions are 11-46 since he got fired. I think people ought to check the stats before they jump all over a guy.

  18. Come on, we know Mooch is just a very nice dude who is very positive about everything, not just his friends.
    I admit it is irritating to hear him talk about Favre but I like Mooch. He’s the same guy no matter WHO he discusses. He’s not a hypocrite unlike other media I could mention who just go as the wind blows. Or pimp their own guys or showboaty guys (HELLO DEION SANDERS I AM TALKING TO YOU!!) but are overly critical of some others.
    I don’t think Mooch has what it takes to be a pro coach but I think he would be great as a college or HS coach. Same goes for Jauron, another guy who pretty much everyone agrees is a totally classy high character guy.

  19. DookiesDeposit and SprintPhoneFTW, good comments.
    Gotta love the PFT commenters. Definitely way more entertaining than anything Florio might ever post.

  20. These guys always stick up for their coaching brothers. By the way DJ was a nice man. Who cares, he doesn’t win!

  21. One guy being gone not making a difference? Sure happened in Jacksonville Sunday. Alex Van Pelt was actually able to open up the play book to more than “run, run, pass, punt” and look at the production that got out of the passing game.
    It’s true to say that Fitzpatrick’s eyes were glued to Terrell Owens most of the day, but with the day he had, why not? Opening up the offenese and taking pressue off of the minimal run game they put so much of the workload on will do wonders, and yes, it’s all because ONE man is gone.
    Mooch, you = douche. You are to the NFL Network as Steve Lavin is to ESPN/College Basketball.

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