Report: Patriots security chief reprimanded

After Sunday’s Patriots-Colts game, a Patriots employee escorting coach Bill Belichick off the field appeared to knock a cameraman to the ground.

Now that employee has been reprimanded.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that the NFL has reprimanded Patriots Chief Operating Officer of TeamOps Security Mark Briggs over the incident. Mortensen said the league thought a review of the tape was inconclusive as to whether Briggs actually knocked the cameraman down, but apparently the league was concerned enough to warn Briggs to be on his best behavior going forward.

Briggs is a native of Derby in the United Kingdom and a 16-year veteran of the British Army. He has worked for the Patriots since the end of the 2000 season and is in charge, the team says, of “giving visitors to Gillette Stadium a world-class experience.”

Apparently visitors to Lucas Oil Stadium don’t get the same courtesy.

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  1. Now I am not saying the Pats are above beating down pesky paparrazi, but the NFL is offside. I watched that incident several times. Like a cartton dog running out of chain that camera man ran out of cord.
    The NFL has so many rules about coach player requirements (ie being available for 15 minutes for press conferences. Why not avoid the post game clusterf–k and make a rule about how coaches need to exit the feild. Make sure the route is planned and observers needs to be a certain distance away. What the he’ll is someone suppossed to do in this instance???

  2. Meh – looked like the cameraman’s cable had run out of room and he had a Bugs Bunny-like snag-and-drop. Giving the guy a reprimand only serves to fuel the notion that the Colts somehow operate under different rules.

  3. Chris Mortensen has been wrong plenty of times before and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s wrong about this one.
    I’ve seen the tape too and it’s very conclusive the hippie cameraman ran out of cord and his own assistant knocked him to the ground when he pulled the cord back.

  4. bluenoser, you want an even MORE robotic looking game. Everything shouldn’t be done in an orderly fashion. That’s why I hate the NFL’s rules regarding touchdown celebrations

  5. For all you “experts” that claim via your insightful analysis that it was all the fault of the cable running out, I am a TV cameraman with over 20 years experience. I, too, have had the cable run out and even have had some morons step on my cable. Never once went to the ground. Threw me off balance so if some assclown gave me a shove, I would have gone done, but the cable NEVER once brought me down. In fact, I only saw the cable bring one guy down in 20 plus years and it was while he was in the process of starting to run up some steps. It’s remotely possible that the guy was uncoordinated or had even been hitting a few beers during the game, but it’s much more likely that he was “helped” to the ground.

  6. Well, yeah, CameraBoy, but the point is, the shove that the Patriots version of the Secret Service guy gave the cameraman was very slight. That slight shove, coupled with the cord going taut, is what forced the cameraman to go down.
    It’s not like Jack Bauer guy threw the cameraman violently to the ground like some claim.
    You might argue that he shouldn’t have given him any kind of shove at all, slight or otherwise. But I disagree. The coach is trying to get off the field and it’s hard when you’ve got some cheesedick cameraman blocking your path and trying to stick a lens 4 inches from your face. Jack Bauer guy was just trying to clear the way.

  7. The Notorious V.I.C. – Don’t know if you’ll see this. I was out all day, so this answer comes real late. First off, he’s not close to four inches from Belichick. The fact that the security guard was between the camera op and Belichick proves that very nicely. Second, and this is the really important point, TV pays the bills. By far, the largest source of revenue for the NFL is TV. Don’t like camera ops running around, don’t sign the contract or modify it’s terms before signing. Whether he likes it or not, and I can fully understand why anyone would NOT like it, Belichick gets paid handsomely to have the cameras around. If he doesn’t like cameras on the field, I’m sure there’s hundreds of high school football teams that would love to have him coach. Of course, his paycheck would be dramatically smaller, but he’ll be free of those annoying cameras. BTW, for the record, no camera op I have ever met or worked with really wants to be on the field. It sucks, it’s dangerous, and it holds you up from getting a start on packing up and going home. You do it because that’s the camera you were assigned and you get the shots the director wants or you don’t work. We all have our jobs to do and part of Belichick’s is putting up with camera ops on the field on game day. Brigg’s job is to make sure no wacko from the stands gets near Bill. IT IS NOT his job to prevent the broadcast partners of the NFL from doing their job and getting the shots they deem necessary to broadcast a game.

  8. # Stuart Scotts left eye says: November 22, 2009 11:40 AM
    sad to see this guy could lose his job because of a overaggressive reporter.
    overagressive reporter? are u kidding me? FYI – NFL games are televised. there are cameramen all over the place as a necessity of providing a broadcast. this wasn’t some papperazzi running up to belichick at the airport.
    BB – how about just walking off the field after a courteous handshake for once. why always the running out like the building is on fire every time?
    this should be viewed like a charging call in basketball. the cameraman already occupied the space. cord or not, the security guy should have gone around. no need to even make it close. seeing the footage you would think malatov cocktails were raining down from the stands.
    just another arrogant, conceited, self-absorbed patriots employee.

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