Rumors fly that Holmgren is eyeing a return to Seattle

Despite rampant rumors linking former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren to Cleveland, we’ve been hearing of late an intriguing rumor regarding a future for Holmgren that might look a lot like his most recent past.

There’s talk that Holmgren would like to return to Seattle in a Bill Parcells-style capacity, as the leader of the football operations but without the day-to-day grind.

To make that happen, however, President of Football Operations and G.M. Tim Ruskell presumably would have to leave.  It has long been believed that Ruskell and Holmgren didn’t see eye to eye, and there’s a perception in some circles that Ruskell nudged Holmgren out.

So maybe now Holmgren will return the favor.

The Seahawks have had two very bad years.  So maybe owner Paul Allen would be inclined to make a change.  It remains to be seen whether Allen also would be willing to bring back a guy whom Allen hired more than 10 years ago as both coach and General Manager.

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  1. A team like Seattle doesn’t have as much merchandising potential as other teams. The Steelers, for instance.
    So they seem to be at a disadvantage when it comes to winning the Superbowl.
    I think he heads to Cleveland.

  2. Speedy recovery to Allen, I hope and pray that he will be just fine…At the same time, this Seahawks team has problems and the quicker those in positions of signing and releasing players realise that, the better this team will be. No more injuries excuses because injuries are a part of the game and they know it…the bottom line with that team is that Matt is getting older, Jones will retire, their defense isn’t what it was a few years ago, nor the offense, and the rebuilding stage is setting in…but for some odd reason they think that because Matt is there, everything will be okay and it’s not and won’t….focus on the secondary, focus on a QB of the future(because wallace isn’t it) and the OLine..then I think the Seahawks will be okay, even though I really hate them

  3. If we’re gonna talk ‘rumours’ – let’s add that if San Francisco fails to finish above .500 yet again, and Jed and his dad decide Scott-o is not cutting it when it comes to results on the field, you never know if they put in a call to their Bay area neighbor, Holmgren.
    If the 49ers run the table with losses it could even be a Holmgren, Shanahan tag team – two former 49er coaches coming home. 😉

  4. I don’t like that. I don’t like how Ruskell’s drafts have turned out, but now the future of the franchise is somewhat settled and Mora knows what he wants offensively and defensively. To not give Ruskell a chance with his guy in charge wouldn’t be very fair.

  5. wouldn’t really surprise me. makes sense for both sides. holmgren gets to stay in a familiar place and the seahawks get to stop being crappy.

  6. So basically, Holmgren is available for any role to the highest bidder. Could make for some interesting offseason drama, if he stays on the market that long.

  7. Seattle fired Holgrom as a GM….so why would they hire him back in that role? Firing the current GM makes sense, but hiring a guy who sucked at the job, doesn’t.

  8. Yes, and I told a friend who told a friend that Andy Reid ate Holmgren and can now manage the game clock.
    “Rumor’s Fly Reid Ate Holmgren”
    Now that is easy.

  9. According to jim brown he’s already met with randy lerner and has been heard saying on the radio that he’s interested in the cle job. As mentioned before this is leverage for more money in cle.

  10. Nerd – that is the most moronic, non-sensical statement I have ever heard.
    Merchandising has nothing to do with it, mainly due to a thing called “revenue-sharing”
    Get an f-ing clue.

  11. Holmgren a disaster at GM?? Do you know anything about football?? Holmgren built the core of the dominant super bowl team of 2005 by drafting RB Shaun Alexander (’00), WR Darryl Jackson (’00), LG Steve Hutchinson (’01), DT Rocky Bernard (’02), TE Jeremy Stevens (’02), and CB Ken Lucas (’01), and the biggest one of all, Hasslebeck…. The only reason he was let go from the GM position was because the ownership felt that he had too much on his plate and would do better just coaching..
    Holmgren will return as GM of the Hawks and he will lead us back to the Superbowl. Bye Bye Ruskell

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