Steelers set the wrong kind of a record

So I was sitting down and plugging in the official PFT laptop in the room where the all-star NBC cast of characters assembles to watch the Sunday games, Jamaal Charles of the Chiefs was returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown on the Brady Bunch wall of nine television screens.

And then Kevin Hines of Elias Sports Bureau says that it’s the eighth straight game that the Steelers have allowed a special-teams or defensive return for a touchdown.

It’s an NFL record.


Chiefs lead, 7-0.

6 responses to “Steelers set the wrong kind of a record

  1. OMG this is getting ridiculous.
    At this point some serious heads need to be rolling in Pittsburgh. I haven’t seen our special teams play this bad since the earlier part in the decade when the Patriots were returning punts for TD’s on the Steelers at will.
    It’s time for Tomlin to be like the coach in The Waterboy and “cut some asses”. Or fire the ST coach.
    Or both.

  2. Yeah Ligashesky was a bad pick from the beginning but this is just getting ridiculous. It is almost to the point that I cringe after we score, because kickoffs are the opponents’ best chance.

  3. I know the coach is and probably should be on the hot seat, but quality of special teams is also a roster thing. I would bet the steelers picked position over athleticism when they picked their final 53. I thought the 34 defense was supposed to allow teams to keep more linebacker/special team hybrid guys, but it isn’t working in the ‘Burgh and never has historically. The Cowher era was known for poor special teams at times.

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