Two first-half picks for Manning

As the team that used to play in Baltimore tries to run its winning streak over the team that currently plays in Baltimore to seven, the quarterback of the team that used to play in Baltimore is having a rough day, compared to the quarterback’s usual standards.

Peyton Manning has thrown two interceptions during the first two quarters.

It’s only the second time this season Manning has thrown two interceptions.  Last week, his team overcame the miscues to beat the Pats.

Last year, Manning had five games with two picks — the 12-4 Colts were 2-3 in those games.

Since December 8, 2002, Manning has thrown more than two interceptions only once, during a six-pick meltdown on a Sunday night against the Chargers, in a game Indy lost by only two points.

14 responses to “Two first-half picks for Manning

  1. The Ravens defense played a good game today, but it’s absolutely pathetic that the offense actually moved the ball down the field so much without ever breaking into the end zone.
    The pick that Flacco threw really hurt. Reed’s love of the lateral is annoying, but I doubt that last turnover really matters anyway.

  2. Seriously, Colts fans get ready for another dissapointing year. 10-0, 12-0 whatever, it doesn’t mean anything when it comes to this team when they go one win and done again in the playoffs. It already looks as if they are starting to pucker out. Their not finishing drives, dropping passes, throwing interceptions,fumbling, I mean the writing is on the wall for a collapse. By all means they should of lost last week, this week they had every chance to put this Ravens team away, likewise against Patriots, Houston, and Sanfranciso and for some reason they prefer to win a close game resulting from their own doing. A win is a win and thats true but something about winning a close game that you could have won handedly the last 3 out of the 4 weeks tells me your going to be done quickly in the playoffs if this isn’t dealt with quickly. For starters Manning is managing games piss poorly, yes I said it, PISS POORLY. 3 out of 4 picks the last 2 games in the other opponents territory leaving points on the field are rookie mistakes, sorry but I call it the way I see it. Reggie Wayne is the MVP on the team.

  3. Jay16 so since the Colts are playing so poorly and still beating some pretty good teams what does that tell you about what will happen when they play their A game? I’d love to know how Manning is not managing the games very well? I think the game versus New England absolutely ruins your argument.

  4. Sorry Jay, but you are a complete idiot that knows absolutely nothing about football. Everyone said that we would be one and done in 2006, and how did that turn out? Would it be better if the Colts lost a couple of these close games? Great teams win the close ones. Period. End of story. If Peyton Manning were Kyle Orton you would say he manages a great game. Manning is on pace to set an NFL record for yards in a season with a rotten running game. I would call that managing a game pretty well. Ask any expert, Manning is an all time great. Of the 20 living Hall of fame QB’s, 13-2 chose Manning over Brady.(5 didn’t vote) I trust their opinion much more than I trust yours, you message board hack.

  5. Gosh, I’m sorry guys. I didn’t mean to reflect on the past for you guys, I mean I’m sure the offense will bring their A game like they always do in the playoffs, my opinion sucks your right and I’m the idiot, your right too. Gee, “Manning is on pace to set NFL records without a running game” I mean I really overlooked that and come playoff time that will really matter because if they lose you guys can say “well, there was no running game and Manning doesn’t get any help”
    Hey, lets set it straight I like Manning too. I would probably give him the edge over Brady in regular season acheivments. I would even justify those so called Hall of Fame voters who voted for him last week and agree he is probably the best QB I’ve seen since Dan Marino pre achilles injury. But Manning has a glaring weakness in his game and that’s consistency in post-season play and all I was pointing out was that they are already treading in the same water that got them beat by Pittsburg in 2005, likewise in 2007. His glaring weakness managing a game against a diciplined defense running 3-4 formations. What happens is he outsmarts himself and the defense at times DICTATES the tempo or even his play-calling. Unless he has a running game soon he’s just one guy the defense really has to figure out and if you look the past 4 games his production has slid to mediocre because GOOD defenses can cause him to be average, yesterday he was below average and really his turnovers almost cost them the game. Am I not calling it how it is?

  6. No, you must of only read part of what I said mute, 4 picks last 2 weeks and throwing into double coverage is pretty piss poor for a MVP, and I think he knows that. Not finishing drives to not even field goals is piss poor. Relying on Tom Santi for third down conversions is piss poor. Every year the Colts start out great or they put together consecutive wins that are impressive, Manning gets hot. But then something strange happens, all of a sudden they pucker out, receivers can’t catch, Manning throws picks. To me it seems like there is an incentive in their contracts to produce highly in the regular season and once they get on a level where there’s no where to go they kinda play to the level of the competition which ultimately seals their fate later on. Great win yesterday though but they should fix this asap and get hungry again. Other teams are peaking that have confidence in beating them outside of the Patriots like the Chargers, good luck and pray that these two teams play eachother in the postseason and you can get the Bengals or Steelers.

  7. Tom Brady’s career playoff passer rating is 88. Peyton Mannings playoff rating is 85. Don’t blame Manning every time the Colts lose in the playoffs. Teams win championships, not individuals. It’s just so easy for Manning haters to say he choked when the Colts lose a playoff game, but its not reality. The 2003 afc championship is the only Colts playoff loss that I put solely on Manning.

  8. Indy Wilson your right! Your numbers are correct. But why do you feel you have to justify with numbers? Sometimes numbers lie, in this case your comparing numbers between a quarterback who has been to 4 superbowls vs a quarterback who has been to 1 with 2 AFC championships under his belt. Your point is, the difference is a mere 3 points in passer rating between these two guys, so others must be hating on Manning and they go easy on Brady. For some reason the 4 super bowls with the 88 passer rating seems to not get discussed. It must be hard to actually see that both of these quarterbacks have just as much burden as the other for their own franchises when they lose or when they win, in this case Brady is the clear winner and has the most success, that’s really how it’s measured.
    Manning changes, then calls the plays at the line of scrimmage without even being questioned from his coach, he has the ability to CHANGE PLAYS WAY more then any other quarterback this game has ever seened, but its the same responsibility that gets him beat. How can you not blame more losses on him? Bro, are you talking about the same Peyton Manning that loses every year in the playoffs to a 3-4 defense? Or the one in 2006 who relied on Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis and Bob Sanders to play godlyke to win in the playoffs? The 2003 Manning was the best and that’s the one you blame, 2004 was his WORST. 3 points in Foxboro. It’s obvious you think your a Manning fan but clearly either you have mistaken or you have no insight on what your talking about.

  9. correct me if i’m wrong… 3-4 defenses=miami, arizona, san francisco, new england, BALTIMORE. W,W,W,W,W. i guess we’ll just have to keep getting lucky. too bad we don’t have a badass like joe flacco managing our games.

  10. Jay 16, what kind of defense does New England run? is it a 3-4? answer: YES. How many points did Manning and the offense score on them in the 2006 AFC championship? Answer:38. How many points did Sanders,Freeney and Mathis give up in that game. Answer: 34. Shut the hell up, you have no clue. Vinatieri won countless games for Brady while Vanderjagt continually missed late FG’s in the playoffs. It’s a team game, but when the team wins the QB gets all the credit and all the blame when his team loses. That is what idiot fans do. People that have never played the game. Btw, “have ever seened”. Seriously?

  11. Right guys I need to shut the hell up, I know nothing what I’m saying, it’s pure greatness that the Colts pile on more regular season wins in history in a 8 year span with the fewest AFC championship appearances in history also, it’s a true measure of greatness. You guys are saying the Colts play great in the regular season and they always continue this trend in the playoffs and they simply dominate 3-4 defenses, I mean out of all of those defenses that were mentioned by INDYWILSON the only team that was dominated was Arizona this year and at that time they were not good, but that’s ok though a win is a win and I’m sure the next time they play any of those teams in the playoffs they will just destroy them like they do every year, like the Chargers last year, man the Colts destroyed them didn’t they. You guys convinced me, I changed my mind. Manning never mismanages games, I mean he was lying when he said so himself before I made the claim Monday.

  12. Indy Wilson
    I did make a mistake on my grammer there. But that’s very typical from someone losing an argument when they have to point out an error or a typo,mistake, mispelled word, all of a sudden you turned into ONE of these guys who I need to have perfect grammer with, Why now? I’ll tell you why, I hope EVERYONE IS READING THIS.
    It’s an easy way to change the subject when your getting your ass kicked in an argument,debate, or discussion. There are typo’s and mispelled words in public forums all the time in this world, I choose to ignore them and use my common sense to figure out what the phrase is unless it’s in a different language to respond, I can usually tell what the word is if its mispelled, and I use common sense not to rag on that person because I know its a public forum. Usually when we are having a debate, the last thing I want to do in this debate is make it look like I’m reaching for desperation like you just did. But I don’t try to change the subject because it looks like I’m a loser trying to change the focus of the debate around and it makes me look like I’m losing the discussion. In a boxing ring you would probably be the one aiming below the belt rather then actual boxing I’m afraid. And although my right hooks are sloppy so to speak(in reguarding to my grammer), they are still connecting on your grill time and time again on here. Now your wrapping me up and aiming for my balls because that’s it, that’s all you got left in the tank. I’ve simply slayed you and now your biting, kneeing, grabing and using your fingernails to win this one. Anytime you want to debate and get throat punched like you just did let me know.

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