Buzz building for Holmgren to Seahawks

The chatter is intensifying regarding a possible return by former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren to the organization with which he spent ten seasons, from 1999 through 2008.

We’ve been hearing the talk for a while, and the contractual status of current President of Football Operatons/G.M. Tim Ruskell could set the stage for Ruskell to depart after the year sans buyout, and for Holmgren to return as the high man on the totem pole.

There’s even some talk it could happen within the next week or two, despite the reality that Holmgren could be hired only after at least one minority candidate is interviewed for the job. 

But it’s unclear whether the league would permit “permanent” hires of this nature to be made during the season, since possible candidates under contract with other teams cannot be considered until the season ends.

Regardless of how it all plays out, the Seahawks can’t be overlooked as a potential candidate to re-employ Holmgren, who also is widely believed to be under consideration to join the Browns.

21 responses to “Buzz building for Holmgren to Seahawks

  1. So the whole “talking about spanning the nation by coaching out east” was a ploy? Well played, Mr. Walrus, well played.

  2. This interviewing a minority has good intentions, but if I am set to hire someone I shouldn’t have to interview someone that I am not going to hire in the first place! I am of a minority race and I really think this issue can be humiliating and just more BS!

  3. Agree Brian…..I know what the rule is trying to do and is commendable…But to me it is odd as a team wants Mr. or Mrs X as their GM…Rooney rule forces the team to find a minority to interview even though person X is who they want. What is the point?? The minority would essentially be used..IMHO..

  4. Haha, I always forget why it takes so long for hires to happen…and then there’s the Rooney rule. Why waste these guys time interviewing someone that have no intention of hiring, just so people can make believe that an honest attempt was made to hire a black coach. I’ll tell ya what, I’m a white guy out of work since April and I hear noone crying for me…I never owned a slave in my life.

  5. I agree with brian forster. I am not a minority in this country, and as such am not one to speak for those who are. However, I can’t help but predict that I would be insulted over this Rooney Rule thing if I were a minority. I am involved in the hiring of personnel, and that type of “rule” just doesn’t work.

  6. Yeah, the Rooney Rule needs to go – but wasn’t Mike stripped of the GM duties he once had in Seattle? I thought I remembered that part of the job not going so well.

  7. There is not enough Chinese Players in the NFL.
    They should apply some sort of Rooney Rule where every team has to have at least three chinese players on the roster.

  8. Doubtful that Holmgren would be put in a position to fire his hand picked successor as his first order of business as Seahawks GM. Also, he did a lousy job at it first time around. What makes him more qualified this time?

  9. The only thing the NFL should be more ashamed of than their horrendous track record of hiring minority candidates is their lame attempt at FORCING teams to interview and hire minority candidates. Its all a lame PR measure that the NFL needs in order to look good in the eyes of the public. Why not reward teams for their efforts rather than force all of them to do something that only a handful would be doing if the rule wasn’t in existence? They could easily reward teams with an annual PR release detailing the efforts of those who have gone above and beyond. Instead they choose to tout the existence of the rule rather than telling us WHETHER OR NOT THE DAMN THING IS EVEN WORKING. (Which is debatable.)

  10. From a practical standpoint, how would the NFL “reward” teams for hiring minority coaches? Award them Monday night games, give them extra draft picks, let the salary cap slide…?
    Those are the nuts & bolts that matter. Nobody cares about press releases.

  11. bucc19 says:
    Look for Favre to be a Seahawk next year HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH
    Unlikely. Favre has said he’s scared of Holmgren. Holmgren is one of the two coaches in Favre’s career who didn’t treat him as though he walked on water and let him get away with murder.
    Favre, at his age, and with the biggest NFL ego of all time, simply can’t handle that level of stress. He’s much better off with his current coach/personal chauffeur Childress.

  12. The idea is that the league is a standard bearer of a rule to amend unfair hiring practices. And that is meant to address even more insulting, racist and largely disenfranchising sporting organizations (SEE MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL)
    Like Holmgren going to the Seahawks is really going to help anyway?

  13. Jesus the Rooney rule is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. Requiring you to interview someone based solely on the color of their skin (regardless of their qualifications) is insulting to the interviewer and the interviewee. I can’t imagine black folks like this kind of attention, do they? It’s like affimative action for the NFL.

  14. @Ralph Gre Nadar
    The only thing the NFL should be more ashamed of than their horrendous track record of hiring minority candidates is their lame attempt at FORCING teams to interview and hire minority candidates.
    I agree with the second half, but the first half has seriously changed in the last few years. Raheem Morris, Lovie Smith, Jim Caldwell, Mike Tomlin, Perry Fewell, Marvin Lewis, and Mike Singletary. Thats 7/32. With Tony Dungy and Herman Edwards departing last year. And tons of coordinators like Ron Meeks and Greg Blache. And if any of you think the Rooney rule had anything to do with that your wrong. Your hire the best man for the job, regardless of color. And owners want to win, which is why they sometimes hire coaches they cant stand. The Rooney rule is stupid, the culture of the NFL has changed, time for us to remove this rule along with affirmative action. Best man for the job, period. We voted in a black president for petes sake, to we really need these such rules anymore?

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