Niners drop tampering claim

In the wake of signing receiver Michael Crabtree to rookie contract after an extended holdout, the 49ers privately insisted that they would not be dropping their claim of tampering against the Jets.

But some league insiders believed that the Niners would eventually let the matter go, possibly after being nudged by the league office.  Comments made in early October by owner Jed York suggested that the team had moved on; York said “it was clear there was some evidence” that the Jets had contacted Crabtree.

Now, well over a month after Crabtree signed, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the claim has been dropped.

It’s possible, in our view, that the Niners abandoned the allegation after being informed by the league that the investigation yielded no evidence of tampering.  It’s also possible that the 49ers opted to stand down in exchange for some wink-nod promise from the league, like a chance to host the next Thanksgiving night game.

Either way, the case is closed — regardless of whether “there was some evidence” that the Jets broke the rules.

17 responses to “Niners drop tampering claim

  1. I need to start a site like this…all I have to do is watch ESPN Monday Night Countdown and repeat what they discuss…. You suck Florio

  2. I wonder if the trolls are watching the game on their mom’s good TV or if they’re hiding in the basement trashing you like usual?
    Florio, the site rocks keep it up.

  3. He watches it so we don’t have to. And you’ll never get the opportunity to show up at Chris Berman’s job and call him a douchebag.

  4. This is BS. Forget the Jets . . . forget the hype machine that builds them up every year only for them to suck in the end (Mark San-Chize?) . . . and forget Coach Rex Cryan. I wish the Niners could play them like last year so this could happen again.

    Go Niners!

  5. Where did Schefter report it? I saw Maiocco report first, then Schefter confirmed. I could be wrong, but gotta look out for our guy.

  6. I think it’s good that they dropped the tampering claims. The 49’ers got Crabtree at roughly the same wages as they offered at the start. The evidence that they have against the Jets is probably more circumstantial ( for example: 49’ers “We saw that you called Crabtree’s agent so we know that you are tampering.” Jets, “He also represents -insert anonymous Jet player here- so we may have been discussing something else.” 49’ers “You also called his cousin.” Jets “Uh, that was to discuss a different cousin.”)
    The bottom line: 49’ers signed Crabtree.

  7. Your all morons (the first 4 people to comment). Florio, if you can get more information on this can you do a lengthy article. I feel there is something more to this story. I think its possible that the league just told the Niners that they don’t care if their is evidence, that Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez are bringing in fans and to let it go and they might get a reward of some sort. Maybe an easy schedule? Maybe more prime time games? Who knows but I certainly think that their is something else to this story.

  8. what will it take for goodell to finally punish these cheating scumbags? this is why the nfl is jumping the shark…well, things like that and whining, crying fans.

  9. It said that the league investigation yeilded NO EVIDENCE OF TAMPERING. What does that mean, Florio? Did they question Deoin, who works for them, about his comments that two teams were willing to meet his price, and that Crabtree knew it? How hard could it be, to get to the bottom of those comments? How hard did Goodell really look into this? He broke the Niners balls about Lance Briggs and the Bears, WHAT GIVES, COMMISH? I wish he took this as SERIOUSLY as he takes fining OCHOCINCO for the funny things he does on the football field.

  10. The bottom line: 49’ers signed Crabtree.
    And the day that they signed him? Jets traded for Edwards. Coincidence? Of course not.

  11. The 49ers should have pursued this. It’s highly likely the Jets were cheating and tampering, everyone in New York does. They are all criminals like Goldman Sachs.
    Jets should be forced to give us three to four draft picks over the next three years for their crimes.
    And Goldman Sachs should be seized, assets returned to taxpayers, and all their criminal employees shipped to Iraq.

  12. I think it’s funny that the Niners were ALLOWED to drop their tampering charges. I remember right before the hearing for the Niners-Bears tampering case, the Bears said that they asked the league if they could drop the charges…and the league(Goodell) informed them that once tampering charges are filed, they cannot be rescinded.
    Keeping that in mind…I wonder why all of a sudden, Goodell is willing to bend on that rule? This is bull, and the Jets are cheaters. This is exactly why the NFL is going down the tubes…nowadays, you can do whatever you want.

  13. this class sucks: Yea he promised them an easy schedule! Idiot! Obviously you have no idea how the NFL works! The schedule for every year is already set except for 3 games which are determined by what place you finish in your division! SO unless he promised them last place in the NFC West he couldn’t have promised them an easy schedule

  14. Another black mark for the organization. Why would you make the accusation if you don’t have solid proof…?

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