Giants' Bradshaw could miss Thanksgiving game

New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw is wearing a protective boot on his left ankle and might not make the trip to Denver for the Giants’ Thanksgiving game against the Denver Broncos.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin would say only “We’ll see” when asked whether Bradshaw can play this week.

Bradshaw, who is second on the team with 115 carries for 549 yards and first on the team with four rushing touchdowns, previously suffered a broken bone in his right foot.

Starting running back Brandon Jacobs says he feels fine and will be ready to go on Thursday. If Bradshaw can’t go, backup Danny Ware may get more carries.

8 responses to “Giants' Bradshaw could miss Thanksgiving game

  1. Bradshaw is on my fantasy team – he’s been wearing that boot all season, and has regularly sat out Wednesday and Thursday practices for some time now.
    I could see how the short week might cause him to sit out though.
    How about you guys do a little investigative journalism before you post this stuff like it’s news he’s been in a boot, honestly you guys, especially Florio since he’s a Giants homer, should know Bradshaw has been skipping the Wednesday and Thrusday practices for quite some time now, even when he was having games like the ones he had against the Raiders he was in the boot and skipping the practices….

  2. So….am I the only one that just recently found out that the only halfway decent game on Thanksgiving is on the NFL Channel?
    Because that made me ever so happy. Oh well, it’s not like the NFL could foresee that Detroit and Oakland were going to be god awful.

  3. Ahh ma bad then.
    You know that feeling like you just announced to the world on your blog that Terry Bradshaw was dead – yea, that.

  4. Ah the NFL Network on Thursday night
    The only game worth watching and now with out Bradshaw damn
    If you live in the NY or Denver market the game is on a local station as well

  5. and since pullpecker will be wb for daytwa it will be even worse than one can imagine.
    it will be packer revenge for 1970, when the lions shut the packers out twice.

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