Introducing PFT Daily

Now that NBC has installed a mini-studio in my house (right in the middle of what was — and, frankly, still is — the “Sun Tea” room), it probably makes sense to actually use the thing.

But since we realize that long-form video (cough . . . FOX . . . cough) will never take root in today’s cut-to-the-chase Internet culture, we’re keeping it simple, stupidly.

Every business day, in the noon hour (or, you know, at the very end of it), we’ll post a two-to-three-minute video where I talk about the story lines in which I’m most interested.

We also might read off the best comment of the day, or answer a question submitted from a member of PFT Planet.

So here’s the first effort.  We intentionally made it crappy so that we will later be able to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from taking something that’s crappy and moving it to the category of “not as crappy as it used to be, but still sort of crappy.”

37 responses to “Introducing PFT Daily

  1. Hey Lord Florio, instead of posting video of stories YOU are most interested in, why not actually read some of the comments written by the people on this site and post video of the games the FANS would be most interested in.
    Way to show that once again, you are nothing but a tool!

  2. I can’t believe you are gonna get out of your pajamas and bathrobe every day to film these – I give it two weeks at best.

  3. Actually, by posting videos he’s interested in instead of those many of the jackasses on the site would be, it proves that Florio is not a tool.

  4. Hello Mike,
    This is not for posting, but (I hope) some constructive criticism.
    Here ye go:
    Underwear. There is nothing more hideous than seeing a person’s vest on TV (yes, the white thing you wear under thy shirt). My humble opinion, tuck it in, or take it off.
    Jacket. Seems that you are sitting on the jacket’s tails. Good move – avoids the wrinkling above the shoulder.
    Lighting. I understand that this is no HDTV broadcast, but you the background looks dull, and you looked somewhat flushed (reddish) due to the lighting.
    You. It seems that you tend to lean to thy left. I can understand this as a trait, but it does look somewhat awkward. Keep the hands moving – this is something that I like from all Latin people (Italians, Spaniards, etc.) 🙂
    Shirt collar. Dont forget to pull it slightly out from the jacket. Remember that these are to keep us from soiling the jacket – it makes no sense to have them if they are pushed inside it.
    Your hair. Is it real? Sorry, I just had to insert a pun about this LOL 🙂
    Hope I’m not a bore – just want to give people a hard time 😉

  5. I didn’t think a double-wide trailer in West Virginny could pull that much power to light a brand spankin new TV studio?

  6. Keep writing, I can’t watch videos in class. Also, figure out how to get videos to work on the iPhone, then I will watch videos in class. Don’t take this as an opportunity to plug Sprint either…
    And Twiz, I think Florio should post videos on Florio’s website of Florio. Get your own website and I promise I will check it as soon as I care about your opinions.

  7. Florio- Great job. I thought it was very well done for your first crack at this. Keep up the good work. I was wondering tho why does VY get all this hype for how he’s playing but Tjack puts up the same type of passing numbers and he gets dissed by everyone (Media/Fans) for not being starter worthy. I would like a column where you explain why the disconnect between these it just VY’s pedigree from college..Not arguing one way or the other on this just curious why they are looked at different.

  8. @ Island
    He’s covering chest hair with the shirt (which you pretty much have to do if you’re not gonna rock a tie and don’t want to look like Guido), and he’s slightly leaning to the side because he’s actually tweaking out the longest silencer in the history of sports broadcasting thru-out the whole vid. LMAO!
    And yes Florio, you really have set the bar extremely low with this one, leaving lots of room as you make your way to the top over time. Good start!

  9. And the PFT empire continues to expand. Congratulation to Florio. You take a lot of grief with a lot of grace and it’s one of the keys to your success.
    Vince Young is on track to be Comeback Player of the Year.
    Thank you for the heightened coverage of the concussion/neurologist rule. I think this rule is a good step forward by the NFL. For example, it would have kept Brian Westbrook safe from that second concussion he had this year.

  10. This video is far better than anything the Vikings, their fans, or the Minnesota media could ever put out.

  11. i would like to see florio sculpt his hair in a blowout and wear the tan cream. maybe we can get some fist pumps too?

  12. Shirt collars are supposed to go on the outside of a jacket? Ugh. This isn’t the 70s. Don’t do that.

  13. One more thing. Only British people and American metrosexuals call an undershirt a “vest.” It’s an undershirt. Learn the terms when you come over on a boat.
    Florio showing his undershirt proves that he is a man. Of course, he wouldn’t have to prove that anyway.

  14. Florio since I am assuming you will be commenting on the best comment of the day.. I will be dedicating time working on the most creative and accurate comments possible now. I expect to hear my name called out brother.

  15. No tie, unshaven, admit it you were still wearing your pajama bottoms and bunny rabbit slippers weren’t you? If not, don’t tell the fam you were going commando!
    Not bad, but did look pretty hazy. You need NBC to step up to HD!

  16. @ThePragmatist . . . .
    So is your prediction that in 2 weeks I won’t be doing it at all, or that I’ll be wearing pajamas and bathrobe when doing it?

  17. Everybody is so concerned about your jacket and shirt…but seriously…are you even wearing pants? I’m betting not…probably boxers and pink fuzzy slippers.

  18. florio you slob just because you struck gold in pft doesnt mean you can wake up at 1130 every day…the least you could do is shave, maybe button up that top button.
    but its pretty meaningless…i mean i know that uncle rico 2.0 shocked the texans. i wouldnt be on pft daily if i didnt. i say nix the morning aftermath, and present it here. cuz forreal man that new format blows, its too much like the tenpack.

  19. @ Leatherneck,
    I agree these aren’t the ’70s. Now, who said anything about pulling your collar outside the jacket – what I said is to pull it slightly up, not out. 😉
    Also, a vest is a vest. I looked up ‘undershirt’ in my dictionary and guess what? It is not even listed, the closest thing is an underskirt or petticoat, and unless Florio has some strange dressing behaviour, I don’t think it applies. Unless of course, he pulls his bloomers up over his shoulders…
    Now, probably the only thing we can all agree is that we all believe that it’s not his hair… 😉
    Tally ho,

  20. Florio…
    I’m a very low key avid reader of the site, love everything minus the nonsense articles, but I understand those clicks inevitably mean something.
    Cool video, just keep pushing those articles, and I’m pulling for Gregg Rosenthal to do well… He’s not much older than I am and write similarly, great that he got a shot.

  21. SlipperyPete says:
    November 24, 2009 1:53 PM
    “This video is far better than anything the Vikings, their fans, or the Minnesota media could ever put out.”
    You are a moron. What is your point? Any time anyone can bring up the Vikes they jump at the opportunity. It’s very flattering to be hated an feared with such rigor.

  22. The true test of determining how truly craptastic the production value is, is by turning down the volume. At that point it’s almost impossible to determine whether you’re extolling the virtues of the 3-4, as opposed the 4-3 or you’re renouncing your Yankee dog imperialist government as instructed by your captors off camera. Good start though Florio.

  23. @Hooby
    Hmmm, I am somewhat perplexed. Where I come from (other side of the puddle), only women use petticoats.
    Maybe it’s the same misunderstanding as English muffins – we don’t eat those over there, seeing that buttered scones taste much better.
    By the way, where is West Virginia……

  24. Great for you, Michael! I only discovered this site a few months ago, but it has become a several times a day staple. Whenever I log on, I have the feeling I’m in a smoky, no-holds-barred, mens club, overflowing with testosterone. Even some of the over the top, right wing commentary, which sometimes irks me, since this a football, not political, site, adds some spice to it.
    BTW, very much enjoyed the New York Times article on your blog. When the NYT is writing about you, my friend, you’ve definitely hit the big time!
    Can’t wait for the new feature to start!!

  25. How thoughtful of Congress to take time out of their busy schedule of spending America into a financial concussion, to address this national nightmare of concussions in football….Thank you Congress…what would we do without you???

  26. I say within 2 weeks he will be doing PFT in bathrobe and slippers.
    What about the sound and the no shave? I get it is supposed to be a casual blog type video but either lose the fancy NBC graphics or put on a tie but pick one, you can’t be both man of the people and corporate at the same time.
    If your not going to take the time to shave and put on a tie don’t bother getting out of the bathrobe!
    I think I am going to start posting my weekly predictions in my bath robe on youtube!
    With all your fancy NBC equipment you think they could do something about the hollow cave like sound of the audio as well.

  27. 12/22 120 ish yards. 1 td, 1 lost fumble. Vince Young led the team to a win by riding Chris Johnson’s back. Give credit where credit is due.

  28. So is your prediction that in 2 weeks I won’t be doing it at all, or that I’ll be wearing pajamas and bathrobe when doing it?
    My bet would be pajamas and bathrobe.
    Jacket is bad with no tie, looks sloppy. Do jacket and tie or drop the jacket and roll up your sleeves.
    It’s late in the day, don’t know why anyone cares if you’re clean shaven.

  29. The fact that you had a studio added to your house in West Virginia scares me. I would have left that area long ago….
    Seeing how you have to screen the comments it would be nice to grab some of the better comments/responses and talk about them.
    You must be itching to respond to a few of the better questions.
    Add a daily link to PFT daily in the PFT Features list with the power rankings and other goodies. It is easy enough to change the link daily and makes it easy to find.
    Add a link in the PFT daily to past episodes as well. It’s not worth adding onto the top menu, but you should categorize them so someone can click a page and get a list of links to previous episodes.
    Would be nice if you did this with your other weekly items as well – power rankings especially.
    I can click on: Latest stories in: Featured Articles, Features”>”>Features at the bottom of articles. Leave the top menu the same, just add a few more options to categories links at the bottom of articles for easier browsing.
    Features brings up all of the articles related and week 10 is only a few down. Add a link like Features”>”>Features for Power Rankings. Do the same for PFT Daily so I don’t have to look through your segments.

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