Leftwich lands on IR

Veteran quarterback Byron Leftwich, a top-ten pick of the Jaguars who was unexpectedly exiled from Jacksonville shortly before the start of the 2007 season, signed with the Bucs after winning a Super Bowl as a backup in Pittsburgh.

Though first-rounder Josh Freeman suggested after the draft that signing Leftwich was aimed at hiding the team’s interest in Freeman (we suggested it before the draft), Leftwich ultimately won the Week One starting job from Luke McCown, who was then traded to Jacksonville.

Of course, it didn’t last very long, with Leftwich yielding to Josh Johnson, who ultimately was replaced by Freeman.

Now, despite not playing for several weeks, Leftwich has been placed on injured reserve.  Per the St. Petersburg Times, Leftwich has been complaining of soreness in his elbow.

The team announced the move earlier in the day. 

The Bucs also signed quarterback Rudy Carpenter from the Cowboys’ practice squad, and receiver Terrence Nunn from the Pats’ practice squad.  Cornerback Mike Mickens, who had been signed from the Dallas practice squad earlier this month, has been cut.

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  1. terrence nunn turned a lot of heads in pats camp but the pats were too deep at wr, keep an eye out for this kid

  2. His elbow obviously cant hurt from throwing the ball, so my suggestion would be to get a girlfriend, switch hands or use Jergens, less friction.

  3. Wow! I’m really surprised the Pats just let Nunn go. I mean, I know they have some good young talent but Nunn was part of that. I guess he had a problem with the playbook.

  4. He could have been a good QB but could not get past the injuries.
    He was on his way to a Pro Bowl season in 2005 when Adrian Wilson broke his ankle. He never really recovered from that.

  5. I’m so happy for Byron. He gets to stay home, draw his full salary, and get ready for next season with a new team.
    And, he doesn’t have to suffer through the rest of this Raheem “One and Done” Morris debacle with the rest of the veterans.
    Can you imagine being a veteran on an NFL team that has thrown in the towel for the season to develop a rookie quarterback that likely will never make it; a team that has already fired its offensive and defensive coordinators just over halfway through the season; a team that has more salary cap space than any other NFL team; a team with a head coach, younger than a bottle of good scotch, who had never served as a coordinator in the NFL, but served at as a defensive coordinator for one season at that college football powerhouse, Kansas State?
    The Bucs, the Browns, and the Raiders. I don’t know which is the bigger joke at this point, but pity the poor fans of those teams.

  6. ROFL……. How many players in League history has ever gotten hurt and placed on IR while sitting on the bench. Leftwich is just sore(mad) from the Steelers now needing him and he left them. Coincidence, I think not!!!
    Rudy is an upgrade anyway.

  7. What are the rules for putting someone on IR? Can you just say they have a hangnail and that’s it? You see people get put on IR for seemingly minor things. Do teams do that so they can open up a roster spot without having to cut someone?

  8. Go play QB for the Vikings… they’ll need talent post Favre is Jackson doesn’t pan out, and apparently all you need to do is throw it. No running required. Check and check for Leftwich.

  9. The Pats didn’t let Nunn go — practice squad players can be picked up by any team as long as they add them to the active roster

  10. Might be good to keep an eye on this. Could there be an injury settlement in his future? Could he then pop up with Steelers where he knows the system and could step in as a back up? Nah, but at this time last week I would have said there was no way Steelers and bengals would loose to KC and OAK.

  11. Byron Leftwich is a top 10 NFL bust of the decade. How about the QB’s from that draft? Lefty, Boller, Grossman. Ugh. I love the obligatory, Leftwich “won” a super bowl in PIT as a backup crapola. How exactly do you win a super bowl as a backup QB? That is sort of like saying Jim Sorgi won a super bowl for the colts as a backup. Come on Florio. Why do you media folks love you some BL? Because he returns your texts? That is all it took for Prisco to become smitten with this collosal NFL failure.

  12. Whether it is “soreness in the elbow” or a splinter in the keister, I bet Leftwich is glad to be out of purgatory with the Bucs.

  13. A shame he wasn’t cut. If this is just a roster move by the Bucs to free up some space and Byron isn’t actually that badly hurt, he could have signed as a free-agent with the Steelers. He played well for them as a back-up last year.

  14. As a Bucs fan, I want to know when Mark Domminick will be fired. He’s the one who’s made all these boneheaded moves, both personnel and team wise. Give Ra one year without the stupid GM, and if he still fails, then fire him as well. Bucs fans, you follow the media like a pack of lemmings and are reaping your rewards. Oh, but wait, it’s all Gruden’s fault.

  15. “signed with the Bucs after winning a Super Bowl as a backup in Pittsburgh.”
    I was in the Naval Reserve back in the late ’80s to mid ’90s. I was awarded a National Defense Service Ribbon for being on duty, once a month and two weeks each year, during the period following Desert Shield and Desert Storm. We all got them.
    I had nothing to do with winning that war.

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