Polian won't cut Bob Sanders

Colts safety Bob Sanders has played eight games over the last two years and missed 24.

That’s not the ratio the Colts were hoping for when they signed him to a five-year, $37 million contract late in 2007,  which has caused speculation in Indianapolis that the team could eventually release the former Defensive Player of the Year.

Colts G.M. Bill Polian says that won’t happen on his watch. 

“There’s no way we would cut Bob Sanders unless he’s completely
incapable of playing and I don’t think that that’s the case,” Polian said this week.   “I think
he’ll be back better than ever as the saying goes next summer. I see no
situation where we would cut him.  Trade?  There’s an old saying, ‘Don’t
ever trade anybody who can help you.’  I think Bob Sanders can help us a

It wouldn’t make sense to consider releasing Sanders before 2011, when his base salary more than doubles to $5.5 million.

Still, the guy has to consistently play at some point to keep getting top dollar.  Polian has done a nice job drafting in the secondary, and the Colts defense has played well with Melvin Bullitt and Antoine Bethea on the back end.

If Sanders can’t stay on the field in 2010, Polian will have to reconsider his position.

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  1. he should be brought back just for the playoffs … that way he completes his quota of 4 games a season lol

  2. Can a team cut a player that can’t perform due to injuries sustained on the field or does there have to be an injury settlement? And does the size of player’s contract determine the size of the settlement? Anyone?

  3. I’m not gonna say this is sad because Bob Sanders is making himself a whole lot of money and I just can’t feel sorry for him. BUT….It’s certainly unfortunate.

  4. Seeryer- he is a vested veteran, as soon as he was on the roster for week 1… his entire contract is guaranteed for the entire season… look at Larry Johnson in KC.. he was paid his entire salary for 09 by KC, and a prorated contract at the vet minimum deal by Cincy

  5. It may be best for the Colts to attempt to restructure his contract, with incentives that increase his salary based upon on how many games he plays in. Then maybe he’ll focus more on saying his prayers and eating his vitamins.

  6. The torn biceps this year was a freak occurrence, that some have attributed to a side effect of the medications he was on recovering from his knee surgery. I expect he’ll be back to 100% in time for OTAs, fresh and ready to go. Can’t wait to see him on the field next year – maybe for FIVE games! lol

  7. @Seeryer: a team can cut a player any time they want, but if they are on IR, I believe they must settle. If they cut a player who’s injured, the player can file a grievance.
    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I got that right.

  8. It sure does suck to have all of that money sitting on the bench, but the Colts D is stronger than it has been this year. I guess that makes it a little easier to swallow, IMO.

  9. @Seeryer
    Our resident Barrister Mr. Florio probably knows for certain but if they put him on IR they are definitely required to pay him his salary for the remainder of the year. If they cut him after the season I don’t believe that they would be required to compensate him additionally. They wouldn’t be able to recoup any bonus money or guaranteed dollars and it would be a cap hit but in terms of future salary they shouldn’t be on the hook.

  10. @Guatum – Colts only need him for three games – they get a bye and dont play in the wild card round.


  12. Pro sports are a cut throat business. It’s all about what have you done for me today, rather than lately.

  13. I’ve heard all the cartilage is gone in his left knee. I can’t confirm that but it wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve been a colts fan for many years and as much as it is dead weight against the cap, I can’t be mad at bob. He, like a lot of players, really put it all on the line. According to the NFLPA website, the avg career in the NFL is 3.5 seasons:
    Most guys don’t play past their 1st contract which is cheap. The torn ligaments, destroyed cartilage, back problems – can linger for life. Then there is the evidence of brain damage that can only be truly seen later in life. Very few hit that big payday and a lot of dreams shattered with injuries.
    If you get that far in your career, then I think you deserve it. If people don’t like the amount that players get paid, then quit buying their jerseys, buying NFL gear, and going to or watching the games.
    Yeah, he puts the colts in salary cap hell, but the colts will just have to deal with it. At the time that he signed, he was the highest paid safety in the league. You can’t cut him because of how much he is against the cap, and I don’t think it is that easy to restructure a deal for various reasons such as the player himself, his agent, or the other veterans and the NFLPA which do not want the vets to restructure because a contract raises the bar for everyone and wouldn’t set a positive precedence for players that have earned it, in the future.

  14. it isnt about sanders’ talent or effort.
    if he cant stay on the field, it’s a financial decision.
    pay cut or job cut.
    of course it is coming. especially if they keep playing damn well without him.

  15. Anyone who follows the Colts knows that Polian is not giving away his plans to us. He would trade him today if the right price came along, or damn close to it.
    Bob was hurt in college, came to us hurt and now he is hurt in the Pro’s. It’s not Bobs fault and he should take everything he gets.

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