Ravens send a pair to IR

The Baltimore Ravens, who are facing the real possibility that they’ll follow their appearance in the AFC title game with no postseason appearance at all, have sent a couple of players to injured reserve in the wake of the latest close-but-no-cigar loss, to the Colts.

Gone for the years are cornerback Fabian Washington and running back Matt Lawrence.

Both have knee injuries.

To replace them, the Ravens signed fullback Charles Ali and cornerback Cary Williams.

7 responses to “Ravens send a pair to IR

  1. Not to worry. The Steelers will have to kick off to them at least onec, so they’ll have the opportunity to score at least 6 points.

  2. Eh, its time the Ravens realize they need to get younger. They’ll probably finish around 8-8 or 9-7, and unless they prepare for the future, this team is going to be in a world of hurt.

  3. Younger on defense? Yes, but the offense is set for years save a #1 WR, and maybe replace Chester with Yanda. Build the D around Ngata, JJ and Suggs.

  4. Injuries that will effect the outcome of Steelers/Ravens in order of substantial impact:
    Troy Polamalu – Steelers Secondary is extremely vulnerable when they insert Tyrone “all I can do is crush people when they are not looking” Carter
    Chris Kemouatu – The Steelers O-Line has not played well in 2 weeks, without their best pulling lineman, their running game will be less existant than it already would be playing against the Ravens
    Terrell Suggs – The ravens NEED to get pressure on Ben to keep from their terrible cover corners to be exposed by a far superior recieving corp
    Fabian Washington – As suspect as he already is as a corner, the fact that he is a starter is bad enough, how bad are his back-ups?? Good luck lining up against Holmes, Ward and Wallace with 1 true starting corner
    Ben Roethlisberger – He is playing, yes, however, when he comes off a concussion he plays terrible…see his 2006 season after he plastered his face on a car and then blew the entire season. Also look back at his game after he was smashed in Atlanta and came back too soon…..he had 3 picks (that said, he is still a better option than an unexperienced Dennis Dixon)
    Advantage – Ravens
    The only hope the Steelers have is if Flacco keeps trying to force the ball to Ray Rice out of the backfield, I think teams have figured that play out CAM……As a steelers fan, I hope to god he keeps doing it, I would much rather have our linebackers make the difference in this game than our secondary without Troy!!
    Looking forward to a good game, but these injuries lead me to believe this is gonna be ugly all the way around

  5. umm Fabian Washington is 26 and Matt Lawrence is 24…. how does that have anything to do with the Ravens needing to get younger on defense?
    Never good to see a starting cb go down but Washington has been playing terrible and his likely replacement Webb has been really impressive thus far… and Webb is a rookie… thus young and on defense…
    Matt Lawrence 4 career carries… no big deal… plus Rice, McGahee, and McClain if needed…
    look for the Steelers to try and exploit our rookie cb Webb… will be very interesting

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