Roth's odyssey ends on the waiver wire

Dolphins linebacker Matt Roth’s odd journey this season with the Dolphins has concluded in a surprising place: the waiver wire.

Adam Schefter reports the Dolphins waived Roth Tuesday and signed former Lions defensive end
Ikaika Alama-Francis.  The Dolphins also picked up defensive back Evan Oglesby.

Roth, a former second-round pick, was a starter for Miami’s playoff team last season and generally considered a key part of their defense.  But a mysterious injury and some friction with the organization about a possible new contract soured Roth’s ’09 campaign before it started.

Expect plenty of teams to put in a waiver claim for Roth, especially team that run a 3-4 defense.  The 1-9 Browns make for a sensible destination.

18 responses to “Roth's odyssey ends on the waiver wire

  1. Weird… Has a very steady motor, so I don’t think it’s work ethic related…
    Definitely an odd tale.

  2. Whats the point? You cannot honestly believe Mangini will continue to try to better this team, do you? He knows whats coming. He may be an idiot but I really don’t believe he’s naive(I think.) This is the last stop on his I-can’t-believe-it-lasted-this-long coaching journey. But, maybe not there’s always the Raiders. Wouldnt that be fun?

  3. bucc19, “Why would they cut him after Ferguson is out?”
    He doesn’t play nose?
    They picked up a D-linemen and have a roster spot for another. Roth has talent but the old guard has done admirably (despite what some Peezy-haters would say). Beyond JT and JP, the Fins are overflowing with pass rushers (or at least were): Wake, Anderson, Quentin Moses, Erick Walden (primarily used on STs but likely a very capable rusher if needed). All (mostly) younger, cheaper, and in the mold of a Sparano team — do their work, shut up, and show up. So, it’s a little surprising and maybe unfortunate but not that much.
    I don’t think the Miami coaches and scouts have trouble finding good OLBs. (Inside LBs is another question.) Anderson is pretty unheralded and deserves a shot at a bigger load. Wake is slowly being groomed as a superstar (but hopefully isn’t just a one-dimensional pass rusher).
    Really, probably could have used Roth in a couple of the games coming up — he has been great against the run, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he simply hasn’t gotten into game shape yet.

  4. He had a mean streak and a good motor, this whole thing has been a weird odyssey. They didn’t even try to trade him..?!
    Honestly, I always thought at his measurables he might have been better at ILB, anyway. Guess they didn’t think so.

  5. The move makes no sense and points to deeper issues with the Parcell/Spagnulo gang. The situation could have been resolved in last year’s draft. Again in training camp Roth and the LB surplus was confusing. Then no moves at the trade deadline.
    Poor play of Joey Porter made no sense. They sit Cameron Wake and when he plays question if he’s one dimensional? Now they cut a solid contributor. Just crazy.
    Dolphin = Dopes

  6. Lost, I’m not sure what you are watching. Wake is playing situationally — around 15 snaps per game. He is mostly lining up in a 4-pt stance and is straight speed-rushing on obvious passing downs. Why? Because he never played standing up in Canada, because he isn’t good in coverage (yet). The Fins are very happy with him and are working him in more. They are even happier with Porter because they ask him to do much more (while Wake remains huge upside with freakish moments but way to many rough edges). Sparano, Jim Reid, and Pasqualoni know what they are doing and what they’ve got–I’m not sure you’ve watched the team at all. (What does Steve Spagnuolo have to do with this at all?) They had depth and even a glut at OLB and now they just have a core they are happy with to build a future and to add to.
    Not sure how you can act as if Matt Roth who has had like 3 if-he-didn’t-make-em-he-sucks tackles and NOTHING else in 15+ plays in 3 games after sitting on the couch in a baseball cap for 8 months is some situation to deal with in last year’s draft because we had a glut at OLB. ‘Specially when they did bring in your boy Wake. Did you see this week’s game? They played 7 OLs and were down to none, one played 4 positions. The team has lost its starting QB, RB, utility RB, CB, NT and they’ve had the men to fill the holes.
    But in your mind they should have drafted a Roth replacement in preparation for his being a pyschopathic, groin-pulling-on-his-free-time dumbass? Yeah, you’re smarter than Sparano and Parcells.

  7. Until Eric the Rat is hung from the yardarms, the Browns are not a sensible destination for football players.

  8. Obviously, there’s a lot more to this story. Drugs? Off field drama?? I think a player who uses ‘non-performance enhancing’ drugs and has a ‘problem’ does not have to be ‘outed’ – they can try to deal with it ‘in house’. You have to think that Parcells wouldn’t just cut a guy that has some value on the market??

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